Saturday, December 25, 2010

2H2011 LEGO Technic sets - The first images

Suddenly some images from the 2H2011 LEGO Dealer's catalog have been shown at flickr.
Fortunately those included also some images from most of the 2011 LEGO Tecnhic sets, listed the day before.

Here we go...

8071 - Bucket Truck

The Bucket Truck somehow resembles me the 8292 (Cherry Picker) from 2008, on a truck with a different cabin form, or even more the 8289 (Fire Truck) from 2006, whose aerial lift has more similarities (no telescopic boom) and also had a pair of front outriggers like this new set.
The wheel/tire assembly seems to be the same as used in the rear axis of the 8260 (Tractor) from 2009. It might be a good indication for the scale of this model.
The predominant white color in this model might look a bit unexpected, but it perfectly matches the color from the majority of the results obtained if we google for "Bucket Truck".
As far as we can see from the image, no Power Functions used in this model.

8109 - Flatbed Truck

The most eye-catching characteristic in this model, seems to be its bi-colored yellow/red schema. Quite unusual in Technic sets, at least with such color contrast.
This is a PF enabled set, which seems to include one single M-motor. About this model functions', I'd risk to advance the flatbed can either tilt or slide out. Maybe using a dual mechanism similar to that used in the 8052 (Container Truck) from 2010. Although there is no clue for the presence of a Linear Actuator to perform these functions, from the box image.
From the model main image in the box, it seems there is also a winch function. Three functions seems not too much from a model with the size of this one.
It is the same type of vehicle as proposed for B-model in the 8264 (Hauler) from 2009, however here in a larger scale and likely with more functions.
It would have been a great idea if the LEGO Technic team, had thought to launch another set with a vehicle in a similar scale for the same year, to pair with this Flatbed Truck. If correctly marketed they could have benefited each other, and leveraged their counterpart sales.
So far, no new parts visible in this image.

8110 - Unimog U400

Now, lets look into the 2011 main model. The always awaited Technic flagship!
The Unimog is a versatile multi-purpose Mercedes vehicle, usually sold with attached equipment for specific utilizations. In the case here represented, one lift crane.

After a sneak peak in 2010, it turns obvious that the pneumatics are making a strong return in 2011! They were not present in a flagship since 2006, after several years being used in the largest Technic models (despite usually in small quantities). Maybe the fans demand has been heard in the Olympus...
The pneumatic cylinders are used to move the several crane sections, so there might be two large cylinders present and probably a small one (although not visible in the image) to actuate the claw. From the image we can notice the rubber belts used to force the claw to close, when the hypothetical small cylinder is not actuated.
Also we can notice three levers at the rear, protruding from the respective pneumatic valves. Thus also three cylinders from this perspective.
With such amount of pneumatic cylinders and the PF motor visible in the box, this couldn't be a true flagship, if it would not have a motorized pneumatic compressor... If it gets confirmed, it would mean however that won't be a large pneumatic pump used in this set, but a small one instead.

The presence of a compressor, would confirm this as perfect successor of another mythical Technic set. The 8868 (Air Tech Claw Rig) from 1992. However if we dare to step back a little more in time, this set makes me also to remember the 8854 (Power Crane) from 1989.

As other functions this model might have, we can see a winch at the front and probably some mechanism to rotate the crane in the rear, despite no indication visible in the box. These together with the eventual pneumatic compressor, are the most obvious candidate functions to be present in this model and to get PF motorization.
It would make three functions, which is not a very likely amount. A pair number of functions would be something more usual, therefore we may have enumerated one extra function, or we might have still something else to discover. Maybe the outriggers that seem to glimpse from the rear!?
At least the images on the box seem to indicate the presence of a 4-way switch box on the right side, above the battery box, with two levers (one red and one yellow). An observation consistent with the single PF M-motor, that we can see illustrated in the box.

It seems we're going also to get a new type tires with tis model. As for the proportions perceived from the image, it looks the wheels used might be the 44772 (56mm D. x 34mm) type, but having a new tire with a track of the same type as used in 32019. The tires should be as slim as the wheel they use, thus not a balloon type.
Just wished the model to be large enough, or an off-road Unimog variant, to get the mythic Power Puller wheels...

