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2H2011 LEGO Technic sets - Again

Some new images from the 2H11 Technic sets, were uploaded at flickr.
They are just individual and distorted shots from the same catalog recently seen, but with a better resolution thus revealing a few more details (despite the flash spots). Click on the images to see them enlarged!

8071 - Bucket Truck

It seems to have four functions:

  • Front wheel steering
  • Lower/raise front outriggers
  • Rotate air lift
  • Lower/raise airlift
We can see a knob wheel on the side, below the whit panel, and the function arrows at the box art seem to indicate at least another one at the rear (probably to rotate or raise the air lift).
Some more should exist and then this model should not include any switch box function, but individual knobs instead.

8109 - Flatbed Truck

Now we can clearly see a two-way switch box, which seems to allow for selecting among two main functions:
  • Lower/raise (tilt) the flatbed
  • Extend/retract a tow fork, under the flatbed
It seems there is also an HOG knob on the cabin roof, to steer the front wheels.
And the flatbed winch is now more than evident. Although still not sure if it is a motorized function (not matching the two-way switch box observation), or just manually operated.
Also still not clear where the PF battery box fits inside this model.

8110 - Unimog U400

Not much to add to the previous analysis, except an increased confidence on the hypothesis already advanced.
  • Pneumatic crane with three DOF, and visible levers for the three pneumatic valves on the Unimog rear ride
  • The rear outriggers are now clearly visible from an image at the PF orange band on the right
  • 4-way function switch (two levers), on top of the battery box, but only one function clearly indicated in the diagrams (the head winch).
    The other three probable motorized functions previously advanced, are still good candidates, despite not yet possible to confirm: motorized pump (technically not the same as a compressor); outriggers regulation and crane rotation.
There are still no further details visible, that support or confirm the existence of elements/functions like: claw small pneumatic cylinder, motorized pump, independent wheels suspension or AWD/4WD functionality.

Notice that all the pneumatic tubing seems to be still lacking in this mock-up, which is also not a surprise, considering other preliminary images that we have seen in the past from different models.

Sorry if the terms used are technically the most correct ones, but as you might have already understood... I'm not a native English speaker, not even close...


Richard said...

I think you can see the routing for the cable to the claw, and also one end of a small cylinder in the claw. The diagram seems to make it pretty clear that there are three pneumatic components. I wonder if the small cylinder is black?

I think the text in the PF panel says:
"Motorized winch" and "Operating Panel"

The fact that the battery box switch is so close to the other controls is a good sign that the other switches are function switches, not polarity switches

TechnicBRICKs said...

I also thought about a black small pneumatic cylinder.
But as I imagine it unlikely, that's the reason I'm saying that I still can't see it in this image.

Jetro said...

I see no reason for the small cylinder to be black, as it has been yellow so far and the other cylinders are yellow too.

I am very happy to see the small cylinder appear again - it has been sorely missed. This means it may become affordable again: I could do with o dozen or so.. xD

I'm a little disappointed with the bucket truck though. It appears to be yet another Cherry Picker.

Anonymous said...

I want see 8081 extreme cruiser so much!:-)

Al said...

Look at the unimog frong wheel closely. It is not attached via an axle in the middle, but by three connector pegs, like how the wheels on the 8466 off roader are attached, or the ferrari sets. Could this be an indication of suspention/drive like the 8466 off roader, of is it neither like the ferrari sets? I do hope it's the former, as the main function of a unimog is to go anywhere with its various implements. If so then im gonna call this one of the all time best sets ever.

Efferman said...

Al, the U400 has not the suspension for heavy terrain which the U4000 it has. it has portal axles and screwsprings too, but the frame is a boring normal Truck Frame. The U400 is only a carrier for snowplows and other attachments, but it is nothing for really heavy terrain.

Anonymous said...

And what if it turns out the 'mog is 4x4 , but the axles are solid pendelum style with no springs?

Ryan said...

usually when a set has suspended wheels there is an image with arrows on the box...

also: I am curious if the steering wheel is linked, since there is a grey box below the steering wheel in the cabin...

there is also a polarity switch right left from the battery box...

Anonymous said...

There is no rubber on the arm.
Actually, it is just a red 5L liftarm.


Al said...

Well there is also steering, moving out riggers and the crane rotates, but there are no arrows to indicate that, so the possibilty of suspention still exists, although it is only a possibilty at this point.

I am also curious to know if the steering wheel is linked to the steering. It was always a nice finishing touch to have that but it doesn't seem to be done much anymore.

andythenorth said...

Seems to have lights, possibly more than just headlights? Might be some on the crane arm?

Just a guess from the box art though.

The box front has the rear wheel at a different angle to the front. Could be pendular suspension, or the frame just flexes? Or it could just be the angle of photo...

Menno Gorter said...

@ andythenorth : the hole box is torqued and twisted.... :-)
This distortion also explains the different angles of the wheels.

Anonymous said...

I think wheels have independent suspension. look the front-left wheel, the central hole is "empty" (there is no axis part on the hole.Its therefore certain that wheel is "fixed" with the same part used in the 8287, the steering arm with 3 pins arranged in triangles (x873cx1).
This plus the height from the top of the chassis and the wheels, everything suggests that there is an independent suspension. remains to be seen for u dummy engine.

Also, about the electric motor. Remember for 8258, the first image that we had of the truck. The detail showed a M motor, or the final model had an XL ( ). It is possible that this is the same here (4 electrical functions, albeit less greedy).
I hope that if the compressor is powered they'll put two pumps (with XL that would be perfect)

Sorry for ma english :o

TechnicBRICKs said...


regarding the suspension I don't know. A pendular suspension is also a possibility.

Regarding erroneous parts showing up in the box mock-up, yes this is also a possibility, as the images we're seeing are quite preliminary and it is very usual for the models to suffer later changes.
Also sometimes the box designers don't know exactly what comes in, and make their best guess...

Al said...

Yes, it looks like there is a polarity switch next to the battery box, but it could be anything I suppose.

You can see the 3 pins that the front wheel is fixed on by, they look grey in this moc up image.

Also, the pneumatic valves look really close together, like only one beam width between thm. Could it be that there is a new type of valve that have the ports posisioned at the back of the valve. This would be a welcome change.

Alex said...

8071 - original design in shape and colors. Closely inspired by the real model as one can see by googling "bucket truck". Subject idea is no new. No new functions. The big focus is on design here.

8109 - Design and more attention to details is the trend here as well. However here it looks to me less orignal than in the 8071 model. New colors scheme.

8110 - New concept with high attention to better replicating the original model. Big scale come back of pneumatics coupled with a compressor (apparently). Continues the trend of coupling PF motors to switches (8258, 8043) to act multiple functions. New colors.

All in all I see as main trends:
1. TLG is listening to the AFOL community! In terms of new colors and comeback of pneumatics.
2. Design is changing progressively in the Technic product line. They are getting closer to Model Team design.
3. It is to me appreciable the effort of increasing the complexity of models' functions. In particular using PF coupled with switches. This is to me the biggest innovation.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for some window and windshields, something like the Model Team, what do you think?

TechnicBRICKs said...


It is very unlikely, as these parts hardly would be reusable across Technic models, whose scale varies significantly.

But it would be nice, of course. Despite not essential for functionality or playability. Mainly useful for display.

Anonymous said...


Yes it would be great to have Technic playability together with Model Team detailing...

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