Monday, June 28, 2010

Demoing 8052 Container Truck

Barry Bosman built the 8052 (Container Truck) with the correct parts, but with already available colors, while the real model doesn't become available at stores.

He also made an excellent video to show the model's functions.
Guess he wanted to understand how this model works, and the details about the functions that raise/lower the container and load or unload it.

So finally I did understand it also!...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week TechVideo, 2010 #25 - 16 wheeled, a sort of Monster Truck

This week another video from Barry Bosman (barebos or barman).

A 16 wheeled kind of Monster Truck, strongly based on the Mad Masher Monster Machine toy from the 80´s according to the author.

It looks like a late entry for the June LEGO® Technic Challenge, now that the youngster entries are already available to vote and the adult entries also featured at LEGO® Technic Blog.

It is however not the first attempt do do it in a LEGO model, as you may see from this Amando Tanedo model at MOCpages.

Although I guess it is not functional (motorized) as the Barry's version is.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

2H10 Technic sets available at premium prices...

For the most anxious to get the new 2H LEGO Technic sets, have some of them in stock and ready to ship.
Although available at premium prices, if compared to the expected retail prices (note this may vary from country to country).

8051 Motorbike - 43€ (In Stock)

8052 Container Truck - 65€ (In Stock)

8043 Motorized Excavator - 190€ (Available at 2010.Sep.20)

Maybe it worth's to wait a bit more...

Friday, June 25, 2010

TBs TechNostalgia 05 - When it all started and ahead

You may remember some old LEGO Technic commercials, highlighted here at TBs sometime before [8880, 8480].
afolTV user has now uploaded a series of old LEGO commercials at YouTube, with a very good quality for their age.

Of course here, I'll give preference to those related with the LEGO Technic theme.

853, Car Chassis - Commercial from 1977, when it all started...

8865, Test Car - Commercial from 1988

Control Centre - Commercial probably from 1990

8880, Super Car - Commercial from 1994
Much better quality then the one previously featured here. Also quite longer and complete, despite I have the idea that the former video at YouTube was also longer by the time of the post.

Slizers - Commercial from 1999
Slizers was a subtheme from LEGO Technic at 1999-2000.

Now I'd like to see the commercial from the Shuttle (8480) in the same quality, and of course any other eventually released but still missing at YouTube.

Revive and enjoy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technicopedia Update

Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) has just finished a major upgrade to his Technicopedia website, adding a new year to the site, improving some of the available information and staring an exciting new section. Below is the full announcement:

Major Update

I've just finished posting a major update to Technicopedia which adds 1995 and introduces several new features.
  • Includes 1995 with sets 8210, 8225, 8235, 8280, 8412, 8422, 8440, 8460, and  8485.
  • For the years 1977 and 1978, I've added extensive coverage of all the alternate models, photos of the parts palette, and photos of the build process during construction.
  • I've added a beta version of a new feature called Technical Fundamentals which has tutorials on how various basic technical concepts work along with animations and parts lists. I don't have this section linked from anywhere yet because I don't know where to put it.
I was pretty burned out when I posted this update, so there are probably lots of typos in the new sections. I'll try to fix whatever is pointed out to me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8051, Motorbike - Inventory

Yesterday it came to my attention the parts inventory page, from the next LEGO Technic motorbike (8051) instructions booklet, which was meanwhile made available by a Lowlug member.

You may inspect it from the picture bellow.

Except the new wheels, there are no other new parts, included with this set. Although I'm not sure about the tires.
The wheels are different from their predecessors used at 8420 (Street Bike), in their form and color. The new ones are Dark Bluish Gray and seem to be symmetrical to their right/left sides, which is quite nice specially for bikes usage and was not the case in 8420.
There is also a kind of axle/pin connector in the perimeter at two sides. Don't know where it will be used in the future, but it seems we will be able to connect these wheels side-by-side to whatever it may become useful...
The new wheel surface design that makes contact with the tire, as the tire drawing on the parts inventory also suggests that the tire design may had been slightly changed. In my perspective that would be very welcome, as you will perfectly understand if you ever tried to remove 8420 tires, from their respective wheels...

