Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The new Excavator (8043) under review

The last days have been proficuous regarding new material related with the Technic Excavator (8043), to be released next August.

It looks this year someone managed to put his hands on the flagship, much earlier than the usual.
I was trying to get it for June, but May caught me in complete surprise!...

Yes, Anio from SeTechnic got it from their partner Peek et Poke, a toy store in France, and made a comprehensive review which reveals all the secrets previously discussed about this fabulous model.
Finally we got sure the 4 motors are arranged in a 1+2x3 switch box, to cope with the model 6 functions, and again there are two functions going through the turntable which connects the drivetrain to the super-structure.

There is a video showing it all (except the switch box in action). What impressed me most, were the movements fluidity and functions speed.

There are also tons of detailed photos from the model (from which, just a few shown below),

the mechanisms,

and even copies from the model parts inventory.

Great work, Anio!

Week TechVideo, 2010 #20 - Solar powered walking robot

Thought you may like to see this solar powered walker, entirely made of LEGO Technic parts.

It looks quite simple but still effective on the purpose and well balanced!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

More B-models for 2H10

Anio from SeTechnic, just warned me about more B-model images poping in the forum.

This time we have:

  • A Chopper, as alternative for the Motorbike (8051).

  • A Truck for longer loads, as alternative for the Container Truck (8052). 

If I already loved the Motorbike, now I'm delighted!
Like someone suggested in the post for the 8043 B-model, here also seems that we may have finally got the 11L axle.
However I am bit wondering about the used color code. Half-bush size difference at each side, and it will be a 12L axle instead.

As for the truck, I would have not much to say about this alternative model...

Now it rests to wait and see which alternative model, the Mobile Crane (8053) will bring us.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

B-model for new 8043 Excavator, revealed!

There are new photos revealing the B-model from the new Excavator (8043) to release this summer.

It looks like a Bulldozer as 8275 released in 2007, but now making use of the new Linear Actuators meanwhile released. More precisely a tracked Front Loader...

Because of the two remotes included with this set, it looks to have functions capable of simultaneous control. Not needing to be exchanging remote channel to switch across functions, should be an excellent play experience.
  • 2 M-motors for driving and steering
  • 1 M-motor to raise/lower the bucket arm
  • 1 M-motor to tilt the bucket 

Can't wait to play it around.

Thanks Anio for the heads-up about these news.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week TechVideo, 2010 #19 - Bridging the gap

It is not the first time we see LEGO vehicles made to autonomously launch a bridge over a gap and cross it afterwards. Some using the LEGO MINDSTORMS platform other pure Technic. Just few examples in these references: [1], [2], [3].

Now Peer Kreuger (Mahjqa) just shown his brilliant 'Stilzkin EXT3 Bridge Launcher', inspired by real-world AVLBs (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge), it can be used to deploy bridges to cross rivers, small chasms or similar obstructions.

Has Peer explains at his photos, placing the bridge takes less than a minute. Once the span has been put in place, the launcher detaches itself from the bridge, and moves aside to allow traffic to pass. Once all of the vehicles have moved over, it crosses the bridge itself and reattaches to the bridge on the other side. It then retracts the span ready to move off again.

Look into the details for the coupling/decoupling mechanism, bridge extension, etc... They are awesome.

You may find additional photos at Peer's flickr photostream.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A new set is just taking off

After reading this, you will ask - What the hell does this post has to do with LEGO Technic?
Nothing, I'd say!... Despite it refers probably still today, to the most complex machine ever made. The maximum technology exponent of mankind.

But given the circumstances, I think TBs is as good to make this announcement, as any other AFOL blog or website.

This weekend TLG is releasing a new Direct-to-Consumer LEGO Exclusive set! It is happening at BRInCKa 2010 in Lourinhã, Portugal (an event from PLUG) and BrickMagic in Raleigh, NC/US (an event presented by TwoMorrows Inc. and BrickJournal Magazine).

It is the set number 10213 (Space Shuttle) made at minifig scale, with 3 figures included and consisting of 1204 parts. The set should become available for ordering soon.
Notice it is released in the year where NASA has plans to call for the Space Shuttle retirement from service, after nearly 30 years servicing at the space program.

Here some images,

And also the Release Video, where Simon Kent (DTC Design Lead) tells us about the design process, how it was done, motivation for this release and so on.

As you know, I'm attending the BRInCKa 2010 event where this is taking place, and it has been a great privilege to take part of this surprise!

In the name of every PLUG members, I'd like to thank Jan Beyer and the LCD team to have made this special moment possible here this time.

TBs TechNostalgia 04 - 8480 Commercial

Two years ago, I've initiated here the TechNostalgia tag, with a commercial from the 8880, Supercar. Now as a matter of coincidence (or not...), two years later it returns with a similar video from another iconic LEGO Technic set from the same Technic era, which was also released two years later. It is a video made available at YT by the same author, Chaz2727.

It was in 1996 (now 14 years ago), when TLG released its Technic model from the Space Shuttle. It was the set 8480, one of the most complex, complete and ingenious official LEGO Technic sets, ever made!
Most likely you won't remember or never seen it, but today I leave you with the respective commercial on the video below.

Very good memories! Aren't they? 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

BRInCKa 2010

Well, you may have noticed this is quite calm here...

It happens that for some weeks I've been working almost exclusively at the preparation of an event from my LUG (PLUG). The event name is BRInCKa 2010 and is taking place this week at Lourinhã, Portugal.

I expect it won't happen the same as in the last year where we took a LEGO overdose, and TBs suffered from that during some weeks after...
However we have another large event in one month, thus I fear...

... certainly you understand and hopefully we'll return soon with cool new material.

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