Friday, October 22, 2010

Model Scaler Tool, by Sariel

After developing a few versions from its famous gear calculator [1], Paul (Sariel) published today another tool for all the LEGO model builders, no less useful!

It is an handy Model Scaler and it uses an image of the original object you want to build, to calculate the dimensions of its model. The measurements can be simply drawn on the image and then printed together with it.

The Model Scaler is meant to work basically like that:
  • You load an image into it, preferably a blueprint.
  • You enter certain target dimension (in LEGO studs) and then draw this dimension on the blueprint (it can be for instance a wheel diameter, since you probably know which LEGO wheels you’re going to use in your model).
  • A pixels-to-studs ratio is calculated and from now on all dimensions you draw on the image are shown in studs.
  • Once finished, you can easily print the image with measurements on it or save it using the Print Screen.

You may find a lot more information and utilization instructions from the author, at as you might expect.
For the tool itself, you may access it here:

Thanks Paul for another great tool, and happy moddeling for all the rest.


Al said...

That's awesome, very useful!

JAMS said...

Forgot to mention that you need to know the real-world dimension of the target dimension in lego studs,

So if you know your lego wheel dimension, then you need to know the wheel dimension of the real vehicle for the calculation to work

TechnicBRICKs said...

I think you are not seeing right!?

It is all a matter of proportions.
You have an image and it contains information about the proportions.

Then you draw a dimension and you set how many studs you want it to be at your model.
From that you'll have all the other dimensions you like, just by drawing new lines.

Sariel said...

Conchas is obviously right. You only need the real-world dimension if you want to know the scale of your model, for comparison. It's just an option and does not influence the primary functionality of this tool.

thirdwigg said...

Very Well done. I have been waiting for a great scale converter for a long time. This one seems to leave little to be desired. At this point I seem to be having a little trouble getting an image to upload, but that could be my work internet connection. A little more testing will come. Thanks again and great work Paul.

KWigboldy said...

I seem to have some trouble uploading a blueprint to the site from a webpage. I have tried with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this feature to work past step one?

Rohan Beckett said...

You can't actually upload a blueprint.. you have to use a URL of one hosted somewhere else on the web.

So if there's nothing on (where Sariel suggests to search), then you'll need to find a place to upload your own image... any of the free image hosting sites should be fine, as long as you eventually link to the original/high res version for the Scaler program


thirdwigg said...

Right, This did not seem to solve the problem. The site can't seem to load the URL from the Do you have another website that will work, or is my problem something else?

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