Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The remaining Technic sets for 1H2011

I had seen a description from the remaining LEGO Technic sets before, but not yet the pictures.

Now here they come, via the Dutch dealer catalog scans.
I've added also complete and better images from the pages with the sets we had already seen before [1, 2].

If are looking to see all the details, you may access the full resolution original, from here.

And now it follows some comments on the different sets.

8065 - Mini Container Truck

This year brought the very first hook-lift truck to Technic, and only half a year later we get another. Being the smallest Technic set for the semester (and, considering last years' examples, the whole year), it has a single function: loading/unloading the container, actuated from a gear in the roof. However, unlike previous years' entry-level sets, whose mechanism is simply a worm gear connected to a Z8 gear, this one should have another pair of gears to bring movement from the roof to the worm gear.
The container, being a single System part (tipper), appears to be too small for this set; but, to maintain a low parts count (and consequently a low price), it's an understandable compromise.

No new parts foreseen at this model for the moment. However one of those new mini LAs as used in the Backhoe (8069) would have been (if it is not...) a great addition for this set.

8066 - Off-roader

It appears to be a successor of the 8820 Mountain Rambler and the 8816 Off-Roader, with an updated design courtesy of modern pieces. Like those, it features steering and rear suspension. But, unlike those, the steering is made via a Hand of God control at the top, and the smaller image suggests an additional function at the front. It could be front suspension or opening bonnet; however, there doesn't seem to be enough room between the wheels and their mudguards to allow suspension (compare with the 8261 Rally Truck), and the parts composing the bonnet appear fixed both at the front and rear.
The stylish headlights making use of the Bionicle teeth (if can definitely associate a part with a theme), is a great fit into the spaces left empty by the panels. They look white on the catalog image, but likely will turn into trans-clear, at the final boxes to be sold.
As a final note, personally I just feel this model too black. Either this one and the Container Truck (8065), would have been great opportunities to diversify a bit the color range for the 1H11 Technic models. If Designers are not willing to use new colors (for understandable reasons), at least should have used those which we are already used to, in the Technic assortment.

The bar on top of the windscreen turns to be a bit suspicious. Is it a flex axle poorly rendered, or some new part.
A 3mm rigid hose also doesn't fit with axle like termination that we can see from the side.

8067 - Mini Mobile Crane

Looks and works like an expanded 8270 Rough Terrain Crane (down to the detail of the red Technic beam being lifted!) on a truck chassis, with the additional functions of steering and outrigger deploying.

Judging by the small picture, there won't be mechanisms for the superstructure slewing or the outriggers, which doesn't come off as a great surprise given the size of the set. But still a rich set of functions, although very simple.
As far as we can see:
  • Steering front axis.
  • Adjustable outriggers (likely manual ones).
  • Slewing superstructure (likely manual)..
  • Tilt adjustable and telescopic boom.
  • Winch goes up and down (as expectable in such a model...)
IMO it looks a pretty nice and functional model. Very good playability for the size.

On the top of the telescopic section, where the winch cable goes, we can see what seems to be a new part.

8068 - Rescue Helicopter

Comments and discussion at an earlier TBs post.

As additional notes, we can say:
  • The recent Technic Pins (87082) are going to be released in black (as far as it seems from the image, under the in rotor and above air intakes).
  • Have some doubts there is any tail rotor behind the Fiorano wheel covers. So the cover seems to be the rotor itself and not a decorative protection. Probably there is not much space for much more, but it is not that nice if it confirms to be the case.

8069 - Backhoe

Comments and discussion at an earlier TBs post.

The B-model is going to be a "Log Transport vehicle", as written in the catalog.

8070 - Supercar

Comments and discussion at an earlier TBs post.

From the image today, we can also see that this set will be released in March as expectable. Large cars or some larger Technic sets in the 1H, use to be released by March.

Meanwhile Jetro, who is our Dutchman on-board , provided us with a translation from the text in the catalog pages.

