Thursday, April 8, 2010

TBs TechPoll 19 - Which other colors would you like to get more often?

Lets start a new poll to hear what you have to say.

As you might know, TLG is continuously changing or fine tunning the colors in production, seeking for a more balanced and future proof color palette. At the same time the number of colors available have been reduced comparative to what we had in the past, as a measure to reduce the number of active elements and by consequence the production costs, inventories, complexity, etc...

This has also happened to the LEGO Technic theme and with a few exceptions, we have seen some colors to completely disappear from Technic sets, mainly after years 1999-2001. It was the case of colors like: Purple, Dark Turquoise, Metal Blue - just to give a few examples.
Some others have seen their frequency also substantially reduced, or they do appear occasionally at some Technic parts in other themes (e.g. Bionicle, Star Wars). Good examples are Orange, Medium Orange, Tan, Reddish Brown, etc...which are or have been available with just a very limited set of Technic parts, thus severely limiting the possibilities to build models based on fancy and different colors.

The main colors actually being used in Technic sets, are: Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Lime, Dark Bluish Gray and Light Bluish Gray. Some of these are even mainly used to build the chassis and other inner structures, leaving even a more reduced set of available colors, to build distinctive and different looking models from the color perspective.

From those actually less available but still in the actual LEGO color palette, my question to you today is - Given a set of colors, which would be for you the most desirable ones to get more often, in parts never before released with such colors, and ultimately to build your own models?
Obviously I mainly refer to Technic beams, liftarms and panels.

The choices* I have included into this poll, are:

  • Tan
  • Dark Tan
  • Orange
  • Reddish Brown
  • Green
  • Dark Green
  • Medium Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Trans-clear

Realize that some of these colors were never used for Technic parts before.
Poll will be open to collect your preferences, during the next two weeks and you can take multiple chopices.
Please feel free also to add your specific ideas/suggestions, through comments to this post.

At a later opportunity we will also hear from you, about which are your favorites among the main colors actually used in Technic models.

Below the actual color palette for 2010, being used by LEGO to produce parts.

*) As I believe them to be the most spread and known, the BrickLink color names are the ones used in the poll. In case you need for a conversion between BrickLink colors and official LEGO Color ID, please refer to this Peeron Color Chart.


Anonymous said...

Orange would be nice for some heavy machinery, or supercras.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the current colour palette for TECHNIC sets because after buying many sets I can create almost anything in yellow, blue, red, black, gray.

I have many old sets that contain fancy colours, eg, orange, tan, purple, turquoise. But I rarely used these colours because I rarely had enough to create a complete model in one of the fancy colours.

TechnicBRICKs said...


You definitely raised a very relevant aspect to the topic.

However my intention was to raise the topic, considering that if we would afford to have an additional base Technic color, which it would be. I'm considering it would be used in a relevant number of new models and spread over most of the active Technic parts.
Thus it would become available in large quantities and could be considered a new mainstream color for Technic models.

Anonymous said...

Besides orange, green, dark green, medium blue, dark blue, and clear, I'd also like to see the return of dark turquoise--it's one of my all-time favorite LEGO colors! :) Too bad it's not in the current palette though... :(

I think dark turquoise would look really good next to black on a TECHNIC speedboat model, complete with steerable, spinning propellers and an opening cockpit.

-Toa Of Justice

Al said...

Well I picked dark blue in the poll. But I would deffinately love to see more white parts and metallic colours. The 8466 had a great colour, would love to see a large areal atom supercar with dark bley/metallic silver chassis and metalic blue wheel arches/cover things, and transmission/suspention etc.

JAMS said...

This is a great poll. Here's what I think

More Orange - will let us build cooler construction machines.

Lime Green - From big rigs to farm machines to fire trucks, lime green is always awesome.

Dark Red - The current red is sometimes too bright. Imagine a dark red MOC with light red accents.

But the fact of the matter is, this is all useless unless LEGO can tighten up its quality control on color variances. I'm building an all red MOC right now that has like 7 different shades of the same red.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yeah, the color shades are indeed a serious issue!

Maybe I should have added other colors to the poll, like the Dark Red, White and an option for other colors.
But I was really wanting to speed-up. Think it was almost 6AM, wanted to sleep a bit and had a meeting at 9AM...

Though weeks!...

Anonymous said...

I have allways collected the weird parts and if the color is a rare one than it makes the part that much valuble. Phil

Scott said...

I'm especially partial to Medium Blue and Green. There's actually already a fair amount of technic available in Tan, but I'd rather have more pieces available in a single shade of Tan than a smattering of parts in each of several shades of Tan.

Can I also vote for Sand Blue and Sand Green?

Nathanael said...

The colour difference will always be there in Technic. This has nothing to do with quality control, but is a result of different materials used.
Technic parts are much heavier stressed, and especially crossholes need a very high tolerance.

Unfortunately 'normal' ABS which is used for (most) System bricks is therefore not suitable for all Technic parts. Other materials are used in stead, like PP and POM, which have different properties and often result in different colour-shades.

