Sunday, October 10, 2010

TechnicBRICKs turns 3

Triple 10 - TBs is turning Three!

Today TBs celebrates its 3rd anniversary.

163 posts later and over one million pageloads since one year ago , once more, the number of pageloads almost duplicated in comparasion to the previous year. The participation of our readership has clearly increased also, as seen from the average number of comments left to the posts and discussions taking place.
However it looks that TBs has reached a sustained level, that won't increase that much in the short term. With an average of near 3.000 daily pageloads and a faithful readership, it seems we have somehow reached a significant part of the LEGO Technic fans community.

New posts have not been published so frequently as before. It is not easy to find the mood and time available, to run such a project over the long run. Many other LEGO projects with real bricks are sometimes put aside, but after all it pays off.
On the other side if we look around over the internet for LEGO Fans related websites (MOCpages, YoutTube, Eurobricks and many forums) it is also clear that there is a growing LEGO Technic fans community, more mature, willing to show their projects and discuss ideas/techniques, that there was three years ago.
This is a very positive sign and somehow relieve the pressure to come here so often to publish new posts.

Very positive was the achievement of closer ties from the LEGO Technic designers team with the community, which allowed for instance to have here a new 2010 set revealed in exclusive, one contest with real LEGO prizes, some interviews with TLG personnel (there is more to come), and a few clarifications when there is relevant questions.

Thanks to all of you who come here everyday, giving your support and contribution to make this project keep growing.
You are welcome independent if you come to leave a comment, to participate in the polls, to e-mail us news and suggestions, or just to read about the latest news.

In the past twelve months the biggest spike happened when one of the videos posted here at TBs , was featured at

Hits from 186 countries, spots triple in Greenland and our first reader from Antartica...
And a few more spots across the Pacific, Indian ocean and Atlantic. Again, there might be a LEGO Technic fan, almost everywhere...

Now lets celebrate with the already traditional anniversary Technic "cake", cooked by Alexandre.
This year in a static fashion, since our Chef left the scintillating cake version burn...

Edit: Well... the scorched cake got a fix and it is now served!
Being afraid it may be not enough to everyone, we decided to leave the first one on the table as well - Hey guys, just one piece of cake for each one!...

Now it's time to start another journey and hopefully we will get here again in 2011, to celebrate another TBs anniversary.
We're still plenty with new ideas to increase the TBs experience. - So we find enough available time to make them happen.

Enjoy the Clutch Powers, oops sorry... "Clutch-Cake"!


Ulf Andersson said...


Best wishes for this great blog
and those running it with a
burning passion.

Live long and prosper.

Many happy returns
from Ulf in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fernando, for all of your hard work! Your efforts have contributed greatly to raising the level of knowledge amongst Technic AFOLs worldwide. Your detailed explanations and LOTS of cool pictures & videos are very helpful. Kudos to you!

-- David in Spokane, Washington USA

Barman said...

Many happy years to come and spot amazing technic MOC for all the people out there who love Technic stuff.

Barry Bosman
The Netherlands

Junkstyle Gio said...

For 3 years now, TB's has been my undispensable source on Lego Technic stuff.
Keep up the great work and many happy returns.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and I wish you many more! Keep inspiring us!

Dornbi said...

Happy birthday and keep it running!

Mortymore said...

Congratulations to TechnicBRICKs.
The blog that no Technic fan can live without.

Best wishes

Alex Campos said...

Happy Birthday, TBs! I don't know how can this blog can be any better than it already is, but I had that same opinion last year, and look what happened... so I'll keep quiet this year, just in case. :)

And, for the sweet teeth out there, don't worry: the cook has already baked a less toasted cake (think of it as a "service pack" :D), and has already sent it to the maitre d'oeuvre to distribute it among all patrons here. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday TBs !

And keep up the good work ! :D


Rohan Beckett said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy the Clutch-Cake! ;)


TechnicBRICKs said...

Thank you all, for your warm support! :)

Al said...

Congratulations on another great year for a great website. Here's hoping to many many more.

Hip hipp......horaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

giants said...

Happy birthday :)

Daniel said...

Are there clutch gears on top of the candles? A 'fractal cake' applet would have been fun.

TechnicBRICKs said...


yes, there are gears on top of the candles, but they are 1x 20t Double Bevel and 1x 16z.

The 'fractal cake' is indeed a good idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and many thanks for your great blog!

Greetings from Austria,

Alex Campos said...

Actually, that's a Z36 and a Z24 (you can see them if you click on the static image to zoom in). Those are much more "Technic" than the Z24 clutch, which was used for the cake simply because it has much more to eat. :D

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