Monday, February 1, 2010

Take the challenge competition!

The LEGO Technic team has launched a competition for all of you, Technic builders out there.
The LEGO Technic Challenge competition!

What is it?
It consists in a series of monthly contests, where you are challenged do build something, given a specific subject. Here you have a chance at showing the LEGO Technic designers your designs and your abilities with the Technic elements.

This month (February) the Technic Challenge is - Flying Functions!
You may find all the competition details at

What do you have to do?
1. Build a model out of primarily LEGO Technic elements.
2. Take a picture of the model
3. Submit your model by entering contact information and uploading your image here

What to build?
This month the competition is all about flight and functions - build a model with cool functions in the form of something that flies (plane, helicopter etc.) and make sure that the image shows the part of the model that has a function - as well as describing it!
It does not need to actually be able to fly, but it must be an aerial vehicle.
The Model does not need to be motorized, functions can also be manual.

How does it work?
Right now you can submit models - On the 15th of February - a panel of judges consisting of designers, marketing managers, building instruction artists and more will pick out (of all submissions) 10 finalists that will then be put up for voting on competition site.

The winner will receive a prize and also continue to the Big Finale in October.

The prizes.
So if your models get selected by the panel of judges to go into the voting round - and all of the visitors at the LEGO Technic site like your model the most - you will win!

The prize is first and foremost a 8049 Log Loader of the new 2010 assortment.

Furthermore, your model will go on to the Finale in October where it will compete with 7 other winners over the Grand Prize:

## The Complete 2010 LEGO® Technic Novelty Assortment ##
This is all models from the LEGO Technic line that are new and have been launched in 2010

Join the Challenge!


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, Post that Dragon Fly!

arezey said...

Hmm. :)
*pulls up his motorized helicopter*

Anonymous said...

Cool and inspiring comp! Lokking forward to see the creations.


Alex Campos said...

I only have six words to describe my state of mind: "oh boy oh boy oh boy!" :D

However, I'm just a little saddened by the fact that I don't have access to my LEGO pieces with enough frequency to come up with something contestworthy by the deadline...

Alex Campos said...

Also, I forgot to add... I wouldn't be totally surprised if TLG decided to create these contests after seeing TBs TechChallenge 2009. ;)

Another thing, since TLG is aware of TBs and therefore there's a chance of seeing this: are only photos of physical models allowed, or also renders of virtual models? I don't think I can order parts quickly enough for the contest.

Victor Kojenov said...

AMAZING!!! I'm definetly going to enter! Tractor with log loader! OMG AND THE TECHNIC ASSORTMENT FTW!

arezey said...

*puts the helicopter back down*
I've decided not to enter after all.. for reasons of my own.

mahjqa said...

Did anyone manage to upload something? I'm getting an error when I try to.

Scott said...

Having finally received the last batch of needed parts, I can enter!

Dornbi said...

I could upload and it sent me a message that I am now in the competition. It would have been nice to get an email confirmation, though. I also find it difficult to present the whole model in a single image.

Junkstyle Gio said...

With all the nominees available on the lego-site, it is clear to no me! There is no way AFOL's are ever going to win this competition.

i'd say a missed chance for LEGO to get us AFOL's in to gear....

I'm slightly disappointed......

TechnicBRICKs said...

After all it seems the adult models really impressed, so they have decided for a pot with these, for another 20 to be voted in September.

The winner will also get a prize!
I guess they were also caught in surprise by the adherence and didn't have the contest rules and website prepared, for categories based on the participants age!?

Shmade said...

I am disapointed about that 10 chosen finalists... Looks to me that obvious afol models were kind of "disqualified". I understand that the challenge may be primary for children, but they should write it in the rules. I didn't participate, but I have seen few posted afol models that were way better then these chosen ones. For me the challenge ends right after it started, I wanted to participate in some future rounds, but no thanks. :(

Solution could be two categories, children and afol... thats all.

Dornbi said...

@Shmade I agree. It was not clear from the rules at all that they do not like afol creations.

Dornbi said...

Btw. on the Designer blog they say that they will have a special prize for the 20 best adult models in September:

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