Monday, February 7, 2011

2H11 LEGO Technic Unimog, shows up at Nuremberg Toy Fair

It's time for the annual Toy Fairs...

Tons of images and videos are already available online from almost every new LEGO theme for the 2H. No watermarks in these!

The Technic theme is no exception, but so far we have just seen images from the most waited Orange 8110, Unimog.

From these we can already anticipate with precise detail, which functions it will have included.
So lets see the images first!

And also one photo from the box backside, showing the 8110 B-model. Another Unimog U400, this time equipped as a Snowplow.

Later than usual, I'm now editing this post to include my own comments on the images circulating since yesterday.
Obviously I can't pretend that I've not read all that I've already read from your good comments, so lets make it a kind of summary...

The more I look into this set, the more superb it looks to me!

I'd resume the main highlights about this 2011 flagship into:
  • Despite some initial doubts of mine, it is now definitely clear that the new color here massively introduced is Orange and not the Bright Light Orange. I say "massively" because of course it is not the first time that we get a few orange parts into a Technic set. But never as the set main color.
    It looks the gods in Billund have listen to us!
    Hopefully our enthusiasm will also correspond to a commercial success that pays-off, and the LEGO Technic team will recognize it. So that this could become the first of many other future sets, making use wide of orange color.
    There are a few new beams produced in orange (1x13 and Liftarm 3x5 L-Shape), and also many of the new Technic panels (6 out of 12) were produced in this new color, at once!
  • There's also a new color for the Panel 5x11. Light Bluish Gray (LBG) seems a very useful color for this part and also a very nice fit into this model.
  • New tires for the 44772 wheel. We can't see any numeric inscription on these so far, so we can't be sure about their dimensions. However they look quite similar in size to the old 2997 (81.6 x 34 x ZR) and x1825 (81.6 x 34 x R). Maybe a bit wider as it looks.
    Basically they got a new track, probably more suitable for this class of vehicles (trucks) and scale.
  • It looks like the Tecnhic Axle 11 has finally came through! The axle holding the thee range round pin joiners, in the sides of the cabin roof.
    LBG, as it is the actual color code for the odd length axles.
  • Inline 4 dummy piston motor, under the cabin.
  • HOG steering also on the cabin roof, and most likely no functional steering wheel.
  • Modular attachments with functions.
  • 4-way switch box to control the several model functions.
  • Motorized pneumatic pump, despite not visible, must be present in this set for sure!
  • Good amount and variety of pneumatic elements, including one rare small pneumatic cylinder in yellow.
    We can also say, this is probably the best pneumatic set since 8455, Backhoe in 2003 and a well deserved successor of the mythic 8868, Air Tech Claw Rig from 1992.
  • The huge parts diversity, may well turn this set into a best-seller among the AFOLs community.
  • Together with the usage of new Technic panels, there also seems to be a trend to increase the number of SYSTEM parts used into Technic models, in order to achieve some aesthetics effects and better looking models.
  • Although discrete, the Mercedes license brings the mandatory stickers. The drawback is that we won't get to know who designed this set, via the stickers...

Some other considerations about this set functionalities, should include:
  • The 8110 Unimog is designed to deliver one electrical and one pneumatic function, at both its rear and front sides. The function selected to work in each moment, is chosen from a 4-way switch box located at the model left side on the chassis.
    It seems designed in such way, that the main part of the model (the Unimog itself) could be reused in both A- and B-models, without modifications.
    Then some different attachments can be built in order to provide the vehicle with several specific functions.
    Out of the box we have one electrical winch (front) plus one electrical and pneumatic crane (back) for the main model. And one pneumatic plow (front) for the B-model.
    In principle someone with enough spare parts, or multiple copies from this set, could attach both the plow and the crane, simultaneously to the front and back of the Unimog, and operate each function at a time.
  • The crane attachment has manually operated outriggers, an electrically controlled turntable that would allow to rotate the crane, and a pneumatic two section crane arm with a grabber which is controlled from the three pneumatic valves seen in the backside of the main model.
  • The switch box function has one yellow lever (left side) that allows to switch between electrical (turn up) and pneumatic functions (turn down). This means the M-motor used in this set, will engage into a transmission shaft or into the electrical pump.
    The red lever in the middle, allows to select whether the working electrical function is running in the front, or the backside of the model.
    The red lever at right (attached at a pneumatic valve) selects whether the electrical pump is connected to the front pressurized air circuit, or to the one at the backside.
    Wonder however, why did the designers have used different connectors for the yellow (62462) and red levers (6538c), when both parts actually produced in both colors, and they would look better if equal.
  • From the box in the first image, we can easily see in the front, one 3mm rigid hose coming through the hole of a blue Technic 1/2 pin. This shows how the model is prepared to get different pneumatic tools attached, and how easily they can be deployed.
    The same also applies to the air outlet at the rear. There is a 3mm rigid hose going backwards as well, from the main pneumatic valve in the center.
    Out of curiosity, these 3mm rigid hoses are show with different colors. Blue in the box (photo 1) and LBG in the exhibited model (photo 8). 
  • This looks the perfect set, if TLG would like to release one or more add-on kits, with parts to build and attach different electrical and/or pneumatic tools. Something like the pack 5218, pneumatic pack was for set 8466, 4x4 Off-Roader.
    This way one could easily equip the U400 with heavy functions simultaneously at the front and back.

