Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week TechVideo, 2010 #33 - Nico's bulldozer with modified Sariel's auto-valve

Today we will see a 2 years old MOC from Nico, which features a studless version of Sariel's pneumatic auto-valve.
In fact with his studeless design, Nico was able to build a dual auto-valve in a very compact solution.

This a partial view from the whole dual auto-valve construction

You may see these auto-valves in action, from Nico's video below about the Bulldozer to which he developed this interesting solution.

The video here embedded is set to run from 0' 59'', when the auto-valve function is featured. You may however click to see the full version.

Just in case you want to try it out, Nico has prepared also building instructions into a photo sequence, as already usual for some of his models (Click over the picture below, to get there).

You may found a lot more images from this model at Nico's BS folder, and read about this model in his own words (although in French) at Nico's page on MOCpages.


Unknown said...

Isn't this pretty old news? Didn't Nico have this up for a while? Just wondering. Cool project though! I tried building it, but then I found out I didn't have enough pieces :-(


JAMS said...

Yea I'd say its pretty old news, but for people who don't know, now they know!

I've built a variation on this that actually pushes the switch completely over to each side. I've found that Sariel (and, by extension, Nico's) valves both suffer from the fact that the lever doesn't get pushed allll the way to either side.

My two valve version is also more compact, and uses the newer "pin hole" valves.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Yes, This is pretty old news!
But this tag is not necessarily about news. And then why does it must be?

There are new fans joining the LEGO hobby everyday. Sometimes it may worth to show some good old stuff, so they can get an easy deep link into the past... :)

Alex Campos said...

Hmm... I really, really need to check out those valves in detail, as I have major size/weight problems on a pneumatic MOC I have in development for over a year ago!

TBs isn't just for news, but also to simply share with people what can be done with LEGO Technic. ;)

Alex Campos said...

Oh, and by the way JAMS, could you please post a link to your design? It sounds interesting!

JAMS said...

I'll have to post up a link to a photo another day, but I can cover a couple bases with a simple explanation,

The valve(s) I've got working well are Sariel's idea, (designed to fit inside one of my MOCs of course)

To make sure that YOUR auto valve's lever gets pushed all the way to each side, simply stick one of these guys on the lever:

In terms of utilizing the new valves with the sariel design, the only difference is you have to offset the switch by 0.5 studs, you can probably figure that out yourself... I think sariel has photos of that version on his website.

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