Thursday, December 2, 2010 Challenge 2010 - The final winner [Adults]

As expected, Ricco announced today at the winner from the Technic Adult competition

And the winner his... Jernej Krmelj! (Zblj or Zblj1987, as you may know him from his online presence)

Congratulations Jernej!
It looks you have won the Complete 2010 LEGO Technic Novelty Assortment.

The announcment says:

"Hi LEGO Technic fans

Congratulations to Zblj1987
We now have a winner of this year’s AFOL LEGO® Technic challenge.
I hope Zblj1987 will enjoy the Grand Price, the Complete 2010 LEGO® Technic Novelty Assortment.
It has been great to see all the fantastic models and the creativity you have demonstrated.
Many fans has voted and it was a close run as expected with that many cool models.
I hope all of you will join us again next year for another round of the LEGO® Technic Challenge.

Thanks and stay creative


The announcement does not specify which was the most voted model, but for sure it was one from that four below, signed by Jernej.

If you did not have the chance to participate on this year's contest, or did not won any of the prizes from the competition, you can still have another chance and join "The LEGO Technic Competition 2011". The second round coming next year.

Jernej published meanwhile, one photo with all the boxes he received as a prize.

Last Update: 2010.Dec.17 22:05 CET


Wiseman_2 said...

Wish I could've entered this year's contest, but was a little busy this year. Plus, I didn't have all that many sets, or a way to sort the parts. I'll be ready for next time though.

Also, congrats to Zblj :)

Anonymous said...

"those three below" should be that four?

TechnicBRICKs said...


Ya right! This is what happens, while writing two posts at the same time... :)

Al said...

Aaaaaaah shoot! haha well neither of my entries won but zblj1987 is deffinately a worthy winner so congratulations to him. In all fairness i've never been that keen on this years assortment so it's good that he wins it. Well done to him. Besides having both my entries in the final 20 is still pretty cool!

Anonymous said...


It is off-topicness, but :

and :


TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, there are couple of new posts almost ready for tonight. ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes !!
I also found a lot of news pics ! ^^


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am really happy too! I wonder which model won, they stil havent uploaded the pic by previous winners.

Gonna have a lot of bricking!

Anonymous said...

Hi to see his winning model look under previous winners, it his Tilt bi-rotor copter.

Dornbi said...

Congratulations to the winner!

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