Thursday, January 13, 2011

The LEGO Community Team wants to know from you

Once again, The LEGO Community Team would like to get your opinion on a number of subjects that are included in a new survey. The format of this survey is slighly different from previous ones but you still have ample opportunity to include additional comments in case you feel something has been missed. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete this online survey.

At the same time we have received some feedback from about the last survey [1]:

In the last survey, the results from the question “How likely would you recommend LEGO to a friend or relative” saw a positive jump of 5% from the last survey meaning that more people are more likely to recommend LEGO products to a friend or relative.
The question “How can the LEGO group best improve your needs?” saw some interesting results. The seeded answers quickly got displaced by write-ins. AFOL are looking for quality first and foremost. In addition, they want old sets rereleased, greater selection in Pick-A-Brick, and exclusive AFOL sets. Among the LEGO-seeded ideas, 32% want greater presence in their geographic area, and 30% want dedicated services for fans.
We also asked about your use of the LEGO ID on the LEGO website. 2/3 of AFOLs use LEGO ID. They primarily use it to make purchases or to join VIP, whereas TFOLs use LEGO ID to play games, then to make purchases and to contribute to message boards, reviews, and builder galleries. Though usage is high and 91% report that creating and signing in to LEGO ID was a smooth and easy process, AFOL experience with LEGO ID is poor.
Thank you,
The LEGO community Team

We would love to know what you think about this survey or what you thought was missing so please leave a message after taking it.


Anonymous said...

'...they want old sets rereleased...'


TechnicBRICKs said...


The fact is that this is a recurring demand from many AFOLs, towards TLG.
The LEGO Technic theme is no exception.

Likely for nostalgic reasons (but not only that), adults would like to see old sets from their memories, again available for sale.

Surya said...

Some of the older sets are simply worth owning and sometimes hard to find or only available for exuberant prices. So re releasing is, I think a win-win for the fans and Lego. Lego sells more (they don't make money from expensive old sets on e-bay) and fans get the sets at affordable prices.

I for one have a few sets in mind that I'd like to see again!

Menno Gorter said...

I'm not buying sets, but parts! :-)
So most of the time I only buy the newest sets in order to get some brand new type of parts.
From that point of view Lego should make sets in other colors than red or yellow!
If the latest excavators or backhoes where white or bleu I certainly would have bought them.
Now I'll have to wait for an ORANGE Unimog. :-)

TechnicBRICKs said...


Unfortunately doesn't seem to be really Orange, but Light Bright Orange!?
So you won't be able to combine the parts with the other orange ones in your NXT models. :/

Menno Gorter said...

As far as it is possible to see it on the preliminary pictures I see orange. ;-)
(I'm used to observe colors, as my job.... )
In case I'm not correct; I'll wait a bit longer. :-)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Wish the Gods, are listening to you! :)

If it can't be Orange, then I'd prefer it to be Medium Orange, instead of Light Bright Orange.
But there were never much Technic parts released in that color before, either. :(

Jetro said...

Also take into account these are pictures taken from preliminary pictures... a lot can change both with the box art and with the degradation of the image quality due to losses.

I'm with Menno- it should be a strong orange colour

TechnicBRICKs said...


That's true, but even considering the image quality may be low are there might be losses, the tone from the cabin seems totally different from the PF orange band on the right side. And that's the LEGO Orange.

Hope that I'm wrong though!

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