Thursday, December 2, 2010

1H2011 Technic sets - A/B models and details

Additional info about the 1H2011 sets, have now emerged!
New images from the main models, info about the B-models, sets number of parts, retail prices, etc...
So lets lets put it all together!

8065 - Mini-Dump Truck / Pick-up Truck

  • Retail Price: 9,99€ *
  • Partcount: 119
  • Set description: Load the cargo up and down with the mini-dump truck. Activate the load/unload mechanism form the knob on the driver's cabin.
    Contains realistic container for loading and unloading.

    Can be converted into a pick-up truck.

8066 - SUV / Buggy
  • Retail Price: 14,99€ *
  • Partcount: 141
  • Set description: This rugged off-road vehicle can cope with any terrain. With its realistic control gear and a working front and rear suspension can cope with the deepest trenches and the steepest hills.
    Master the steepest slopes with this SUV!
    With high performance front and rear suspension.
    Can steer with the knob.

    Can be converted into a cool buggy.

8067 - Mini Mobile Crane /Tow Truck
  • Retail Price: 19,99€ *
  • Partcount: 292
  • Set description: This compact mini mobile crane is full of features - just like a real one! Bring him into position and lift, sink, pan, or lengthen the crane arm to lift heavy loads. Stabilization boom to ensure that the crane does not fall over!
    Move the heaviest loads with the mobile crane.

    Can be converted into a tow truck.

8068 - Rescue Helicopter / Emergency Helicopter
  • Retail Price: 29,99€ *
  • Partcount: 408
  • Set description: Lead with the most realistic helicopter rescue missions of daring in the air. Turning the knob makes the main and tail rotors to turn at the same time. Open the doors and let the winch to rescue down. Then lower the landing gear for landing.
    Execute exciting air operations with the helicopter like in reality!

    Can be converted into an emergency helicopter.

8069 - Backhoe Loader / Forestry Loader
  • Retail Price: 49,99€ *
  • Partcount: 609
  • Set description: The backhoe loader has a moving front shovel and an excavator, which can be swung to the right and left. For demanding jobs, the stabilizing arms are fully extended to prevent the massive backhoe to fall over!
    With the backhoe loader, all works like a breeze!
    Realistic bucket and backhoe functions: raise, lower and tilt.
    With brand new mini-linear actuator cylinders.

    Can be converted into a forestry loader.

Have you already chosen which of these will you buy

*) Indicative prices for Germany. Retail prices vary across countries.


Randy said...

I read that the B-Model for the 8070 Supercar is supposed to be a "Hot Rod"

Anonymous said...

The building instructions for the 8069 Forestry Loader can be downloaded at the

Anonymous said...

TechREVERSE challenge entrants now have a huge advantage. Not only are there now several high definition images, there are also several images of the B-model, so entrants can now see very clearly if a certain part is in the model or not.

The challenge should be closed immediately.

TechnicBRICKs said...

We don't have new submissions for a few days.

As per the Challenge published rules, of course we reserve the right to not consider any new entries for the prizes.
We may however decide to look at them anyway.
Lets see how the situation evolves!

Wiseman_2 said...

I was already going to get the Backhoe, but the B-Model looks great as well, so that's a definite buy.
The only other I was interested in was the crane... the B-model isn't bad, maybe I'll pick it up at some point.

The SUV looks pretty bad to me, standard suspension-and-steering fare that always seems to show up in 1H assortments.

The helicopter B-model looks very good. Not complex-good, but asthetic-good; reminds me of one used in the early James Bond films. Still not a buy though.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Don't know whether it is motivated by the TechREVERSE Challenge involvement, but I like the SUV pretty much!

I seems a very clever design. Namely the solution used for the front and rear suspension.

scott said...

Yea, having tried to reverse engineer the SUV, I also now like it a lot more than I did when I first saw the pictures. The B model is nice too.

Grohl said...

I really loved the helicopter from the first sight and the B-model looks absolutely stunning. So I am going to buy this one. Mini Actuators look cool, but the backhoe did not make strong impression on me. So I am going to buy only the Actuators as soon as they are available.

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