Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Faulty Motorized Excavators (8043) - New communication

There is a new official communication [1] distributed through the LEGO Ambassadors, addressing those experiencing problems with a faulty LEGO Motorized Excavator (8043).

"The LEGO group and the LEGO Technic product team are aware that a number of consumers have been experiencing problems with the recently launched 8043 motorized excavator, which was not identified during the intensive testing of the product before launch. Consequently, we have been testing this model over again and learned that a specific element is causing the error. The LEGO Technic team has corrected the error and is now in the stage of producing a replacement part which will be distributed to those consumers, who experienced the fault with the model they have purchased.

There is no safety concern regarding the faulty element!

It's really important to us that our products are of the highest quality and we sincerely apologize to consumers who have had an experience with this product that does not live up to their or our expectations.

We are currently doing everything we can to solve this issue as quickly as possible. As soon as new replacement parts are available, our Consumer Service will distribute a Service Bag with instructions and new elements to those consumers who experienced the problems."

Now lets wait for the service pack to become available soon, so that we can enjoy endless hours of fun, with this beauty.


Mortymore said...

And it's known what is the part to be replaced?
Thanks for this info

TechnicBRICKs said...

It is, but it is not mentioned in the official communication.

Alex Campos said...

Since TLG completely stopped selling the 8043, it is expectable that, when they starting selling it again, it will already contain the new part(s).

So, what remains to be seen is if excavators of the "old" faulty version that are already in the wild get their prices souped up by scalpers, like what happens with rare defective coins...

Kaijuu said...

Why the hell would they do that? A defective coin at least has some value, a mechanical part with a design flaw in it does not.

avi said...

Lego is know for an excellent customer care, so there is no real issue here.
While we're at it, does anyone know what Technic sets are going to be released on 2011?

Anonymous said...

From the sounds of it, this 'faulty' element is just a normal element being used in the wrong way, and so the Technic designers are going to produce a new version of this element to suit the excavator's needs.

Lego has replaced parts in other sets before. I bought 8258 around a month ago, and realised that the differential was made from a different type of plastic to the differential in 8265 (which I bought a year earlier). The new differential was less shiny and generated much less friction.

In the part list at the back of each instruction booklet, there is a number under each piece (e.g the differential in 8258 had '4562210' written below it). Does anyone know what this number is for?

Alex Campos said...

@Kaijuu: I have that suspicion because the "defective" version, being pulled off from market, will become more rare than the "corrected" version, which will hopefully be sold for at least two years. And, if there's demand (by collectors or speculators), rarity is proportional to price.

@Daniel: the number under each part is the LEGO internal identifier for it. It identifies both part shape and colour.

Ryan said...

I e-mailed Lego about my excavator and they told me it is the Linear Actuator who causes all the trouble...

Anonymous said...

The new linear actuator may have a clutch which is triggered sooner.

Unknown said...

My email from Lego today said they are developing a new actuator that can cope with heavier loads such as the main arm on the model 8043.

Alex Campos said...

That's correct, it has also been reported on Brickset:

It's things like this that distinguish good companies from great companies. Not all have the sense of honour to admit a mistake, inform its customers about it, and do everything in reach to provide the best and quickest solution.

grindinggears said...

Maybe they will come up with a Linear Actuator with internal gear reduction (planetary like the PF motors). Thus they could easily move heavy loads without generating much friction in the drivetrain or the motor.

Well, this is just my opinion

Al said...

As always TLG have proven themselves to be a great company to build a hobby on (no pun intended) with their excellent customer service. But while adding more gearing down is all well and good to fix this particular problem, that would make LA's even slower and even more boring than they already are to play with, which sucks!

Ulf Andersson said...

Blog Post in Swedish, reporting about the linear actuator problem.

@ grindinggears
Good idea!

Best Regards from Ulf

JAMS said...

If LEGO was more like Apple, they'd tell you you're using the excavator wrong, and to stop using it that way.


Never had much faith in lego linear actuators.

JAMS said...

Also, (Sorry for double posting, had an after thought)

I'm curious as to why this problem is apparently intermittent, from what I've seen this is a problem for only SOME excavators... If it was a problem with the design of the linear actuators not being able to do the work, wouldn't this be a problem for every set?

Maybe I'm just confused

Anonymous said...

How will they determine who is entitled to the part(s)? Fortunately I still have the box.. UPC Label? I'm not one who holds onto all the boxes typically...


designvs said...

Yesterday evening, I emailed the customer service at that I would like to be notified of the fix when available. They promptly responded this morning and said I've been put on the list to receive the parts. They did not ask for UPC or anything.

Anonymous said... contacted me about my set, and they want the # that is near the Lego copyright on the edge of the bottom half of the box (proof of purchase)
I'm on their mailing list for the new part(s), due out sometime in October.
I will then build the "A" model.

Krika99 said...

Apparently they are replacing the linear actuators in my email reply. :| When I asked whether it will replace the old LAs as a whole, there
came no answer.

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