Saturday, January 8, 2011

TBs TechPoll 22 (Results) - Most popular and Best selling 2010 LEGO Technic sets

Another 2 week poll and again a very good participation from TBs readers. The polls for the "Most popular and Best selling 2010 LEGO Technic sets", came to an end and here are the respective results.

As done in the last year, we have again decided to run both polls in parallel, so that we can achieve the most consistent results.

After the Motorized Excavator (8043) initial problems and its consequent unavailability in the market for a very significant period, this set must have something really special and appreciated by the Technic fans, to still become the overwhelming winner in terms of popularity among the 2010 LEGO Technic sets. Specially for the remarkable difference to the 2nd most voted set (75% to 16%). If we compare it with the 2009 results, we should also notice the actual most favorite set won with 75% of the votes, against 58% (8258). A quite remarkable increase!

From the number of voters among the two polls, it seems not every Technic fan following TBs is actually buying the sets. Probably some still considering whether leaving their Dark Ages, or not...

Either the data here collected is not fully representative, the Motorized Excavator turned to be an absolute best-seller, or it may have eaten market to the other 2010 smaller sets.
The simple fact is, that at least in these polls, the Excavator smashed all its smaller "competitors", beating them both on favoritism and sales!

Not even the more "exclusive" sets from the 1H, like the Race Truck (8041) or the Tractor with Log Loader (8049) with its pneumatic elements, have scored a noticeable preference.

Taking the Motorized Excavator out of this equation, we see no significant variation in the number of sales per reference, among first and second halves.

So, side-by-side lets see the winners for 2010, in both categories!

The Best
2010 LEGO Technic sets
The Best Selling
2010 LEGO Technic sets *

8043, Motorized Excavator 1st Place 8043, Motorized Excavator

8053, Mobile Crane 2nd Place 8049, Tractor with Log Loader

8051, Motorbike 3rd Place 8052, Container Truck

By the end of the year, will come back with similar polls, for the 2011 sets.

*) Exclusively according to the data collected within this poll, thus not related with any TLG official figures.


RKC62 said...

What this poll also shows is that Technic is not just a kid's toy, as TLG seems to maintain. The most complex and most expensive model ever produced is a runaway hit - to me that suggests plenty of adult fans!

Erik Leppen said...

Could you please put the animations behind a link or replace them by still images? My browser becomes totally unresponsive when the animations are shown and the only way to use it normally is to keep the animations out of sight. Thanks :)

Also, nice list. What surprises me is how 8047 is more popular than 8048. Also I expected 8051 motorbike to have more votes for best set, as I remember that people were quite positive on it.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Erik Leppen

I'm sorry to hear this post heats all the resources from your computer/browser.
I use to like the visual effect of such animations, at occasional posts.
Have choosen these also because they have no sound, which uses to be one of the most frequent complains. Though it was everything Ok, as no one did complain up to now.

Will change the animations for still images, once I get home later today.
Plan to return to the original form after sometime, once the post gets off the main page.

Michael R said...

I think one reason 8043 was SO high is that the majority of people buying the smaller sets are people who have never heard of TechnicBRICKs!

TechnicBRICKs said...


Yes it is very likely that the poll results here, are biased by the TBs readership profile.

But that's something known, as we are looking at results derived almost only from the fans community.

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