Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NXT Firmware update and a lot more about the new LEGO Education Renewable Energy Add-on Set

As we have been following [1, 2, 3], LEGO Education is releasing the new Renewable Energy Add-ont Set (9688), which brings a bunch of new elements and opens a lot of new possibilities. Either in terms of educational purposes, and on the creation of new robots or Technic models.

A new NXT firmware release (1.31) was then introduced, in order to support the new elements introduced. You may download it from here.

This and a lot more information or goodies was meanwhile also made available at LEGO Education website. You may find part of it at Software Updates webpage, but there is even more. So I'll make a resume of the most significant items below.

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software is upgraded from version 2.0 to 2.1.

Click on download to save the library to your hard drive. Unzip the downloaded archive including the folder structure and follow the instructions in the ReadMe file appropriate to your language.

MAC users please note: This patch only works with Snow Leopard if you already have the 2.0 version. When installing the 2.0 software on Snow Leopard you will need this workaround.

Building Instructions for 9688 Renewable Energy Add-on Set.

Download Building Instructions for LEGO MINDSTORMS Education to build NXT Solar Station and NXT Wind Turbine.
These, together with some product tutorial videos that we will see below, will clarify all the questions that you may still have about the new elements functionality, connectivity and operation aspects.

Activities for 9688 Renewable Energy Add-on Set.

Download free activities for LEGO MINDSTORMS Education to use with the new 9688 Renewable Energy Add-on Set.

Energy Meter blocks

Download them here.

Tutorial videos

The Renewable Energy Add-on Set is the first concept in the LEGO Education portfolio that can be used as an add-on to two different product platforms: Machines & Mechanisms and the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education robotics series.

Now lets see a presentation of the 9688 Renewable Energy Add-on Set elements and a few tutorial videos on how the products are used with both platforms.

The LEGO 9688 Renewable Energy Add-on Set elements.

Machines & Mechanisms - Hand Generator.

Machines & Mechanisms - Solar Station.

Machines & Mechanisms - Wind Turbine.

NXT - Solar Station.

NXT - Wind Turbine.

Have great fun!


Unknown said...

I hope there will be an upgrade of the normal NXT-Software to 2.1 too. This one is just for the Education Version, which I don't have... :(

Jorge Reis said...

Parabéns Fernando, está aqui um post muito bom e interessante para usar nas aulas de Educação Tecnológica. Mais uma grande ferramente que a LEGO fez para promover o sucesso escolar.

Anonymous said...


Alex Campos said...

Allow me to disagree: most of the new parts this set comes with (the exception being the Energy Metre IMO) appear to be useful for imaginative MOC's: a high-RPM, low-torque PF motor, a set of aerodynamically-correct propeller blades, and a solar panel.

santi said...

Indeed, this is NOT boring at all. As AVCampos says, there are lots of possibilities for MOCs

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