Below detailed pictures from the new wheel, as well as the 3-inline motor with its longer rods design.

Another difference that became now clear, is that 8051 uses identical tires for front and rear wheels in opposition to 8420, where it was used a narrow tire at front and a wider one in the back wheel. That was very nice detail, that was missed in the new bike now.

Thanks Ryan for the heads-up.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week TechVideo, 2010 #24 - Marble Counter for GBC

Nico71 built a 5 digit marble counter, to integrate in the traditional GBC display at Fana'Briques 2010, that will happen in one week.

I've seen such a GBC counter before, done with one NXT, but never a pure mechanical one.

The image below shows how the series of 1:10 reductions were achieved in the gear train.

To read more about this Nico's model, please refer to his website, or visit Fana'Briques 2010 to see it in action.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

TBs TechPoll 19 (Results) - Which other colors would you like to get more often?

Quite a while ago TBs raised a poll for you to tell us about other colors than the traditional ones actually used at LEGO Technic sets, that would be among your preferences to see used in new sets and parts available for your own constructions.

After two weeks and over 500 hundred votes, the results have been visible in the right side column. Finally today I managed to conclude this and register the results into a dedicated post, for future reference.

With a large distance to its followers, the Orange came at first place.

Following colors doesn't show any substantial difference among each other, and they include colors like Green and Dark Blue. Some seen before, but others never used before into a Technic set.
Besides resting at fourth place in the poll ranking, Dark-blue got several mentions in the comments section as being a quite desired color.
Trans-Clear also got a very substantial result in the ranking, but guess it might be useful mainly for particular parts or usecases.

Some interesting comments were raised to the original poll post supporting the desire for an increased number of colors to be used in LEGO Technic sets, but a common concern refers that such an increased may not succeed if they won't get commonly available in variety and quantity, that would allow AFOLs to build their own models easily.

Meanwhile I leave you with an image suggested by Junkstyle Gio, for an hypothetical orange version from the 8265 Front Loader.

Cute, isn't it? Just loving it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

[Announcement] 10212 - Imperial Shuttle

TLG is announcing a new UCS Star Wars set (10212, Imperial Shuttle) to be released next September. It is the first minifig scale version of this iconic Star Wars vehicle and it includes 2503 pieces.

And now you ask once more - What does this has to do with LEGO Technic

Little I'd say... but if you look closely to the high-res images made available, you will notice some new longer thin TECHNIC liftarms. As it looks we are getting them with 9L and 15L lengths, in white color.

Nothing!! The previous statement was nothing more than an erroneous lat night observation, induced by the image perspective.
I'm sorry for misleading information. Nevertheless this looks to be a very nice set and a very good source for white beams in years, if it wouldn't be a "shame" to partout such magnificent and valuable set, just for the parts.

(click the image, to see the full size details)

The official press release,

10212 – Imperial Shuttle™
Ages 16+. 2,503 pieces.
US $ 259.99 CA $ 309.99 UK £ 239.99 DE 259.99 €

The elegant Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle™ transports the Empire’s elite and the occasional secret strike team of Rebel commandos all across the galaxy. Now you can build this huge and iconic Star Wars™ vehicle in true minifigure scale for the first time ever! The Imperial Shuttle is authentically detailed with rotating double laser wing cannons and a four-seat cockpit.  This Ultimate Collector’s model features an opening canopy, detachable landing gear, a stand for display in flight or landing modes, a labeled display plaque, and gear-driven folding wings with removable activation keys. Completed model measures 28" (71 cm) tall on stand and 22" (57 cm) wide with wings deployed. Includes 5 minifigures: Darth Vader™, Imperial Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker™.
  • Includes 5 minifigures:  Darth Vader™,  Shuttle Pilot,  Imperial Officer,  Stormtrooper™ and Luke Skywalker™.
  • Features rotating double laser wing cannons!
  • Open the cockpit roof to access the interior and seat the minifigures inside!
  • Wings fold up and down by turning 2 keys on rear of model!
  • Model can be displayed on landing gear or landing gear can be removed to display in flying mode!
  • Includes display stand, name plate and label sheet!
  • Measures  28" (71 cm) tall on stand and 22" (57 cm) wide with wings deployed!

