Saturday, December 18, 2010

TBs TechPoll 22 - Most popular and Best selling 2010 LEGO Technic sets

The 2010 season is over, and the first 2011 LEGO Technic sets have already hit the shelves in some countries, for the Christmas purchases.

Now it's time for retrospective and a set of polls, ton know which are your preferred 2010 LEGO Technic sets and those you have bought this year.

Because what you prefer is not always exactly what you can buy, we decided again for two polls:
  • Vote for the best 2010 LEGO Technic set!
  • Tell us which LEGO Technic sets have you bought, from the 2010 assortment?

About the models, you should already know. Nevertheless, lets recap them:

8045: Mini Telehandler

8046: Helicopter

8047: Compact Excavator

8048: Buggy

8049: Tractor with Log Loader

8041: Race Truck

8051: Motorbike

8052: Container Truck

8053: Mobile Crane

8043: Motorized Excavator

Having more than one set, that you really like!? No worries... As already usual for this type of TBs polls, you may select multiple entries.
So lets try to find which were the most favorites in 2010, and probably the best sellers.

See the polls in the right column and... Take your votes!
You may also leave any comments to support your choices, if you have some remarks to add.


Junkstyle Gio said...

It was a great year. Every model had something special. (I should know because I bought all but one)
Yet my favorites are surely the 8043 and the 8051.

The 8043 gave me so much fun because of two reasons: We, the AFOLs all over the world, got this model the servicepack it deserved (thanks you guys for the sleepless nights!!), and of course on the b-model which even gave me (and my non-lego friends) so much drivingfun.
The 8051 (especially the chopper)because of the fact that it was my special project. I must have rebuilt it, added parts, looked for alterations etc etc for months.

And I think that is the true reason why we all love the great ABS-toy from Denmark!

Unknown said...

I bought
the helicopter
the mini excavator
2 of the 8051 motorbikes
2 of the 8052 container trucks
8043 excavator

and I love them all, but I still want to get the 8053 Mobile Crane.

rherberg (NL) said...

Most people will vote for the 8043, but I haven't received my service pack yet and lego doesn't respond to my mails, so I say nay to the excavator! A model that needs a revision can't be model of the year...

Wiseman_2 said...

For all the excavators apparant problems (I had none, for the record), it was still a superb set. Its complexity, parts, functionality and the fact that it had a B-model every bit as well done as the A-model means it will remain a favourite of mine for a long time.

I only bought 8043, 8052 and 8047 this year, but I'm picking up 8053 at the next opportunity, and I have little doubt it will be great too.

8047 was nice for a small set and had a good inventory considering its size.

8052 had unique and interesting functionality, but the B-model was disappointing, but that is largely (IMO) due to the poor parts selection. Still good for the price though.

2010 was a brilliant year overall I think. Every set brought something interesting to the board (except maybe 8041).

TechnicBRICKs said...

@rherberg (NL)

This is indeed a phenomena... :)
Not only it goes at front, but also it is smashing any of the opponents.
In the previous years we always had two models competing for the 1st place.

The playability promised by something like an Excavator machine, has a big effect on LEGO fans (myself included). We must not forget than in 2008, the Excavator won for the best set, even not being the year flagship.

The need for a service pack was really a drawback, but it seems that the will to have the Excavator is so big, that all already forgot about it.

Anonymous said...

Should I vote for Technic sets I've not bought yet but will buy them soon!? Seems I'm a little bit late in buying the 2010 sets...

TechnicBRICKs said...


I don't see it as a problem, if you vote for a set you haven't bought yet.
After all, it is not expectable that we buy all the Technic sets from a season.
Then those with chances for the best set, would be the most purchased only.

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