Saturday, July 10, 2010

B-Model instructions for 2H2010 Technic sets, already available online

After some initial link errors when I first noticed them online, the 2H10 B-model building instructions are now available for download at

All but the 8051 Motorbike, for now.

Below you have the direct links for the several zipfiles with the building instructions booklets, for each model.

    • 8052 (Container Truck) B-model, features a Tipper Trailer. Building instructions are downloadable in 3 files.
      Book 1/3
      Book 2/3
      Book 3/3

        For those lucky ones which can already order the 2H10 models, here you have something more to spend your spare time...

        Happy building!

        The still missing B-model instructions was meanwhile made available by TLG, at their website.

          • 8051 (Motorbike) B-model, features a Chopper. Building instructions are downloadable in 1 file.
            Book 1/1

          Last Update: 2010.Aug.03 20:31 CET


          Anonymous said...

          Yesterday, I built the 8052-B and did a review.

          My conclusion : it is nothing more than a wheelbarrow. :p

          Other B-models seems to be great ! :)


          Anonymous said...

          The excavator B-Model looks really good, but I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to take apart the excavator just yet :)

          Anonymous said...

          If you also want to merge these building instructions into one PDF file, I suggest a command-line program called pdftk:

          For example, if you have all five parts for 8053-B, the following command creates one PDF:
          pdftk 8053* output 8053.pdf

          I hope this helps.

          TechnicBRICKs said...

          Very good idea.


          Chex said...

          Are the A model instructions available in pdf somewhere? Brickset and peeron don't have them yet and the A models weren't on either. Thanks...

          Anonymous said...

          A models are available on

          8043 Book 1 of 3

          8043 Book 2 of 3

          8043 Book 3 of 3

          Jetro said...

          Nice to be able to have a look at the B models before the A models are available, but there are some questions that come to mind like:

          - if the A model for the 8043 consists of 3 booklets, why are the 5 booklets for the B model?

          - Why do we get 5 seperate download links when you need all the booklets together?

          TechnicBRICKs said...

          Good questions Jetro!

          Guess it might be because of not existing a well established delivery procedure at TLG, for online manuals!??

          Anonymous said...

          For once was so impressed with the b model that I bought 2 sers, one for the a and one for the b, outstanding each one. Now if we could get a same scale motor grader and elevating scraper I'd be in lego heaven

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