Thursday, September 23, 2010

8070 Supercar leaked

Finally we got to see images from the next LEGO Technic car, to be released in the 1H of 2011 - "Supercar" from its name...

I want to believe (and I do) that the directions taken to conceive this model, were based on observations done from a children population, in order to conclude about their preferences among Supercar bodies with cool functions or more mechanically detailed Supercars.
Also I do believe that nowadays youngsters may chose the first, and then we AFOLs and Technic fans should have nothing else to say than pray for a dedicated LEGO Technic UCS Supercar, to get into the LEGO Direct-to-Consumer product line roadmap...

Unlike what we were guessing, the Fiorano wheel covers won't be covering the wheels on the new Supercar... yet it's a funny coincidence that it was exactly them that initially led to the speculation here at TBs about a new Technic large car in the works!

An image of the 8070 Supercar has leaked, which dissolves many doubts. First of all, it's not a Lamborghini (or else the set would certainly receive a more specific name than just "Supercar" and a price tag to match). And, like so many large Technic cars before it, unfortunately comes in red instead of a more exotic colour like orange or dark blue. Since this preliminary picture doesn't show any stickers and the leaked 8068 Rescue Helicopter image shows them, it's expectable that the final product won't feature them either.
I like the front grill made with modified tiles, instead of a large sticker, as used in the 8145 GTB Fiorano.

Some were expecting TLG to release a large Lambo anytime soon, after having replaced the Ferrari license with the Lamborghini one. Whether it would become more like an 1:10 display car, or an 1:8 with realistic mechanics, opinions get divided. However it looks we are not getting close to none of them.

From what can be discerned from the small images near the main picture, it should be safe to say that the 8070 has front wheel steering via a Hand-Of-God control at the top (whether or not the steering wheel works can't be seen, but the small image would have room for the respective indication), and suspension on all wheels. A cylinder engine, at least V6, is also visible. However, such an engine would be positively tiny in such a large compartment, so most surely there is another pair or two of cylinders that might be hiding under the bonnet.

However, the main gimmick on the 8070 is clearly the one based on Power Functions. From the pictures, it's quite possible that the gear lever, unlike previous (and more aptly-named, by the way) Supercars, isn't used to switch gears for different engine-wheel speed ratios, but instead to switch functions powered by the M-motor, in a way quite similar to the 8480 Space Shuttle. As depicted on the left illustration and respective numbered function views following, depending on the selected lever position, we have the following functions:
  1. Opening/closing the left door.
  2. Opening/closing the right door.
  3. Deploying or tilting the rear spoiler.
  4. Opening/closing the bonnet.

Where this car would have All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) or not, it is not possible to say from these pictures, however having to accommodate such a large battery box inside the body, it shouldn't leave any room available for more complex functions.

So, it could be said that the 8070 is related to the 8297 Off-Roader in the same way the 8448 Super Street Sensation is related to the 8466 4x4 Off-Roader: a sports car and an SUV with comparable functionalities. Certainly not the "true Supercar" the fans have been waiting for since the aforementioned 8466, but undoubtedly a step up from the stylish, yet mechanically-simplistic Ferrari sets.

Not being a model intended to replicate any real car, it definitely has a nice looking body and headlight configuration. Quite different from any previous LEGO car in this class.
It may worth to notice, this is the first time LEGO Designers use the new panels in such type of car, and it seems they have achieved some very nice looking angles and effects, on the car sides.

In resume a "LEGO Technic Supercar without precedents", as advertised in the catalog!

This post was written with the collaboration of my co-blogger Alexandre (AVCampos).


Anonymous said...

The description in the catalog says something like:

'Flagship product, season, set 8070, Supercar, will certainly be a must for all children of the target group and the passionate adults. Thanks to the system of Power Functions motorization, it is possible to move the wing, open and close the two doors and the hood and use the four-speed shifter between the seats.'

Although it says 'quattro velocita', which means 'four speed', '4 velocita' is also written under the diagram of the gear box which has '3' and '4' labels drawn over it. The same labels '1', '2', '3', '4' are used on diagrams showing the motorized functions of the car.

Therefore, the 'four-speed' gear box is referring to the gearbox controlling the doors, hood and spoiler, not a 4-speed transmission gearbox.

Dornbi said...

Yes, thank you for whoever posted the image.

Do I see it correctly that the motor operates the doors, the spoiler and the hood? A motor-operated hood or doors seems to be a little bit strange...

TechnicBRICKs said...

This is also my conclusion!

A "4-function switching box", not a "4-speed transmission box".

And after all... the Fiorano wheel covers are not present in this supercar. :(
But the conclusion that there was big car coming was right. What a coincidence. :)

Alex Campos said...

Well, we now know the wheel covers weren't reissued to cover wheels... ;)

Comparing this 8070 with 8297, which has a similar premise and price, I'd say that, apart from the motorised functions, this set will feature steering, a cylinder engine and (if we're lucky) a suspension. Not much more.

Also, it's a pity the designers didn't take the opportunity to vary the body colour a little... Red is so common and Ferrari-ish! Given the street racing looks of the car, orange (like many wished) wouldn't look bad. Or dark blue, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Well its more related to 8297 than to any other supercars. Too bad its not an orange limbo, but it will have to do. I also bet the doors are operated by new LA's

Anonymous said...

There are vertical arrows drawn next to the wheels in one diagram, so the car should have suspension.

TechnicBRICKs said...


