Friday, December 3, 2010

1H2011, B-Model instructions for set 8069 (Backhoe Loader) are now available online

The B-model building instructions for the set 8069 (Backhoe Loader) were just made available for download, at
This 1H2011 set allows to build a Forestry Loader, as alternate model.

8069 (Backhoe Loader) B-model, features a nice Forestry Loader. Building instructions are downloadable in 3 files.
Book 1/3
Book 2/3
Book 3/3

Unfortunately can't wish you an happy building, while you can't get access to the new mLAs...
Hopefully it won't last for long.


Philo said...

At last some details on the new LA (at least 4 compositing subparts). Also a very interesting new part on step 62 (page 20 of book 2)

Philo said...

Sorry, I meant step 32

santi said...

Indeed, that's a cool piece! is it new? I wish I had a couple of those! I Was precisely struggling this morning to put a couple of beams together in the same way as they illustrate in step 32.

Another reason to buy this set :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

It is the same new part as used at the boom tip, from model 8067.

Their use seems totally decorative in this model. Wonder for what the same four parts, are used on the main model? Also a decorative function???

It is not the case here, but if we want to connect beams orthogonally, there also other parts to accomplish that.

Daniel said...

Two of these pieces are used in the main model, one on either side of the worm gear that rotates the arm at the back. I don't know where the other two are used.

Notice also that the newest images have a different version of this piece, the difference being that there are 3 triangular pieces on each side instead of 2. This is probably the final version.

EpicentrE said...

It looks to me like the other two are used in the feet of the stablisers on the back, along with

Parax said...

Yes very interesting new part. I can see a few uses already.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, it seems you're both correct, about the localization of this new part in the main model. :)

Parax said...

There are four of this new part in the set, on model B two on each side of the cab, on model A two for the stabiliser feet and more interestingly 2 are used to mount the worm gear mechanism at the rear for swinging the arm side to side. So another way to mount worms is always welcome.

Ulf Andersson said...

Thanks, Conchas!

Much appreciated.

Kind regards from Ulf

Anonymous said...

i am looking forward to building this

also now available in US at toyrus

happy building

Amaback said...

This is amazing. :) Thank you for sharing this man. It is helpful for us. :) want to see more like this in future. :) Have a great day. :)

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