And finally the color! Yes, the color!!
I want to believe the slightly orange shade that we see at the U400 box, really means what it seems to be, and not some technique to highlight the model's cabin... At least the cabin color shade seems really different from the pneumatic cylinders' yellow, behind.
Hopefully another fans pray that have reached the Olympus...
One way or another, it doesn't seem that we have got really new orange Technic parts, but most likely Bright Light Orange ones (or Flame Yellowish Orange [Color ID 191], if we want to use TLG color nomenclature).
If it confirms to be the case, it wouldn't be totally unexpected for three main reasons:

  • It is a color that was still present in the color palette for 2010. Likely it maintains active for 2011.
  • It is a color which was already used in the past, to produce Technic parts (for a few Bionicle sets, in 2005).
  • Being a different orange shade, it does not cause confusion with the orange details used in all PF elements, as a visually distinctive element.
    There was one orange Technic part used in a recent Technic set (8297, Off-Roader) also using PF elements. Probably because it was a singular part, it was not considered enough to raise confusion, but instead something that would enhance the PF wow effect.
After all, apart a few beams and panels, it doesn't seem that TLG had to produce that many different elements in this orange shade, to please one long waited fans wish.
Just hope it is something to continue, with an increased variety of Technic parts, produced in this same color. 

Unlike in the previous Technic flagships, there are no stickers with a clue about which was the Technic designer behind this awesome set.

On a less positive note, the Mercedes-Benz logo in the box, seems to be the main reason to justify the dealer price increase, already seen on a price-list. As we well know, licensed sets usually means higher prices.
Unfortunately it is not a price increased for the best reason - Some new cool PF elements, or increased set complexity and part count.
Although, it is cool to have another licensed Technic set!

Some other questions that remain open after having seen this image:
  • Does the wheels have suspension?
  • Is it 4WD, with three diffs?

Now, it just rests to know what the 8081 (Extreme Cruiser) set is going to be.
A mid sized motorcycle... or a kind of a Jeep/SUV.


Anonymous said...

Oh smoke..., that Unimog looks awfully awesome! New tires are most welcomed, same with more orange parts. Looks like a must-buy.

Efferman said...

the rims of the unimog Tires seems to be the rims of the 81.6 or 94.8 Ballons. and if i compare the battery box with the tires, i will guess the wheels have a diameter of minimum 12 studs.

Efferman said...

by the way, the unimog looks like a unimog, the flatbed like a Daf and the bucket truck like a Scania longnose. could it be that TLG is going to let the models look like the original ones on the european raods?

Anonymous said...

For me it looks like the model for the Unimog has portal axles like the original Unimog. That would be awesomely cool ;)

Junkstyle Gio said...

I'm kind of disappointed with pictures of the new sets for 2h2011.....

Now i have to wait soooooooo long....

Wiseman_2 said...

What is the likely price for these sets (especially the Unimog)? You mentioned that they'd already been seen...

I also notice the Pneumatic symbol in the lower left of the Unimog box. That suggests to me that 8049 sold better than TLG were expecting so they've decided not to relegate Pneumatics to only occasional use. Much as I love LAs (and I do), I only have a couple of Pneumatic sets so I'm glad the Unimog has them.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Junkstyle Gio


Indeed! There are secrets that are better to keep like that. :)

Wraith said...

This one looks like 8289, but it`s much smaller (and cheaper ;)).
Interesting tendention, when the new sets introduce same amount of functions as their bigger predecessors

Not much for that size.
For MOC`s should be ok.
Buy the way, on the picture you can notice the stripe and a hook, so add +1 function to set - winch(maybe motorized)

What can I say.. I`m just not a fan of Unimog)). But, new tires, pneumatics, PF, winch..

Philo said...

"licensed sets usually means higher prices." Let's dream a bit: this model is sponsored by Mercedes and is actually cheaper ;)

TechnicBRICKs said...


TechnicBRICKs said...

It might be an absurd, but suddenly another idea popped in my mind, about the quasi orange parts.

What if the Designers didn't yet have the new parts at the time this box mock-up was produced, and then they have used yellow parts and some digital color processing to manipulate the color a bit, in the cabin area???
Then you could suddenly have still a chance for really orange beams and panels...
Ya... unlikely! I know... :)

JJ said...

I don't know about the unimog because if I look up image of with google the the cabin height seem to be 2 times the size of the wheel at max while the model's cabin height seems to be nearly three times the wheel height.

