Friday, September 10, 2010

A new large sized car. Can it be?

Please consider this is a rumor/speculation that I am producing, based on casual facts that came to my knowledge!
Treat it as such, as this is not confirmed information, not even close to that.

As a matter of coincidence, yesterday I've called the LEGO Customer Service to check if a certain part would be available for ordering.
I was looking for a few more wheel covers from those released with set 8145 (Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1:10) in 2007 and never used again into any other set (LEGO ID 4500915; BrickLink Reference 58088). These wheel covers have become very rare and difficult to find at BrickLink, but since they are not so old, I thought there would be a chance to buy them through the customer service still.

When I decided to make the call, surprisingly the girl on the other side of the line, checked the system and told me that this part is actually not available, but it is being produced and it will be re-stocked by the end of the current month (E9).
Suddenly it made a bell ring in my ears... IMO it is very doubtful that TLG goes producing a new batch of such part, just to supply eventual customers claiming for damaged or lost parts to the Customer Service. Even considering the part was introduced quite recently (2007).

This made me think that something requiring this cover, may be on its way to the shelves...
  • So if this part is being produced again, what is it for? It seems in time for something quite close in the pipe, to be produced and to hit the shelves already on the 1H2011.
  • If it is the case, guess it can be a large (1:10) car only...
  • However and looking at historical data, such large Technic models are always released in the 2H, while now we are just approaching the 1H2011.
  • Alternatively it could be a car from the RACERS theme, despite these use to debut also in the 2H, but not always. If I remember right the 8674 (Ferrari F1 Racer 1:8), a car in the same class, was released on a 1H.

I believe however, that such item is that  kind of distinctive element that may justify to be an exclusive design for a single set (car), even considering all the costs associated with the development of a new part (design, mold, etc...).
We had one exclusive wheel cover set for 8653, Enzo Ferrari 1:10 (BrickLink Reference 50965), and apparently till now, another one only for the GTB Fiorano. Is it becoming to be released into another car?

I'm confused, but expectant! - And you.
Whatever it is and if it really is something, just wish it would be a real Supercar, instead of just another fancy large car.

Still thinking on the 8674 above mentioned, made me remember it was the first official set designed by Nathanaƫl Kuipers (NK) while he was working for TLG as a LEGO Designer.
Such talent revealed in this and many other great cars he has developed, made me wish he would be still there to help making the best of our dreams come true.


RKC62 said...

I tend to think it's more likely to be a re-release of the 599. Given that Ferrari have just released the 599GTO as a halo car for the brand, it would make sense for Ferrari and TLG to re-releasae the 599GTB kit as a 599GTO the different colour roof is the biggest difference on the outside.

Junkstyle Gio said...

It would be great if TLC was issueing a new SuperCar. (or even a racers model if any...) I'm rooting for a blue or orange model!!!
Let's not hope the rkc62 is correct in his prediction on an re-release of the 599.

TechnicBRICKs said...

From my side, for now I just hope the girl at the Costumer Service, didn't made an unfortunate confusion... :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

BTW, I believe a 599 re-release to be unlikely, as it uses the old Technic panels.
I doubt that TLG intends to continue using both of them.

Al said...

This is Lego remember, a wheel trim in one model could become part of a sheild in another theme.

Was never much a fan of these large racer cars as I find their lack of functionality and innovation boring. So if it is for a new car then i'm not that exited.

Now if it IS for a PROPER supercar to be released 2h2011 that has redesigned gearbox components, full suspention and so on, then that would be awesome, but these wheel trims look weird on such a supercar I think.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, of course it can be something else in a different model, but want to believe it won't... :)

Kaspar said...

I want it to be the 458 Italia so bad

Anonymous said...

Lego doesn't have the Ferrari license anymore so I doubt it will be a re-release of the 599.

A Lambo gets a better change.

But I wouldm't mine a "fantasy" model either.

Dryw Filtiarn said...

As far as I know, Lego does no longer have a license to produce Ferrari models, so considering that and the fact they do have a Lamborghini license, I tend to thing that we might see a 1:10 Lamborghini Technic model being released. Ferrari also had models in both the Racers serie and in Technic, so far we've only seen Lambo's in the Racers serie.

TechnicBRICKs said...


AFAIK all LEGO Ferrari sets were Racers or Duplo. There was also one Model Team.

Even those Technic like, belong to the Racers theme.

Anonymous said...

Yeah okey, what Dryw is trying to say is that there were system build models and technic build Ferrari's.

We only have system Lambo's right now.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ok! Understood.

Dryw Filtiarn said...

@Anonymous, that's what I meant indeed.

The technic models were in the Racers series, but yet still they were Technic series models in my opinion.

As Anonymous put it it's a bit clearer indeed and covers what I tried to mention.

Ondra said...

Hmmm, this wheel cover are only for ferrari cars if they use it in Lamborghini this will be a big mistake.But for no name supercar this will be perfect!
There is another explain-Hero factory armour or s@h exclusive model car.

Anonymous said...

tlg will release a new technic supercar 8070 in march 2011 for 109,99 €. it will have power functions.

TechnicBRICKs said...


But wouldn't it be too cheap, for a true Technic supercar?
Even more having Power Functions?

It looks something in the middle way, to deserve the supercar tag.

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