Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The new Excavator (8043) under review

The last days have been proficuous regarding new material related with the Technic Excavator (8043), to be released next August.

It looks this year someone managed to put his hands on the flagship, much earlier than the usual.
I was trying to get it for June, but May caught me in complete surprise!...

Yes, Anio from SeTechnic got it from their partner Peek et Poke, a toy store in France, and made a comprehensive review which reveals all the secrets previously discussed about this fabulous model.
Finally we got sure the 4 motors are arranged in a 1+2x3 switch box, to cope with the model 6 functions, and again there are two functions going through the turntable which connects the drivetrain to the super-structure.

There is a video showing it all (except the switch box in action). What impressed me most, were the movements fluidity and functions speed.

There are also tons of detailed photos from the model (from which, just a few shown below),

the mechanisms,

and even copies from the model parts inventory.

Great work, Anio!


Efferman said...

a great review with great pictures. And it shows one new part.
thank you anio

Unknown said...

You can see the red switch moving at 1m 05s in the video, ace!! It's so cool that the tracks can spin around in 360 degrees, very awesome! This will sit along side my lovely 8275 perfectly :)

Yoraish said...

In your opinion, wich set is better, the motorized bulldozer or this one.
and if I have almost no power functions, will it be better for me to get the bulldozer?(2XL Motors)

sergio said...

Only Excavators! No robots or something different...I'm bored! With that potential of bricks and functions LEGO releases too much similar things every year...

arezey said...

The inventory does not show how many frame parts it contains :(

Anyhow it's obvious we're in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

On the inventory :
the first frame, quantity = 2 (on the arm of the excavator)
the second frame, quantity = 1 (under the structure, near the driving rings).


Anonymous said...

Too bad the original review is in French only. Automatic translations don't really work that well ;-)

Can't wait for a _very detailed_ review here at TB as soon as you have the model at hand!

Anonymous said...

Have to correct that - the translation to English is quite readable...

Nevertheless waiting for more details on this beauty

Junkstyle Gio said...

Poor us! We have to wait for many weeks to get our hands on this beauty. But then again this review makes much easier..
I do hope to see more of the other 2h2010 models.

Unknown said...


Having not built or played with the excavator its hard to say, but this new model certanly looks more complex than the 8275 Bulldozer was.

The 'Dozer is brilliant but it doesn't really have too much in the way of complex gearing as such, mainly because there is a motor for each function on it, whereas with the new Excavator there is a motor to switch gearings - that is awesome! :)

arezey said...

> the first frame, quantity = 2 (on the arm of the excavator)
> the second frame, quantity = 1 (under the structure, near the driving rings).

only 2 and 1? The crane truck had 7 and 3. And since I missed it I tend to run out of frames quite quickly (got 3 and 4). :(

Anyway it's gonna be cool, either way.

Anonymous said...

This is a truly brilliant model. The B-model is even better than last years loader, and =pPlayability of the B-model is probably just as good as the A-model indeed Conchas.

If you are into RC-ed loaders, you may want to check out:

For an overview of the work of nxtliftboy see:

TechnicBRICKs said...


Your loader is great! :)

Ian said...

The motor that switches the driving rings over doesn't appear to be clutched in anyway. Wouldn't this stress gears? Unless someone has another explanation? I can't actually see the driving ring switches in any of the pictures...

Nathanael said...

@ Ian:

When I look at the design I actually have good reason to believe that the designer officially had a clutch integrated in there. My idea is that there first was a wormwheel directly on the motor, which was driving this clutchgear.
I think the reason why it was left out in the end (probably quite late in the process) is that there was no guarantee that the clutch would stall after instead of before switching the driving rings due to variance in friction. Because the functionality couldn't be assured they decided to change it in the end even though this would mean no gearing down and stress of gears or stall of motor.
This is just my theory...
Maybe Anio can test this.

sergio said...

Ok, LEGO community loves those excavators/jeeps/cars. I'm the only one would like to see something different sometimes...

Ricardo Oliveira said...

No, you're not alone. I'm with you. I would really like to see different sets...

Unfortunately I may be what sells more. Maybe that is the reason.

Anyway, that's not the discussion here! This is not really a new within AFOL community, but the new images are great and video is great.

Mechanisms in this model are much more complex and funny to analyse and build than the majority of "recent" LEGO sets.

Once again, regardless the type of model, everytime new pics/videos come, we get sooo excited with them! :-)

Gavin said...

I'm with the above comments about different sets. There was so much that could have been done with the snowgroomer, it could have been a power functions based flagship.

However, I do like the look of the excavator and have had it on my list from the first grainy pictures. I think that Ricardo is right, TLG does models like this beacause they sell, and to be fair this is a complex model the likes of which we have not seen much of lately.

There appears to be a lot of room for modifications to this model which is good thing, as that means we will all get something that we want in the end. This ponit does not take away from the fact that on it's own it is a great model.

Anonymous said...

I just love the Jurassic Park music

Al said...

Looks pretty good in terms of complexity, i'de deffinately have this over the way too simple bulldozer. However I already have more LAs and m-motors than I know what to do with without buying any from bricklink (i guess they are being over-used!). Considering a big chunk of the cost of the set is in buying more motors and LAs i'm gonna skip this one.

Menno Gorter said...

How many of these sets do one have to buy to make a yellow Lamborghini? ;-)

Or in my case; maybe I should try to make legs out of the track-parts.... :-)

( I agree with Al. )

Anonymous said...

@ Nathanaƫl :

I did the modification with a clutch and a worm screw gear : it doesn't work.

The clutch slips before it moves the axis of the 3 changeover catchs.


Ronald said...

Seems like the scan of the parts list is not shown on the French review site... Does anyone know where it comes from and if more (instruction?) scans are available?

Anonymous said...


I do not put the inventory in the photos of my website.

Eventually, the inventory will be on my website in the section called "Notice" (which mean building instruction in English).

So at the moment, I only took two photos for people to know which parts the famous 8043 has.


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