Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st rumors about 1H2011 Technic sets

Someone wrote a post at with a list of sets to be released in the first half of 2011.

As far as it concerns to the upcoming new Technic sets, the list contains five new sets at January, and one set for March.

8065 - Mini Dump Truck, 9.99€
8066 - SUV, 14.99€
8067 - Mobile Mini-crane, 19.99€
8068 - Rescue Helicopter, 29.99€
8069 - Backhoe, 49.99€

March, then comes back with:
8070 - Super Car, 109.99€ (the rims re-stock post, looks starting to make its sense...)

The post author mentions about functions like an engine hood that opens, doors, and adjustable rear spoiler. Apparently all geared by PF.
Something about a 4-speed gearbox is also mentioned (like that in the old 8880), but it is not quite clear for me, as it is written in German. Maybe some of our German readers could help with this.


Junkstyle Gio said...

You're quite good with your translation.
The guy from "1000 Steine" is not that into Technic so he is not that enthousiastic about the Supercar.
This brings us lot of questions about the 8070: maybe we get something nice, but not the fully RC-ed Supercar that some of us expected!

But let's just wait for the pictures right?

Whith all things being normal, the january sets should be hitting the stores (at least in The Netherlands) in the last 2 or 3 weeks of 2010.

Junkstyle Gio said...

And.... A 4speed transmission? 3 up and 1 down?
Even the 8466 had a 5 up and 1 down gearbox....
What about the the color? Is it going to be just boring red? Or blue? Let hope TLC went all the way and chose ORANGE....

Jetro said...

There is indeed nothing more to be learned from the German text. 4 speed transmission is something that may be 'old news' but it has been quite some years since we last saw it. I doubt a March set will be anything really big. Sound more like a pimped racer. 2H would be the place for something really innovative

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ya, at this moment to me, it looks to position in the portfolio almost like the Race Truck (8041), we got in 2010 or the tractor with trailer (8063) in 2009.

Definitely it doesn't seem to be a true Super Car, but a fancy Racer.

Unknown said...

It is red, that's confirmed.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ok red. There haven't been much ones in red lately...

But if it has been tested the preferred color with children, it is expectable they choose red.
Unfortunately many of us are not children anymore. :)

Alex Campos said...

My speculations (and just speculations, based on names and prices):

8065: It will be like the previous Technic mini-sets: a vehicle with no steering, having a worm-driven function (in this case, the dumping bed). I think orange or green would fit nice on this one.

8066: A "Mini" version of the 8297, probably also in dark bluish grey with orange accents. Has steering , 8046-like winch, and manually opening doors.

8067: Intermediate model between 8270 and 8053. Has steering, slewing via Hand of God (hopefully!), raising/lowering boom, and winch. Manual telescoping (if present) and outriggers. Most probably yellow (although blue looks so nice...).

8068: Red/white colour scheme (like 8046), geared main/tail rotor, winch, retractable landing gear, and probably a rotor-related function (like the tilting of some previous Technic helicopters).

8069: Has PNEUMATICS!-actuated digging arm with two degrees of freedom (similar to 8294 and 8047). Steering, mechanically lifting/tilting loader, manual rear digger rotation. Actually, I think these are too many functions for the price, but I can't see a proper backhoe lacking any of these.

8070: I hope it won't be RC: personally, I prefer mechanical functionality over "running" functionality. Leave RC car driving for Racers. ;)

Dornbi said...

@Conchas: thanks for the hints, looks like your speculation based on the wheel cover was correct.

@Bostjan: where is it confirmed that it is red?

In interpret 4 speeds of the transmission (if it is correct) so that Lego wants to aim somewhere between the functionality-packed models from the 90s and the looks-oriented sets from the 2000s. I think this is the right slot to aim at, functionality-wise it is quite hard to top the 8880 and the 8448 whereas the later models were nice but a bit too much looks-oriented.

With the current 8043 excavator this car will be well below the top of the range.

Anonymous said...

There wont be a 4 speed GEARBOX in the 8070. I Dont know the right word in english for it, but it will be a control box where you can choose to activate 4 functions ( hood, spoiler and 2 doors )
Just like the 8258 crane trucks "gearbox".

TechnicBRICKs said...


that's interesting!
It is in fact in accordance to the theory I've been discussing off-line with someone who as some kind of insight.
So it means the car has 4-way switching box, to select 4 functions.

Sadly it doesn't sound much appealing for a LEGO Technic "Supercar". :(
A car the opens each door and the hood, from a switchbox and a motor...
Hope at least it would be scissor, butterfly, or gull-wing doors.

However is not so uncommon for me to be skeptical about a model while we still have limited info available, and later on to become a fan when we get to know the full details.

thirdwigg said...

This is interesting. The Lego technic community has been looking for the supercar to return for a while. While I don't think TLG will do something to the extent of 8880 or 8448 (they seem to focus a lot on playability these days), something with working features does seem in line with their current priorities, mainly PF integration.

I just hope we see a car with a working driveline, and working suspension. We have not seen that for a while now.

I am intrigued with the idea of more pneumatics in a backhoe. TLG has done some great Backhoes in the past. Another one will always be welcome.

Anonymous said...

the car is red and looks like a modern muscle car - it's 24 studs wide and 48 studs long.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Ok! The picture you are looking at, would help... ;)

Alex Campos said...

Anonymous, are you really sure about those specs? Since Technic moved to studless, models tend to have odd measures, not even...

Ondra said...

Not very balanced car dimension.Better sense make 48 cm length but wide in stud is perfect.This must be fake dimension, so now wait for photos to prove it.

Colour and functions looks great!

Unknown said...

@Anonymus: I don't know how you come to this conclusion, but "Viergangschaltung" means exactly the same as "4-speed-gearbox".
If the post at is right, there will be a gearbox similar to the first supercar.

Juan said...

Hikaru755, I have read on several sites that the Super Car has a 4 function control box, not a transmission gearbox.

blakbird said...

@hikaru755 - We're putting a lot of faith in one short sentence in one unofficial post by someone who doesn't even like Technic. ;-) I don't think the literal translation really makes any difference, because I'm not sure the poster even knows what a 4-speed gearbox is. We also don't know what information he was working from. If he was looking at the retail catalog, he only would see what is quoted in the press material. No way to know from that how it actually works.

I would guess this "Super Car" is more Racer and less Technic like the Ferraris. No mention of engine or suspension.

Speculation is fun. It will be interesting to see how close we are.

TechnicBRICKs said...

One thing I (we?) believe to know already, even without any photos. The rims should be those used in 8145 Fiorano ;D

Ivan Lipkov said...

Mmm...a supercar! Sounds very interesting !

Anonymous said...

So I compare this dimension to another car(Nitro muscle, nitro intimidator, all big ferrari cars etc.) and I must say this must be in centimetres not in studs(Studs in catalogue?).
This is very short lenght for supecar.Any of cars above doesnt have lenght about 48 studs but only offroader 8297 have 49 studs.
If this supercar will have similar dimension like 8297, this will be very bad for look and aesthetics feel.

Mortymore said...

For 8070 I'm expecting to see something like a Lamborghini Murciélago in orange like the one shown in this Top Gear, BBC video

Could the wheel covers 58088 in black be suited???

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes! Orange is damn cool!!...

Orange is POWER... ...Functions :D

Juan said...

"For 8070 I'm expecting to see something like a Lamborghini Murciélago in orange like the one shown in this Top Gear, BBC video

Could the wheel covers 58088 in black be suited???"

Or how about this in orange?

Rik said...

Hi all,
I found a large image of the Supercar:

The gearbox is used for powerfunctions. Sorry, its in dutch.

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