Wednesday, November 3, 2010 Challenge 2010 - The final winner [Youngsters]

The LEGO Technic Competition 2010 is closing.

Ricco announced this week at the Final winner, who won the Complete 2010 LEGO Technic Novelty Assortment.
The lucky and talented builder was Robin7520 with "The Space Driller".

From his description:
"this machine is made for rough terrain on strange planets. the front of the 1st part (caterpillar) collects alien rocks and on the 2nd part we have the drilling installation. it drills holes with a drillhead or laser. it has several pistons to move the drillarm. the whole is motorized."


Meanwhile it is open till the end of November, the votes to select the best model among the adult submissions.

Go and vote! On your favorite, and we will see next month who was the adult winner as well.

If you did not made it to the finalists this time, you can still join "The LEGO Technic Competition 2011". The second round coming next year.


Anonymous said...

I have lost all respect for the Lego company. The community vote foe the Technic challenge is on their way. How is it that Zbj1987 has four entries into the final vote, Althetehcnincmaniac has two entries, and mhq also has two. How is that fair to other people that participated in the competition?

Jetro said...

The people who have multiple entries made it past a different selection process for each of them. They worked for it and provided a great model for each different challenge and so very much deserve to have multiple entries in the final round.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Probably you shouldn't.

Guess the jury looked to the models, rather then to the authors.
This together with some other criteria may justify the models in the final 20 list.
I remember a clarification before, where models with an "exaggerated" number of SYSTEM parts were not considered, like the official Technic sets also don't use them in large quantities.

So if someone ends with more entries in the final list, that's probably because they have participated more and/or with better quality. This also deserves something in return.

Please remember that the Technic team doesn't know these builders, so for them it should be the same.
Don't see how can someone think about privileges here.

This despite I would have liked to see in this list, some models from other builders too.
For instance from mahjqa, but as early stated I guessed dome technical aspects, may have prevented it to happen. At least I remember some exchanged in e-mails.

Anonymous said...

mhq and mahjqa is the same. ;-)

Al said...

I noticed that some of mhqs stronger designes were not selected. However, comparing those designes with those of his that were selected, even tho I would have prefered his other designs, most of those voting will likely be kids, who have a different criteria for saying what is cool and what is not. So hopefully, I think what was chosen for him might give him his best chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

" where models with an "exaggerated" number of SYSTEM parts were not considered"

I know that this was the reason that Mahjqa's "bridge launcher" did not even make it through the semi finals ( of each month ).

I also have heard rumors that models with a high number of: unussual colors, bionicle parts and "very hard to get" technic parts also weren't allowed, but I am not sure about this....

mahjqa said...

If things like system parts, odd colors or Bionicle pieces made a difference, it would've been great had this been mentioned BEFOREHAND. Has there been official word on this?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Official I think not!
Just in the scope of kindly requested clarifications.

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