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TBs TechReview 12 – 8065, Mini-Dump Truck

Set reference: 8065
Set name: Mini-Dump Truck
Release date: 2011.Jan

Number of parts: 119 (some spare parts added into the box)

Model under review:
Main model
Weight: 83g
Approximate set dimensions:
Width - 6,4cm (2,5")
Height - 8,0cm (3,1")
Length - 11,5cm (4,5")
Approximate box dimensions:
Height - 14,0cm (5,5")
Width - 19,0cm (7,5")
Length - 4,5cm (1,6")

Stickers: No
Building instructions: 3 booklets (24, 32 and 32 pages)
B-model: Pick-up Truck

Recommended for ages: 7 - 14
Building difficulty level: Low
Estimated building time: 15-20 min.

Price range: 9,99€
Price per part: 0,084€

Inventory (Bricklink): Link
Inventory (Peeron): Link
Other user reviews (Brickset): Link

About one week ago, TBs went to attend Hispabrick in Barcelona (the annual event from Hispalug). As usual there were on display a few 2011 sets, as a preview for the visitors and AFOLs.
Among the new sets there was this small 8065, which ended in the auction after the dinner. Then imagine... who made the final bid?...
It was the right excuse for an early short review here!

The package and contents

Being the smallest Technic set for 1H11 it has of course, also the smallest box.
As usual for such sized sets, the box uses the punched to open style.

On the backside there is also an image from the proposed B-model, for this set - A Pick-up Truck.

It contains two bags and the tipper. One larger bag with the main parts and the small bag for the smaller parts.

There are three building instructions booklets included.

It looks a bit strange to get the booklets in different sizes. Also quite strange having two for the main model and one for the secondary model, when they are about the same complexity/size...
Two booklets from the same format, seems it should have been the natural choice (one for the main model and another for the B-model). But TLG might have a well supported good reason for this option.... to help youngsters do distinguish what is what... Maybe!
Still can't understand why two booklets, each with one image from the respective model on the cover, would not work...

As the set inventories are not yet available from the traditional Bricklink and Peeron sites, you may find useful to see the BI included parts list.

No new parts, or already existing parts in new colors, included in this set!

The parts assortment

Being a very small set, we shouldn't expect much from the parts included in terms of variety and specialty.
The only note, goes for the SYSTEM tipper, never used into a LEGO Technic set before. It seems however a good choice, given the set overall dimensions.

Building experience

This is a small set targeted for children 7-14, thus it is not complex neither there are any complex mechanisms to build.
It has an worm screw to actuate the load/unload tipper mechanism and that's it!

After completing the first instruction booklet, this is the aspect of your model.

Notice the blue axle/pins above. The 1L axle side is used to fix two parts. Something I would imagine to be a forbidden technique, in official terms.

This model is built in two main sub-assemblies. The chassis and the cabin.
In the middle of the 2nd booklet you have the chassis done. And we can already see the brackets which will serve to load the tipper container.

The cab is also an easy building an attaches to the chassis, through one pin on the backside and two snap-in stop bush pins, at the front. It has an HOG gear on top, to drive the worm and the tipper mechanism.

Shortly the model got completed!
Maybe missing a couple of headlights, attached to the beam on the top of the cabin.

About 20 minutes and some photos after, these were the only leftovers.

Functionality and playability

The set functionality is in accordance to the expectations from a set of its size.
Thus beyond the push/pull capability, intrinsic to every vehicle, we just can load or unload the tipper container by rotating the gear at the top of the cabin.
A nice and adequate set for those young boys, initiating into LEGO Technic models and building techniques.

Below, a few photos from the container unloading sequence.

And finally one short video to visualize one unload/load sequence.

The crankshaft parts, used to engage the container at the loading phase, seem a bit short for the smoothest  operation. Despite other solutions may have been chosen, they are still usable.


The alternative model proposed for this set, is a Pick-up truck, whose functions should become obvious from the photos below.
In case you have not figured it, the gear knob on the top, operates the tow fork up and down.

Final thoughts

This is the kind of Technic set, I'd normally not buy, as I tend to appreciate most the larger and more complex ones!
However and given the opportunity, I did not loose the chance to bid and have a kind of exclusive for a first hand review here at TBs .

After all it proved to be a nice building moment and that LEGO Technic is not only about the large sets.

The Ratings

Sets like this, are quite difficult to evaluate because we tend to look at them, as if they were large sets and compare with those. But of course these can't be seen under the same criteria, as indeed they are not that large.
So instead, looking at this in the 120 parts range, I think this might be a fair evaluation!

   as set value for money
   for innovation
   for set design
   for functionality and playability

Overall rate: Good  

In resume I'd say this is not a set targeted for the adult Technic fans, except those collecting each and every official released Technic set. However still a nice gift for any youngest curious about LEGO Technic theme.


Junkstyle Gio said...

I really like the mini models. They are so cute!
Even for Afols is a great gift and mini-partspack.

santi said...

Where were the 2011 models in display? damn! I missed that.

Anyway, I also attended the Hispabrick and uploaded some pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/santi.ontanon/Hispabrick2010#

Did anyone else attend and took pictures? :)

TechnicBRICKs said...


a few sets were at a small table between the two main exhibition areas.

One new Atlantis and one Nijango sets were assembled for exhibition.

A few other boxes, like this 8065 were also on the same table, on Saturday.

santi said...

Oh! I see. I went on Sunday, and I saw the Atlantis and Nijango. But the 8065 was not there anymore. Now I know who had it ;)

Junkstyle Gio said...

2h2011 sets are available in stores in the Netherlands as from now. I got me the 8068.
I'm building right now, but i'm stalled because of an empty camerabattery.....
Got the partslist already on brickshelf.

TechnicBRICKs said...


you almost made to get an heart attack!...
Guess you meant 1H2011... ;D

Jetro said...

I had to miss out on the Hispabrick this year :_(

Still, I'm in the Netherlands right now but haven't seen any of the new sets... yet. Will have to keep on looking!

Stux said...

I've been building some mini-sets with a 3/4 year olds who are children of friends

They don't have the patience for a large build, but we can build a small technic set in 2 or 3 sessions and they think its pretty cool :)

Ryan said...

you forgot to mention you can tilt the cabin! That's a nice extra function for such a tiny model...

TechnicBRICKs said...


I've already disassembled this model, to assemble B-model.

I had the idea that you can't tilt the cabin, unless you skip the back bin in the building process. However maybe the tolerances are enough to allow the detach from the cabin backside. Should check...

If possible it is great, as the long pins with bush on the front have friction, thus allowing to fix the tilt at any position.

Anonymous said...

it is a cute model. Tiny with some good functions! I like it, need to try a build with my parts.

Let down = 2 x Instruction booklets

how can that be...

used bucket trucks said...

They are great gift ideas for boys specially who already show instincts of becoming a trucker.They would love to play with the multiple pieces that come with the gift.

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