Friday, November 12, 2010

1H2011 Technic sets - First photos

The first photo look like images from the new 1H11 Technic sets and respective boxes without watermarks, were found today.
However still small sized ones. Hopefully more will find their way out soon...

  • 8065 - Mini Dump Truck

  • 8066 - SUV

    Since the first images seen at a dealer catalog [1], we suspected that the headlights on this SUV, made with the Bionicle tooth parts could become released in trans-clear color for the first time.
    They were shown to be white in these first images, which is the natural replacement color for the trans-clear, into initial mock-up images. Now it became clear they will be effectively released in trans-clear.

  • 8067 - Mobile Mini-Crane

  • 8068 - Rescue Helicopter

  • 8069 - Backhoe Loader

Now lets wait for larger images and the final images from the 8070 Super Car.


Dryw Filtiarn said...

Seeing the images of the Backhoe I tend to go with the latest design idea posted here:

At least now it's very obvious that the base and the cylinder consist of a single piece. Now we only have to wait until the actual set comes out and for somebody to be crazy enough to open up a new mLA to see how it's internals work.

Helmy said...

Haha, did they use a 599-set rim piece as tail rotor for that heli?

Can't wait for some larger images of that supercar.

Anonymous said...

under helicopters tail, is it this part or (new?) shorter one?

TechnicBRICKs said...


Not new panels. Seems to be x1979 and x1980

mahjqa said...

M4X1994 said...

Ooh, nice find mahjqa, thats definitely a new piece!

TechnicBRICKs said...

It was already mentioned when we first saw the catalog with these sets, but it is always good to remember. :)

At the 8067 section.

Anonymous said...

Correction: It's Mini Mobile Crane, not "Mobile Mini-Crane"!

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