Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TBs TechTips 31 - Sequential gearbox 7+R, by Sheepo

...It is today or never!
I've been about to write this post since my visit to HispaBrick 2009 in Madrid (Spain), last December...

By that time I also wrote a post tagged with TBs TechTips, about a LEGO Technic sequential gearbox (from Sariel). Today we have here a much different solution for the same problem, and simultaneously an extremely interesting one.

It is a sequential gear box developed by Sheepo (Fernando), based on the design included with the mythic 8448 'Super Street Sensation', but expanded with 2 additional speeds, thus achieving an amazing 7+R configuration.

A Technic sequential gearbox is a challenge that I was always amazed with, and made me wonder whether it would be possible to build something reliable within a reasonable size range (or almost...). Thus it was with big satisfaction that I finally saw some solutions to raise.

The gearbox ratios achieved with this model from Sheepo, are:
  • R - 0,40
  • 1 - 0,60
  • 2 - 0,67
  • 3 - 1,00
  • 4 - 1,11
  • 5 - 1,67
  • 6 - 1,85
  • 7 - 2,77

I had the privilege to see it live and working inside Sheepo's Bugatti Veyron 16.4 [1, 2] while at Hispabrick, and I must say it is absolutely amazing, despite not yet 100% reliable (but getting very close).
For sometime it was quite a mystery how did Sheepo managed to make it working. The car was so crowded of parts and mechanisms that even with a deep look and taking some videos, it was impossible to realize how the 'thing' works without seeing the gearbox alone out of the model, or having a CAD model from it.
I remember to ask Sheepo to prepare something that would allow us to fully understand the mechanism, how it works and all the effort he put to develop this idea.

Not much time after, Sheepo prepared a photo sequence that would allow us to follow the building steps, understand it and eventually come up with some improvements.
Later and with the contribution from Jurgen Krooshoop [3, 4], it was prepared also one LDraw model for the gearbox with instructions.
You may find all the images at Brickshelf and a commented sequence at MOCpages.

And two additional videos at YouTube [5, 6].

As mentioned above, all this lives inside a the latest Sheepo's supercar, a model from the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

The model with stunning curves and details, reproduces as close as possible with LEGO Technic parts the real Bugatti model and uses a set of LPF and legacy parts featuring some innovative and interesting functions, like:
  • 1x RC motor, to move the vehicle.
  • 1x XL-motor, for the sequential gearbox.
  • 1x M-motor, for the brakes.
  • 1x M-motor, for the steering.
  • 1x M-motor, to control the foldable top.
  • 1x M-motor, to control rear spoiler both actions (foldable and tilt adjustable).
  • 3x PF IR-receivers.
  • 3x PF IR bang-bang remotes, with a double lever in front of the set of controllers for changing gears.
all this powered with,
  • 1x PF Battery box.

    Apart from the very clever design of the rear spoiler, which goes up and tilts with the same continuous movement and single motor, there is also a set of all wheels friction based brakes, that are functional and compact enough to fit within each of the 8448 wheels.

    For more photos and descriptions, take a look at Sheepo's MOCpages account.

    From there you may also find a nice video about this model and its functions, produced in cooperation with the store.

    Read the extensive description about the model and its building process, as the main article from the latest edition of Hispabrick Magazine (available online for free download).
    It is also a tribute to LEGO Technic supercars, from which we don't see any new official model, simply for too long time...


    Menno Gorter said...


    I'm not a Veyron fan, but I love this one for it's Technics!
    Quite neat to get all this in a 8448 sized model.

    Diffuse said...

    Wow. Simply amazing. The amount of work that went into this model is simply staggering...

    MikroMan said...

    Just seen this Bugatti yesterday in Hispabrick. It's really awesome. Just ordered few parts to make the gearbox by instructions.
    Great work, Sheepo!

    nxtinventor said...

    taking lego a while to announce the winner of the competition....

    TechnicBRICKs said...

    It is Easter period. For sure there are some people in holidays! ;)

    Jurgen Krooshoop said...

    I'm very honoured to see my name mentioned on one of my favorite Lego-Blogs. Thanx !! Would it be possible to link my name to my brickshelf-folder ( or my MOC-Page ( ? Greetings, Jurgen Krooshoop

    Jurgen Krooshoop said...

    You've added both links to my name in the post 8-) Thanx again very much !!
    And yes, I built the Little Devil & made complete step by step instructions for it. I even composed the music for the Youtube video myself. Feel free to publish it on this blog if you want to.

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