Available for order directly through LEGO® beginning September 2010 via

Below some other images where you may also see the wings in more detail, inclusive the new TECHNIC elements.

Later today, at 9pm EST,  you may also find a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Imperial Shuttle, by following the link:

Now that the video is available online, lets show it either.

Last Update: 2010.Jun.19 05:00 CET

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The B-model for 8053, was still missing

We had seen the B-models for almost every 2H10 Technic model a few weeks ago [1, 2].
Also some rumors that the B-model for 8053 would be an Harbor Crane, came-up at the time. Now that a member from SeTechnic located the images, we can finally see them.

Something not usual, at least!

There is also something about the motorization of the main model, with the kit 8293.

Thanks Anio, for the heads up!

Monday, June 14, 2010

AFOLs do have a chance now, to influence!

It looks a very interesting discussion happened in the headquarters!

We all have sometime needed elements in a color never released by TLG.
So Jamie (the D2C Lead Designer) wants to get an overview from you about which existing elements do you think that are missing in existing colors.

Please make sure they get as many realistic answers/suggestions as possible to deliver a good list to the Design Team - and remember the deadline.
Participation details into the official announcement below:

Hi LEGO Fans,
the LEGO Community Development would like to know which of the already existing elements would be needed most urgently in missing colors. Some optimism presumed the number one of the resulting list could end in a "color change" and might be produced in the future.
To participate - the way is as follows:
Suggestions need to be send by email until the 30.06.2010. These suggestions will be sorted and afterwards published for a voting. The final chart will be send to the LCD Team.
For easier handling the suggestions should be aligned to the description of the BrickLink catalogue:
Suggestions only will be accepted in a color which is still in production. So e.g."Fabuland brown" is invalid because production of this color was stoped in 1997. An overview about the actual colors could be downloaded here:
An example:
Part No:
Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3
New color:
brick-yellow (tan)
The suggestions should be send to this email address:

Just start to send you suggestions!
There might be some Technic parts, you ever wished to see in a different color...
You know what you miss, better then everyone else.

Week TechVideo, 2010 #23 - SR 3D Builder, a new way to model flex elements [Preview]

I'm sure you remember about SR 3D Builder. A rich featured CAD tool for 3D modeling of LEGO models, being developed by Sergio Reano.

This week I crossed with an explanation at YouTube, about how does he envisions the modeling of flexible parts in a 3D space.

I guess this may be not innovative in terms of professional 3D CAD tools, but definitely it will be a great advance for LEGO users of CAD tools.

It looks to me, there is a lot of B-spline mathematics running in there...
But it looks also easy and intuitive for the user (maybe after some practice). At least I guess it would have made the last TBs Technic Challenge [1, 2, 3], a lot easier for many.

However please remind this is a preview, and not yet released into the latest public SR 3D Builder version available for download.

If you thought to have seen everything, Sergio shown us the latest developments (yet to be released) on his interface to add flex parts in your models.  
See them on the video below.

Last Update: 2010.Jun.16 00:14 CET

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TBs TechTOC 09 - Now a Murcielago

Some of you might already know that Crowkillers (Paul Boratko) was producing a new car.
With his well known style and detail, Paul made another Lamborghini. This time a yellow Murcielago.

Once more a fine piece of art and technique, I'd say.

Take a look at some photos and do not loose the whole series at Paul's website.

For those who appreciate certain details and are not too purists, you may gonna get in love with the new Black Chrome wheels that Paul got plated from CV Vacuum Platers.
I'm sure I'll want some for me!...

Another curiosity was that Paul had to paint two of the hood panels not yet released in yellow till the present date. Fortunately these are to be officially released when the new Technic sets will start to appear next moth and he can replace them. Nevertheless hadn't he told me about, and I wouldn't have noticed from the photos.

So what's next Paul

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