Thursday, November 11, 2010

1H2011 Technic sets - New box images

German toy store provided the first boxes images for the 1H11 LEGO Technic sets, together with their respective prices at the same store.

They're exactly the same as we have seen before, but these images with better quality are potentially providing additional information about the sets.
Please notice that box sizes are not in the correct proportions, when compared to each other.

  • 8065 - Mini Dump Truck
    Price: 8,60€ *

  • 8066 - SUV
    Price: 13,10€ *

  • 8067 - Mobile Mini-Crane
    Price: 18,10€ *

  • 8068 - Rescue Helicopter
    Price: 24,80€ *

  • 8069 - Backhoe Loader
    Price: 40,70€*

  • 8070 - Super Car
    Price: 89,10€ *

At the late hour I am writing this post and from the actual images, guess there is not much more to say about these sets, from what was already referred in previous posts...

*) Online prices at Not a guaranty for different stores.

Via one anonymous friend!


Anonymous said...

A "Super Car" for 89,10 € ?!


TechnicBRICKs said...


A 1H Super Car... ;)

Maybe because of being an on-line store, the prices look a bit discounted.
Guess its normal retail price should be about 110€.

santi said...

For me it's going to be the backhoe with the mini-LAs!!! excited!

Junkstyle Gio said...

Strangely enough we still get "preliminary" pictures.
It's only 5 weeks before the release and we haven't seen anything else than that!

Hopefully we'll see real pictures soon!

Efferman said...

i have ordered one of the backhoes. i hope the available message is not a fake

santi said...

Btw, about the mini LAs, according to the picture, it seems that they have the bevel gear built-in, right?

TechnicBRICKs said...

I wouldn't raise my expectations too high... :)

Don't think so!
Despite the gear seen on the picture.

Alex Campos said...

I think that including a bevel gear and its axle would make the part more complicated (and therefore more expensive), as well as less flexible for other applications. Most probably it's an assembly like we've often seen with standard LA's.

Wiseman_2 said...

I'll pass on the supercar... that sort of model never really interested me. Definately getting the Backhoe though, but I hope it's more complex than just having the operating gear next to the function.

Might've gone for the Mini-crane were it not for the fact that the boom extension must be done by hand rather than any neat mechanism.

Anonymous said...

When you look carefully at the helicopter you can see they have used the rim for the tailrotor.
So you where right Conchas, they have re-used the part, but not as we expected.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Really unexpected, indeed! :)

Efferman said...

So, now says it will available at week 50.

Anonymous said...

again me
8065 8066 8067 8068 8069

TechnicBRICKs said...


Will post them later today. :)

Daniel said...

The official box images:

8065 8066 8067 8068 8069

Notice that if you go to these addresses:

There is a 100x100 image with a question mark, instead of a '404 Not found error'. The 8070 images will probably arrive soon.

Anonymous said...

im guessing the 8070 car funtions are powered throuthe gear box and the motor opens the doors hood and spoiler.

TechnicBRICKs said...


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