Friday, October 8, 2010 Challenge 2010 - Final voting round

We are in October and close to know who will win the great prize for the 2010 Technic Challenge at
The voting round is open and you may chose among the creations from the 8 finalists, which won each monthly challenge, since last February.

Voting closes at the end of the month! - Hurry up and go!
The winner will receive a great prize, containing the 2010 Novelty Assortment.
You may find the voting page with photos from the 8 finalists, here.

Haven't you been selected for the big finale?
According to the Challenge official webpage, there is a new hope, already announced for the next year.

Missed your chance?
This is the last round of the Take the Technic Challenge, but stay tuned for spring 2011 where we will return with the new round of 'Take the Technic Challenge 2011'!

Next month we should also expect the voting round finale, for the 20 adult submissions selected by the Designers team.  

Good luck for the finalists!


Victor Kojenov said...

Hey all!
I got accepted into the finals! Please vote for me! I'm victor288596! And I'm only 13 years old and it would be great to have the 2010 novelty assortment to further develop my career as a lego builder.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there supposed to be an Adult competition as well?

sqiddster said...

Hmm... did they restrict AFOL and TFOL submissions? Because it seems the finalists almost all lack the polish and finesse (not to mention the photography skills) of AFOL or even TFOLs...

TechnicBRICKs said...

This as been a TFOL competition since the first day.
However and because there was an unexpected and large adherence of AFOLs with excellent contributions also from the beginning, the Technic team decide to put them in a separate "league", and give them also a chance and an independent prize.

Several AFOL constructions have been highlighted each month, by the Designers (without public voting) and 20 will be selected for a final public voting round, running for an identical prize as the TFOLs.

As written in the post, I expect the AFOL voting round, to happen next month.
Despite initially planned to happen also in October, as far as I understood it.

Anonymous said...

What as smart idea to have to choose between a bridge, a truck, a plane, etc. All these MOCs have nothing to do each other.
So as predicted, this contest will be a fail till the end.


Junkstyle Gio said...

I know it has been favorite bashing project by Anio, but after all those preliminary winners one has to be the best of the best. That seems quit logical. Having to choose between different models is evident.

Anyway, let just wat for those 20 or more AFOL-entries...

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I'm not here for the sake of bashing. ;)
But comparing MOCs of different themes just doesn't make sense !
Each contest have to remain independent. And in each contest, there is 1 winner. And in the end, there are 8 winners for the 8 contests, and none is the best of the best.

Hope TLG will do something better next time. MOCer have to be able to do a whole review of their MOC. The age of the applicants is also something delicate since it is not possible to check that. All applicants have to be fair-play about that, but we all know that is not realistic. It is obvious that some people are greedy when there is a way to get a 160$ set for free.


TechnicBRICKs said...


I agree the finale may look a bit odd, but at least we knew from the beginning how does it was going to be.

After all it like any other building contest, where different models (different subjects also) compete for a set of prizes.

Al said...

I don't think it looks odd at all. For me, it's not only the chosen subject matter that dictates if it is a great MOC, but how well that idea is realised as a technic model. A space shuttle isn't actually an ideal choice of subject for a technic set but they did an amazing job of it in 1996, the 8480 is one of the legends!

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