Saturday, April 10, 2010

LEGOstudio by Isogawa

Isogawa Yoshihito has presented us in the past with a valuable work and his great books [1, 2], plenty of building techniques and ideas.
They are very useful as reference sources for many building with LEGO Technic. It looks like they are a result from very singular way of living the LEGO passion and stay in life.

Now you may find a lot more creations and recent videos, from his LEGOstudio website, which he divided into: Main Works, Small Works and Joke Works.

Below just a few amazing and brilliant produced videos, well representative of Isogawa's genius that I've selected to highlight here today.

These and much more, found at ISOGAWA Yoshihito's Channel at YT.

You may also find a lot more about Isogawa's work, from his work, books and one article at BrickJournal 8 Vol. 2.


Efferman said...

wow, these Creations are gourgeous

Menno Gorter said...

Yes; these are really nice examples of what to do with your Lego.

Maybe I should write books too?

( If you are really impressed by this, I strongly recommend: NEVER and I mean really NEVER look at my youtubepage!!!! :-) )

Anonymous said...

That bird is teh best one! His creations really are simple, yet enginous!

TechnicBRICKs said...


I remember to have seen some of your videos before.
They're just great! We want instructions.. ;)

The point about Isogawa models is basically their simplicity, number of parts and pure mechanical solutions (no software).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Conchas. Isogawas models are so simple, that impresses me a lot. They look super simple and so easy to build, but when studied, one finds out there have been some thinking done to make them.

Menno: You models are simply incredible!! Looks more complex and fine tuned. Please make some books :)


Menno Gorter said...

Instructions of my models will be astonishing frustrating.
It took me a week to adjust the mechanics of my Geared-Ant for example.
( I do have a lot of models without software. Mindstorms is a minor future for me. That's probably the main reason I'm not involved with the MCP anymore. )
When I started placing pictures at Brickshelf everybody was yelling for vid's.
Probably because most of the viewers didn't expect that they actually worked.
And now one doesn't count when not publishing instructions?
Perhaps I don't want to be that popular and I also don't care that you find my models not great enough to publish something about them.

So; let's continue talking about Isogawa's models.
I do subscribe their strength.

TechnicBRICKs said...


don't take me wrong! Your models are awesome!!
I rarely mention NXT creations here, as this is primarily a Technic blog.
I had the impression your models were basically Mindstorms based, but I was now looking at your BS folder and I see I was wrong!

I must look closer into these when I get some more time, but at my short visit to BS, I also got the impression that you are not documenting your recent models at BS anymore. Did I got it wrong?

The fact of giving credit to Isogawa models today, doesn't mean there aren't other as good or even better. Many times, creations are just different... :)

Your spiders, ants and walkers are just amazing! ;)

Anonymous said...

the mindstorms walker is unbelievable

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