Page 21: " Just like real!
  • Richness of detail, real life functions and a big building challenge make LEGO Technic unique. Due to the fact that there are alternative models and you can build in Power Functions, boys think LEGO Technic is cooler than ever.
  • Building with Technic is the logical continuation of  building with LEGO. The special Technic building experience make these sets popular with boys and adults.
  • Guaranteed successful: the #8069 Back Hoe is driven by gears, has an arm that than move to both sides, and supports for stability. It can also be turned into a vehicle for transporting logs.
  • There is an alternative model for each set on LEGO.nl and LEGO.com
  • LEGO Technic is backed up by print, LEGO Club Magazine and internet activities (only in Holland). "

Page 41: " A challenging building experience:
  • LEGO Technic is a unique building concept that appeals to a wide public, has no direct competition inside this segment and enjoys great loyalty from the fans. Unique factors which stimulate great yearly sales.
  • The most outstanding product this season is the #8070 Supercar, which will definitely be a must have for both boys in the target group and adult fans. With the gearbox between the chairs and the Power Functions system, the rear spoiler, both doors and the hood can be opened and closed.
  • LEGO Technic is supported by print and internet activities (only in Holland). "

In the overall IMHO, it seems we are getting a very well balanced assortment of sets for the 1H, and it will be probably among the recent years, the one where I'll buy most of them.
The Backhoe is of course, the set that makes me to wait more impatient.



Alex Campos said...

Is it just me, or is the Mini Container Truck's proportions a LOT distorted? The cab seems too big compared to the rest! Beyond that (and the fact that this was a missed opportunity to experiment with less common colours), it and the Backhoe appear to be the most balanced sets for their sizes. The others look a bit under-functional.

The SUV, although stylish (good idea to make the Bionicle teeth fill the spaces left by the panels), looks a bit empty... I'd prefer a closed top, to make it resemble more the 8297 Offroader and be a "Mini" version of it.

I hope the Mobile Crane has a single panel on the right side of the superstructure (the left side being filled by the cabin): that way it can be matched with the 8045 Mini Telehandler (Superpack anyone? ;)) to provide symmetrical panels for MOC's. Other than that, the top gear for turning the wheels could very well be a trans-yellow or trans-orange round brick instead, and I really hope the superstructure has a mechanism for rotating it!

As for the Rescue Helicopter, it does seem that, for such an increase in size and price class, it only features retractable landing gear in comparison with the 8046.

Also, most probably these images are like the first 8258 preliminary images: the white pieces on all those vehicles' headlights will most surely be trans-clear.

So, although all sets are nice, so far the only one that leaves me drooling is the Backhoe: it packs an enormous amount of functionality... even if the Mini LA's turn out to be decorative only (which I doubt, anyway). ;)

Dornbi said...

Looks like there absolutely no secrets remaining for the complete Lego lineup until May 2011..

Unknown said...

The Backhoe and supercar are specially beautifull! =D

Those mini lA´s are so welcome. It allways was hard to implement the standard ones in smaller models like this backhoe...

I don´t know if this was already said but if you look closely in the backhoe deeplink image (with lots of zoom) you can see two black knobs on the top (just behind the yellow light), each one for each rear arm function.

I´m very excited for this one!

santi said...

Damn... there go my hopes of another pneumatics set next year. I hope they add some pneumatics in the second half :p

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The 'Technic Pin Long with Friction and Center Pin Hole' which was first introduced in 1h2010 has now been produced in black. There are at least 2 of these in 8068.

By the way, there are better images of the 1h2011 sets here:



Anonymous said...

Also, it is now clear that 8070 will have a V8.

Unknown said...

With all these sets (supercar included) to be released in the 1H, how much are intended to be released in 2H?

Jetro said...

@Santi - I'm with you, keeping my fingers crossed for pneumatics in 2H, but I'm afraid that if we get any it won't be this year.

@Andre - lately there is a pattern of 3 sets for 2H

Anonymous said...

The Backhoe has 2 black 12t gear on the roof.


Anonymous said...

And the whole spoiler of the car can go inside. Look at the small picture (4).
The system will be great, sure !


Anonymous said...

If you look at the tailrotor of 8068-Rescue Helicopter the rumor/speculation is confirmed.

See older post about the wheel cover:


Anonymous said...

looks like outriggers ( and turning of the rear arm ) on the backhoe are controlled by turnings knobs near the mudguards...and those small LA, I think they are single unit, not two-piece like big brother are...

Anonymous said...

What do these long blue pins visible inside the front of the Off-Roader mean? I'm afraid I know - there's probably a "bump link" steering like in 8256 Go-Kart. I would prefer a "crank arm" steering like in 8261 Rally Truck.

Unknown said...

@Jetro- Yes you´re right, but with all these sets in the 1H and with the supercar and the lovely backhoe (wich could easily be one of the 2H), and LEGO intending to release more 3 high caliber sets would be an insanely great year! =D

Duncan Lindbo said...

Unless I'm mistaken, the piece at the end of the Mini Mobile Crane's arm (the one that the string passes through) is a new piece.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Duncan Lindbo

As written in the post! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yawn (2)

LEGO, I find your lack of creativity disturbing.

Anonymous said...

8065 8066 8067 8068 8069 8070

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