Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week TechVideo, 2010 #09 - SR 3D Builder, latest improvements

Probably you will remember a post from one year ago [1], about SR 3D Builder application.

Now in version 0.4.58, it is getting a more & more interesting and powerful tool, release after release.
So that this week, I decided to highlight not one but the last two videos from Sergio Reano on YouTube, to show the last improvements of this great tool!

Here you have the latest improvements (0.4.58) regarding complex hinges with 4-bar linkage and upwards.
But also some other application improvements on graphical display performance.

Going back a few months and release 0.4.57, you got the ability to fade out fixed parts into an animation, to show mechanic functionality. Just great, isn't it?

Give it a try!

Please notice the time this post was written, version 0.4.58 was just a preview on YouTube, and version 0.4.57 was still the one available at Sergio's website.
Only today, Sergio released the new version.

As consequence many of you who didn't realize on the version number, may have downloaded one version expecting to see something that wasn't still not there.
If it was your case, please download and install the new version uploaded.

Sorry for any inconvenience! 

Last Update: 2010.Mar.09 18:02 CET


Tobbe Arnesson said...

Wow, way cool! There seems to have been a great improvement in LEGO Cad since 2004 when I last saw anything. :-O

Anonymous said...

Which tool is more useful at this point, MLCAD or this SRbuilder?

Anonymous said...

as author of the program, I'm happy you are again talking about my creation!!
About most useful program, I have to say that even if my application is light-years away from MLCad, it still defects for some functionality. The most critic, for someone, is the absence of a hose/tube/lSynth Editor.
It is in my roadmap, but before I want to implement racks.
Anyway you can easily exchange data between SR 3D Builder and MLCad so you can create your own model with SR3D and then add hoses with MLcad. My application can read and understand hoses created with MLCad.

Forget: works fine with Windows 7 in 32 or 64 bit

That's all for the moment!

Enjoy building


Efferman said...

looks cool, but it doesnt run on my system

Efferman said...

juhuu, the latest directX and it runs

blakbird said...

This is nothing short of amazing. Absolutely brilliant work. The kinematic solutions of this software make visualizing mechanisms so much easier. Bravo.

Anonymous said...


Hi again,

probably here was a miss-understand:
Version has been released on 2010-03-09 h16.30

Previous version available on my site was that does not correctly allows these kind of animations

The first video was just a preview to announce it.

If anyone want to download the new correct release, go to my website.



TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Sergio,

thanks for the update.
In fact I've realized the version on the video was numbered one number above what you had at your website on Sunday.
Nevertheless I decided to mention it, because imagined you was also about to update it.

Sorry if I've caused some confusion.


Anonymous said...

how do you transfer files which are only text into SR 3D builder? such as .dat?

Anonymous said...

someone please help me with this!

widetent said...

I believe SR3D Builder will be the world-best LEGO CAD.

GO!GO! Sergio :)

Anonymous said...

For the ones interested in, a new release with some RACK support is available on my website


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