And I agree that the wheels don't look heavy duty enough.

Anonymous said...

8110 - Unimog U400 // This is how I guess this model's functions could be.

The PF M motor is connected to 4 switch:
1. Pneumatic compressor
2. Rotation of the crane
3. Back stabilizers
4. Front winch

Also, it should really have independent all wheels suspensions.

Not sure about the AWD trasmission.

I bet it is going to be like this!!

Junkstyle Gio said...

About the pictures again and more serious this time....

Could al the pictures be just (CAD)renders of the models? With prelim-pictures this usually is the case. So anything can happen...
Remember these are just for a quick view for the retailshops so they can plan their orders for the upcoming periode.

Anonymous said...

Concerning your absurd idea: I always thought preliminary pictures like these are rendered from digital 3D-models. And that's why they replace clear pieces with white ones, because they are easier to render. But for deciding parts to be orange there's no limitation in a digital model.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ya, you're right!

These should be renders from CAD mock-ups.

However don't know why they should work with CAD mock-ups at this stage, instead of photos from real prototypes.
For a preliminary work, it should consume less effort to take some photos, then produce a provisional CAD model... :/

Anonymous said...

call me crazy but i think there is three pneumatic swiches in the back and they are red

Anonymous said...

I really like the TECHNIC sets from the past five years.

But I don't like next years large sets because #8109 looks too plain and the colours are too happy and childish, and #8110 has pneumatics and looks futuristic. I think an off-road Unimog would be more attractive.

Anonymous said...

I built a unimog in blue for the technic challenge. You can see it in the March adult highlights. User mac57

Lucas said...

I'm disapointed with new flagship with higher price. Lets compare 8043 with 8110:
4 LAs vs. 3 pneumatic cylinders and 1 pneumatic pump ... Ok
gearbox vs. gearbox ... Ok
4 motor vs. 1 motor ... :(
2 IR receivers and 2 IR control vs. nothing ... :(
lower price vs. higher price ... :(

Suspensions, 3 differencials or part count may save it partially ... but I don't believe in it...

Anonymous said...

8080 is IMHO going to be an offroader with functional 4x4 and suspensions.Nothing big, but perfect for children.

Anonymous said...

I think 8110 will be cheaper than 8043.


santi said...

@Lucas How do you know that 8110 will have a higher price than 8043?

Lucas said...

@santi I read it on this webpage.

"From the indications that I've seen, its retail price will increase a bit, if we have the 8043 as a reference."


"On a less positive note, the Mercedes-Benz logo in the box, seems to be the main reason to justify the dealer price increase, already seen on a price-list. As we well know, licensed sets usually means higher prices."

But who knows... maybe it's not truth.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@santi, Lucas

Yes... who knows!?...
This information is for sure in my country and according the pricelist I've seen.
Despite it is a good indication, of course pricing strategies may vary from country to country, and you can't take them as a reference anywhere.
Futhermore, TLG does not dictate market prices or impose a MSRP for years, after some legal issues with such practices in the past. So in the end, it will all depend on your local dealers pricing policies and local market conditions.

Anonymous said...

The cab of the Unimog looks unfinished and reminds me of the sets released around 1999. I would prefer a slightly bigger Unimog with Power Functions, suspension, and larger tyres--pretty much 8297 but with four wheel drive and a red Unimog body.

Anonymous said...

It's good that pneumatics are making a return, especially in a flagship model! I like the amount of Power Functions parts in these sets, but I'm very disappointed in Lego for not including more PF parts per set. One battery box and an M-motor is nice, but not really enough. That's why I like sets like 8043, 8275, 8297, and 8258. Speaking of which, why not make XL-motors the standard motor? I got one a few days ago, and it's way better than the M-motor!

TechnicBRICKs said...

I'd say, because XL-motor is too large for many models.
So there is always a compromise between power, space, cost and requirements.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, I suppose you could say that the XL-motor is too large for most Technic models, but I really enjoy building with my XL-motor and it's actually easier to connect to Technic models because of the holes on the sides and front and the lack of modular connectors on the bottom. Some models that it would be possible to install XL-motors into with little or no effort include 8297, 8292, 8109, 8110, and other medium- to large-size sets. It might make those models worth their price.

PerryMakes said...

I guess the images could go back in now :)

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