Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week TechVideo, 2010 #51 - Crowkillers 2011

After almost three months of work, Paul Boratko (Crowkillers) uploaded this week a video from his new car.

My first reaction when I saw it was to think - One of these days we might try one of the larger Technic models, at the TechREVERSE Challenge...

It is strongly inspired by the upcoming LEGO Technic 8070 (Supercar), in the form and functions, but still different! Apart from the visible differences that you might find at a closer look, and as we do not expect that Paul has a gift of divine, we could also expect that the solutions he found, should be substantially different from those that TLG put in its own car.

This new Supercar from Paul, is built in studless design with full suspension, both Hand of God steering and also on the driving wheel inside the car, V8 engine, rear wheel drive with suspension and a 4-function switching box that is operated by shifting into four different positions and turning a knob in the rear. Turning clockwise opens each function and counter clockwise closes them.

The four functions allow to operate each door, the hood, and the rear spoiler.

You may also find many pictures from this car functions and construction details, at Paul's Brickshelf folder, as usual.

But let me show some of them, to illustrate a few comments that follow.

Like in real cars, I love the way the butterfly doors open and the visual effect they produce.

But also notice the supreme detail from the pictures above. The panels that are directly behind the front wheels are angled inwards rather than straight up like in the 8070. Angled inwards towards the engine compartment as well as angled inwards towards the door.

The rear of the car is my favorite part, for the good job with the tail lights, contouring them with the panels and getting all of the proper colors into place. Trans-red, trans-orange and clear for reverse. Also the knob operating the 4-functions, is perfectly integrated and dissimulated among the rear panels. The new panels, are indeed a great Technic achievement when compared to their predecessors.

Below a couple of pictures to illustrate the 4-function switching box and the respective associated functions in the car.

Well done!


Anonymous said...

"This video contains bulls**t from WMG and is not available in your country"

When will you people get it?

Ramon S. said...

I will be the first to post that this new model from crowkillers is much much better than I expected it to be from the original early pics that he posted of the chassis (Not that his previous models were bad by any means, in fact IMO his Gallardo or Murcielago should be official sets)

But let's first break down the similarities between the official 8070 and crowkiller's fine piece of work here.

Obviously they are both red in color with black trim on the bottom. Crow used the same panels above the headlamps as in the 8070, however he does appear to have them angled differently and they are built into the hood(which I actually like better than the 8070's flip forward hood)

The panels directly behind the front wheels are the same, but the 8145 Fiorano also used the same panel placement with the older styled panel and crow's also seem to angle inwards a bit. Not sure how he did that.

The hood panels are opposite on crow's model from the 8070, the door panels are opposite from the 8070, and the rear panels are also different as it look like he used a large and small panel together to form what I think is one of the most gorgeous rear ends that I have seen on a technic car. The tail lamps are beautiful and the rear end just looks like it flows and is not over done with parts, in fact he hardly used many parts at all.

Now this is where crow's model falls short :)

Now to this 4 function box. I really like the 8070 doors much more than the one on crow's car as they mode upwards and outwards at the same time. and I also love the hideaway spoiler on the 8070 much more than crow's simple pop up spoiler. I do prefer the hood more on crow's model as the one on the 8070.

Also, I am not a fan of dummy steering wheels in large scale models, that in my opinion is just a no-no. There is no reason that a large scale car cannot have a HOG steering wheel as well as a functional one in the car, even if it isn't easily accessable. The 8070 should have had this. There is no excuse as to why it does not.

The clear winner for the 8070 though is the motorized functions. I am not sure why crow wouldn't add this in as there certainly appears to be more than enough room for a battery box and motor. Heck you could probably even add in a remote sensor and operate these from a distance.

I tip my hat to crow for his efforts on this new model. It is easily one of the best technic AFOL cars that I have seen, but there are just a few things that hold it back from topping the awesome new 8070 model.

I give Crow's model a very solid 8 and the 8070 a soft 9. But then again, I didn't build the 8070 yet. ;)

Ramon S. said...

I would also like to add that I really like the interior work that crow did on this car as opposed to the 8070. Upon looking at the 8070's interior work, it looks like parts of the seats have been cut away to fit the car and they also appear to sit offly high up.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Nice comments Ramon!

I think Crowkillers is not much a fan of motorized functions. He prefers the hand contact with LEGO and manual functions. ;)

That's the reason why he suggest that the 8070, should make extensive use of worm gears, to slow down the motorized functions.

Maybe not much worm gears and just some gear reduction, together with a clutch gear after the M-motor.

Elijah said...

Paul's models make me sick. Seriously. I personally think that this looks even better than Lego's new car that is coming out. Sure it has a few pieces here and there that are the same, but if you look at pictures and compare, it is 99% different in just about every way. I Especially like the headlights, the entire rear end and the interior. I would also rather have a car that has no power functions motor. No motor means less weight and no changing batteries. I seriously can't nitpick one flaw here. It is excellent.

Anonymous said...

That is really cool. Probably the best car that I have ever seen. From the video it looks really solid too.

Derek said...

Crowkillers is an amazing builder who is in an elite class when it comes to building cars. The rude comments left on his blog about his building style were completely rude and uncalled for. Some people out there really need to grow up.

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