IMO, it looks more like a Transformer, than a Supercar model... :D

Junkstyle Gio said...

This doesn't look too bad at all. But i wouldn't call it a supercar.

I would be nice if the motor operates little pneumatic-cylinders to excecute the door,spoiler and hood functions?

manbearpig said...

Oh look, more Red

Dornbi said...

@Conchas: I have not thought about a transformer but now that you say it :)

From previous posts it seems that it will indeed have:
- a suspension (arrows)
- an engine (some cylinders are actually visible in the photo, my bet would be a V8)
- steering is quite likely
- power controlled features

Anything else seems unlikely, although we do not see inside. Overall, it's quite like the muscle car equivalent of the 8297.

The current direction of new Lego products seems to try to add some distinctive features to each set instead of repeating existing ones (like gearbox). In this case, this is the PF-operated features. Personally I would be happier with more mechanics but I can understand their motivation.

blakbird said...

The body styling and headlight configuration make it look like a Dodge Viper to me. If that was an inspiration, it should have been blue!

I like the model, but the wheels are kind of weak. There are several cool wheel covers to choose from which could have been used. I guess we can add them. Chrome wheels would be even better.

b said...

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I wonder if there is any chance that the rear wheels will be the larger size from the 8146 Nitro Muscle.

I like the scissor doors.

Anonymous said...

We can see the gearbox on the left side and the numbers corresponding to the functions, but that makes me wonder, looks like each door has its own gear instead of being operated simultaneously.They could've put some other function instead. :/

Ondra said...

Im very proud to see this car firstly and post it there :-).Very great balanced car design, for me this looks like some dodge charger srt8 in fictious three doors racing version.
Gear unit is missing for me, but designer decided to not put it in because(IMHO) new cars has automatic gearbox or paddle under the steering wheel.Also nowadays children can decided manual transmission little disappointing :-(...Power functions?Better not say at this moment.

And this car looks easy to transform into radio controlled car because in main model is place to put battery box and m motor.Xl can be placed instead fake engine.Ir receiver can be put everywhere.

And the biggest thing what I missing is this little stamp with lego technic car factory logo (On the right side of black v8 stamp).Without this stamp, also located in 8880 supercar, this isnt truly lego supercar :-)

Ondra said...

My error-Because new RACING and SPORTS cars.
Any cars looks little weird :-).

Randy said...

It's alright, I was expecting something better. I have seen far better looking cars from AFOL.

Jetro said...

Cool new feature, opening the image inside TBs instead of in a new window!

I like the location of the HOG. The 4 function shifter was half expected. Unless there are hidden surprises I think I'll pass on this one.

Anonymous said...

I think that the set has a real four speed gearbox because it is highlighted on the box as a great function, and a switching funtion gearbox will be not the first mention in the features of that set.

Juan said...

"I think that the set has a real four speed gearbox because it is highlighted on the box as a great function, and a switching funtion gearbox will be not the first mention in the features of that set."

Notice how each opening/moving feature has a number from 1-4 next to it as does the switching mechanism? This set has 0.01% chance of having any type of working drivetrain transmission.

TechnicBRICKs said...


definitely not having larger rear wheels, IMO.

Anonymous said...

8070 isn't that bad.

After all, isn't a 'super car' just a high-end, exotic and expensive sports car?

I too would have preferred more mechanical functions, like 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering and a manual transmission gearbox, but these are not necessarily 'super car' features, at least by the normal definition of a 'super car'.

Having said this car doesn't have a transmission gear box, I can't understand why they would say "...and use the four-speed shifter between the seats." at the end of their description, when this is simply a means of controlling the other functions.

Although Lego did something similar in their description of 8063: "...and even switch the rotating rear transmission axle on or off!...", I think 8070 will have a transmission gear box.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Now you said it all. "Sports Car" would have been fitting quite well.

But whatever we say, I'm sure kids will love this car, as I would at their age.

Nevertheless, I'm saying I don't like it. It is just something we was not expecting.
Like asking for an Excavator and receiving a tractor. :)
The tractor could however be a very good tractor still.

Anonymous said...

Wish it was other color though... Blue, orange, white or black would be aswesome!

Anonymous said...

@ The Lego Group

If this does not include a transmission gearbox, please modify it to include at LEAST an automatic transmission gearbox before it is released. If you do not, I (along with many other AFOLs) will not buy it.

Juan said...

"If this does not include a transmission gearbox, please modify it to include at LEAST an automatic transmission gearbox before it is released. If you do not, I (along with many other AFOLs) will not buy it."

Do you honestly think there is going to be any room left over for a transmission? The operating controls are already taking up the space where the transmission would be. An automatic transmission? That is crazy talk.

Alex Campos said...

This car will have Power Functions like the similarly-priced 8297. Since it doesn't feature any kind of transmission (much less automatic: have you seen the size of such MOC's? completely unfeasible on a model this size!), I strongly doubt the 8070 will have any, too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just me, but does the flex axle for the front spoiler look too short? It appears to be pulling apart on the picture.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the optional model will have transmission gearbox...*just dreaming*

Anonymous said...

that is the ugliest piece of shit i've ever seen.

Ondra said...

To anyonymous
What piece of this car mean as shit?Or you are only jeaulous?

Idiotic a windy comment(Like your) can make everybody, but constructive critic can make only few person :-P...

Victor Kojenov said...

i need to buy this...i'm lacking red panels

LordGalewind said...


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