Friday, August 20, 2010

The 8043 Boomerang ;)

As you may have already noticed, the new LEGO Technic Motorized Excavator (8043) has been unlisted from in every country where it is present.
It happens in the sequence of some user complains to the LEGO Customer Service, about issues with the performance of this model. Namely performance issues with boom lifting of the digging arm.

Because I've been in contact with the LEGO Technic product team about this topic, I got a communication to share with the LEGO Technic fans community.

"The LEGO group and the LEGO Technic product team is aware that a number of consumers are experiencing problems with their 8043 motorized excavator.
It's really important to us that our products are of the highest quality and we are currently doing everything we can to solve this issue. As soon as we heard about this, we immediately got in contact with some of these consumers to learn from their models.
These models are right now being tested and investigated in any possible way.
We are working very hard to come up with a solution, which we will communicate as soon as possible.

Best regards
The LEGO Technic product team"

Because TLG has an excellent track record dealing with their customers issues, we just can rest confident and expect that a solution will be provided upon the required time.

In the meantime lets enjoy the promotional video produced for the Excavator, and some amazing renders for each new set in the 2H, that the Technic team has published in the website.

8043 - Motorized Excavator (Promotional Video)

8043 - Motorized Excavator

8051 - Motorbike

8052 - Container Truck

8053 - Mobile Crane



Unknown said...

I wish mine performed as well as the one in the video with the kid controlling it. Anyway, mine has been sent off to Lego now.

rherberg said...

Mine performes reasonably well (an XL moter would be better), but the boom gets stuck in the top position...

Rohan Beckett said...

turn the autoplay on the videos OFF... please! :)

I just had all 5 videos playing in a loop at maximum volume when I loaded this page!


TechnicBRICKs said...

Thanks for the feedback.

The unique video with a sound track is the first one.
I've now set the volume 10% and enabled the control bar, so that anyone can stop it any time.
Anyway the first video just plays once and then you can repeat it. All the other four are looping.

Guess it is acceptable now.

sunsky said...

I have the same problem as rherberg mentioned. The boom gets stuck in the top. Sometimes I should disassemble the two linear actuators and wind them manually.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Because you're using a XL motor!?
Doesn't surprise me.

Which is the overall gear ratio from the motor to the LA, on your design?
On the LEGO design using the M-motor I think it is 5:3 if I didn't mess following the gears.

blakbird said...

The animation of the 8043 is really impressive. Having done quite a few animations myself, I looked at it more closely and realized that none of the gears are turning! They just animated the boom but it is not driven by anything. Still a great set of renders though.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed 8053 has no LA rendered?

TechnicBRICKs said...


Well... it is rendered but rests lowered, while the boom lifts...

sunsky said...

@ Conchas

If you're asking "Because you're using a XL motor!?" to me,
I should say the boom got stuck from the beginning(I mean before mod). And in my mod, 2 XL motors were used only for driving in the lower structure.

Boom lifting is done by M motor with a gear ratio 5:3, same as original model. In the original model, gear reduction 5:3 was done at the final step. I eliminated intermediate gears(clutch gear and so on) and kept the final step.
Including the boom lift, all the gear ratios in the upper structure are the same as in original model.

And, as I mentioned earlier at another post, this was because I did not focus on the "boom lifting problem"

Gavin said...

I have't got the 8043 yet, because of the price that they are charging here in Australia. $350 AUD is way over priced and compared to other countries by at least $80 - $100 AUD. I have had a look and can get this set from Denmark including postage for $250 AUD. What is going on? Why are we getting ripped off like this?

Just as well read this about the problem before I went ahead and got one from overseas though. I will now wait until they have it sorted.

Michal said...

I have build this set a couple of days ago. I have no problems with the functions. Raising the boom is quite slow but steady, no locking whatsoever. That is with using relatively fresh but cheap disposable batteries. I believe that 1.2v rechargeables may behave worse that this.
And I payed only 130EUR for the set so overall I am happy with the purchase.

sqiddster said...

350 AUD! what? I knew they overcharged us here but that is outrageous. Even factoring in the currency difference, this is double what they charge in the US.

Anonymous said...

When is the auto-play going to be switched off? (In a month or so it may be harder for us to pause the excavator video, because it will be right at the bottom of the page)

Jurgen Krooshoop said...

If you're using an XL for lifting the booma(as I've done in my Ultimate 8043-MOD), it will hit the LA's clutch on both end and get out of it easyily. It never gets stuck, I've tested many times. And it doesn't loose performance as the M-motor does.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Ok, ok you're right!
Now that the post is not anymore the first one, the autostart option could be a bit annoying.
I've switched it off meanwhile.

Jason Sliss said...

My 8043 performs reasonably well considering the problems others have been having. The only thing I noticed was that on book 1 pg. 45 I had to match up the tan pin to a hole on a 9L technic beam that would allow the pin to spin as freely as possible. I did this, but the pin probably did not spin as freely as it should have, perhaps a sub-optimal batch of pins was created? Also, I look at my model after about 10 days and the 16t gear that is on the tan pin is now 2/3 of the way OFF of the pin, which except for batteries may explain a bit of the slowness experienced. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jason Sliss comment about tan pin (part 3749 without friction)...

I'm yet to get 8043 (damn Australia!), but I experienced a similar issue with 8265 - on the bottom of page 21 of the A model, there are 2 of these tan pins which are each inserted into a 16 tooth gear (part 4019). I found that once motorised, one of these gears would continously work itself off the tan pin and then cause misalignment between the two linear actuators. To solve this, I substituted the tan pin with the old grey type (same part 3749). It seems the old grey version was made of a different plastic and grips the gear tightly, whereas the new tan type seems to come off quite easily. I'll keep this in mind for when my 8043 turns up if I have the same problem.

Unknown said...


I wrote to LEGO and got the following (german) answer:
"In der letzten Woche haben wir herausgefunden, dass der LEGO Technik Raupenbagger nicht unseren hohen Standards und Erwartungen entspricht. Es scheint, dass es oftmals ein bestimmtes Element ist, dass nicht einwandfrei funktioniert. Deswegen haben unsere Designer an der Behebung des Problems gearbeitet und das Model wurde in der Zwischenzeit aus dem Angebot genommen. Da uns Qualität und der Bauspaß der Kunden sehr am Herzen liegt, haben wir dieses Problem sehr ernst genommen und unsere Designer haben eine Lösung für das Problem gefunden.

Am besten Sie bauen Ihr Set erst einmal komplett zusammen und sollte es bei Ihrem Set auch ein Problem geben, können wir Ihnen das neudesignte Ersatzteil dann sobald es verfügbar bestellen.


In the last week we found out that the LEGO excavator technology does not meet our high standards and expectations. It seems that there is often a particular item that is not functioning properly. That is why our designers have worked to resolve the problem and the model was launched in the meantime from the offer. Since our quality and creative construction of the customers at the very heart, we have taken this issue very seriously, our designers have found a solution to the problem.

It's the best you build your set once complete and should there be a problem with your set, we can give you the newly designed parts and then order it as soon as available."

What part will be/was redesigned?


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