Oh and regarding the colours, I would love to see more orange too, and all Technic beams available in dark-blue would be a dream come true.

Junkstyle Gio said...

I do have to agree with Nathanael (and some others): my favorite extra colours would be Orange and Dark-blue... I would be wishing for beams, axles and connectors in those colours. (Heck.... make everything technic available in those colours)
And maybe more beams in trans-clear to get a see-trough effect in some of the parts of our constructions!

Erik Leppen said...

Good poll, I agree with technic having too few colors. And in my opinion it's actually worse than the post suggests. The main colors of Technic are black, dark gray, gray, red and yellow, period. Blue and lime are both pretty rare.

8274, 8284, 8256, 8260, 8049 and 8291 all have very few lime parts.
8273, 8296, 8282 all have quite few blue parts.

Let them fix this first.

Another color I'm really missing in Technic is white. Only very few wuite Technic sets have been done in the studless era (8262, 8288 and a little bit in 8289).

My order of importance:
More lime; more white; more blue; add green; add orange; add tan. Although dark green and dark blue are both very nice colors I don't expect them to be very useful in Technic. And trans-clear is more of a gimmick than anything else.

Duq said...

As said above, I'd rather have a wide selection of parts in a limited range of colours than the other way around.
Please don't start Technic parts in Dark green or Maersk blue. The only interesting colour to add would be Orange.
Speaking of colours: I'd love to see the end of colour coded axles, pins and gears as they do my head in.

JAMS said...

"The colour difference will always be there in Technic. This has nothing to do with quality control, but is a result of different materials used. "

Ok, granted, but what I'm talking about has nothing to do with that.

What I'm talking about is colour variation between the SAME elements.
I've got 1x4 L-shaped liftarms that are two or three shades different from eachother.

I've got 1x5 liftarms in dark bluish grey where some are quite noticeably lighter than others.

This has nothing to do with materials, but has to do with batch inconsistencies.

Its incredibly noticeable when you purchase from different stores on bricklink, one batch of the same element is always slightly off than another batch from a different store.

Though, this is strictly limited to a few colours, Red, dark bluish grey, sometimes blue...

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Erik Leppen
I've mixed feelings about the White color...

I like it but gets a bad looking and yellowed tone overtime.
I believe that's the reason why TLG made the NXT in 'Very Light Bluish Gray'. VLBG looks great, it looks white but it isn't and has a slightly bluish tone.
I think it is a smart and very good alternative to overcome the problems with the White color. It could perfectly replace the White in Technic sets.

White is also quite rare nowadays in Technic sets.

JAMS said...

Simple things like doing the 8285 tow truck in white and red instead of black and red are easy solutions to some of this stuff.

Black is such an abundant colour, and black and red has been done to death, 5590 and the black cat to name a few.

If the tow truck was white, it would have looked wayy nicer, but would have given us greater access to parts in white like the 8x16 studded panels it used, or the technic panels as well.

In terms of yellowing over time, lets hope that these newer plastics they're using retain colour better

Junkstyle Gio said...

IMHO the 8265 would have been so much cooler if it was in orange!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Everything, would look better in Orange... ;)

IMHO, this a fundamental lack into the Technic parts assortment...

Al said...

The 8258 would have looked soooooo much better in a white/blue/black/grey colour sceme. Red/yellow/black looked a bit yuk! Still the best model of recent years tho IMO.

Wasn't there a time when the white parts faded even when they were in totally clean environments and in no sunlight? Something to do the the oxygen in the atmosphere. I think they fixed that some time ago tho. Not sure if making the white parts slightly grey is the solution to the fading problem as I have some old grey parts that have gone very yellow.

Erik Leppen said...

@Conchas: good point about white versus Very light bluish gray (which I believe is called LtStone on several places), but even LtStone is not a mainstream color. Why is it limited to Mindstorms only? They have the parts, why aren't they used in the regular Technic models?

I think asking for new colors to be added to Technic is not going to work, because this would require TLG to create more part-color combinations, which is expensive, but using already available colors better is very well possible.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I believe TLG wanted to give the NXT platform an exclusive color, for marketing purposes.

If it is the case, then likely it will continue as it is... :(

JAMS said...

I just realized that there is, in fact, no such thing as a 3x5 l-shaped liftarm in WHITE.

Well, there is, but they only ever produced it for one set, and there were only two of them used in the set, makes them more rare than the micro motor or the black cat wheels

Absolutely unreal.

Anonymous said...

I really like lime green as a Lego color. I have the 8256 Go-Kart, and it looks fantastic with lime green beams and plates. The orange appearing on the new 8110 Unimog U400 looks nice, and the color scheme of the upcoming 8071 Bucket Truck is fantastic! TLG rarely uses white in Technic models, something that I think is quite sad. Therefore, I think that lime green, orange, and white are the colors that Lego should use more.

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