Friday, November 5, 2010

Update on the LEGO Technic design team

We already knew for sometime that the former LEGO Technic Marketing Manager (Monica Pederson) had moved to work on a different LEGO product line, and the position was meanwhile assumed by Casper Thingholm.

Last week, Casper made a self introducion at the blog, and see what he wrote about himself.


I am Casper and I am the new Marketing Manager for LEGO TECHNIC. As you have probably already figured out, Monica has moved onto another exiting product line in LEGO, and I have taken over here responsibilities in the Technic team.

Things are moving quickly here – and I am getting up to speed on all the activities that are going on. One thing I can promise is that the level of activities in the Technic project team is amazing. The guys here are really working on some amazing stuff.
In August we launched four new products that are all very different and cool – hopefully, you have already seen them. The 8051 Motorbike is a very nice model with a working drive chain that powers the moving 3 cylinder engine. which I really like. The B-model is also a Motorbike that is really cool.
We also launched the 8052 Container Truck which is powered with Power Functions that drives the linear actuator to raise and lower the container or to unload and load the container from the back of the truck.

Then we launched the realistic 8053 Mobile Crane with the all wheel steering and its telescopic crane arm that extends up to 23.5 in. (60 cm). This is truly an amazing model that can also be upgraded with Power Functions, nice!
Finally, we launched the 8043 Excavator which is also a incredible model and the remote controlled power functions are super cool. If you do not already know this one, I encourage you to check it out in the Products section.
So, there are some real nice opportunities to have fun building the new products from LEGO Technic during the winter days that are just around the corner – and many hours of fun playing!

Happy Building!"

Casper Thingholm (CT)
Marketing Manager Technic

Casper, we're looking forward to see that amazing new sets, you guys are working in!

Meanwhile there has been also some changes to the Designers team, so lets update on what was changed, since the last time we wrote about that topic in 2008 [1]. Who got in, who got out and who's not among the previous two.

2008                                   2010

Ricco Rejnholdt Krog (Rocco)
Design Lead

Alfred Pedersen (Alfredo)

Jeppe Juul Jensen (Pepe)
Building Instructions Team

Lars Krogh Jensen (Lasse)

Markus Kossman (Kossi)

Uwe Wabra (Uwe)

Anders Gaasedal Christensen (Goose Valley)

Niels Henrik Horsted (NH)

Maarten Simons

How did, all these guys look younger after two years...
Guess it should be healthy to play with LEGO.

It's hard to image that only five Technic Designers, can develop all the new models we see half after half.
Guess there might be some more trainees around...


Anonymous said...

By the text, I can bet Mr. Thingholm never built a TECHNIC set. ::)

Wiseman_2 said...

Looking younger? Methinks it might have something to do with the more professional photography :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Off course! ;)

Stephen Sherman said...

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JAMS said...

HAhaha I agree with wiseman, the non-mugshots go a long way!

Alex Campos said...

Ahm, Casper... the 8053 is the Mobile Crane; the Excavator is the 8043. Also, the former was made by Markus and the latter by Anders. You may want to revise your bios. ;)

David said...

I feel Sorry for Monica getting an 'exiting' product line in LEGO. I bet she was hoping it might be an 'exciting' one that was going to continue for some time ;)

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