Now about the drive train...
  • Some seem a bit expectant about the eventual existence of portal axles in this model. I'm not convinced this could be the case, as I also can't see evidence of the required offset to the axles.
  • It is however very likely this model has an AWD drive train. The images doesn't show it clearly, but the best trained eyes can identify with relative good certainty, differentials at both front and rear axes, respectively from photos 1 and 7. The presence of two differentials is a good indication of a third one, making this an AWD or 4WD vehicle (most likely AWD).
  • The suspension seems to use four 9.5L Shock Absorbers (Hard Spring).
    Up to now the 9.5L absorbers have been always used with the same color for both the Cylinder and Piston Rod, except the red/black version used on 8475. However this seems not the be the case on the Unimog - The photos point to the utilization of a yellow/ black combination.
    On the spring hardness we have different indications. 'Soft Spring' on the front axis, from the box image (photo 1) and 'Hard Spring' from the remaining photos where the absorber is visible. Guess the 'Hard Spring' is the most likely the variant used, due to the weight this vehicle might have.
    Special notice should be made to the unusual position of the absorbers, in this Technic Unimog suspension, where they're placed with an offset relative to the center of each axis. In the direction of the vehicle limits, at both axis.
  • Another speculation has been around the eventual presence of the new 'CV Joint Axles' released with the new 8070, Supercar. While it is a natural thing to expect once we have seen how these were used attached to the rear differential, we can't do much more than speculate about, at this point...
    However there is a much relevant comment from Al,
    "Looking at the box art, specifically the three pins that hold the front wheel on, there appears to be a new part to mount the wheel on. Notice how the slots of the pins do NOT point towards the centre of the wheel." - like in x873c01.
    Indeed this is true!
    From the first photo (image of the box) we can also clearly see a CV Joint, on top of the front axis, in a very weird and unusual position. Either it is getting a different use from the usual (like a steering arm) or there is definitely something really new and huge behind those wheels...

    It is my belief, that this Unimog still have big secrets to be revealed!
    One single photo with a bottom view, would tell us a lot and answer many pending questions...

Last Update: 2011.Feb.09 09:46 CET


Rohan Beckett said...

I think we finally have a worthy successor to good ol' 8868!

Motor... gearbox.. compressor... modular attachments... and based on a real vehicle.. so it looks good too!

A what a bonus - a new colour for a change!!
And new tyres! wow!

This *has* to be proof that TLG Technic designers have been keeping tabs on the chatter on blogs like this!

Thanks guys!!! :-D


Jetro said...

A great model with a nice secondary, but most importantly to me: the small Pneumatic cylinder is back!!

Ryan said...

I see the big yellow sturdy shock absorbers and an engine block. Now hopefully it is 4WD

Does anyone know why there is a blue pneumatic hose linked to a grey flex tube going to the front??? what's there???

Anonymous said...

looks like it has pneumatics at the front and back at the same time, for the functions of the main model and the alt model, so you don't have to break-up the model for the alt functions. the tyres look too simple for their size.

solic said...

The color of cabin looks like regular orange, nor bright light orange. Comparing to the color of battery box's switch on third photo it is almost identical shade.
Nevertheless orange panels and liftarms are also welcomed:)

djtermoz said...

It looks like the model has built in pneumatic switch to switch between powering rear pneumatic attachments (crane) and the front ones (plow). Just look at the switch to the right of the battery box. Nice!

Also, I am guessing solid axles, the front one with new CV joints, both with differentials.

Thirdwig said...

Really looks good. The new tires are exciting, as it the diversity of parts in this set. Happy they went with orange. Now some more information about the driveline would be great, as the front picture shows no indication there will be a fake motor.

blakbird said...

The most interesting new things I see about this model (in no particular order):
1) New tires
2) Compressor
3) Small pneumatic cylinder
4) Orange liftarms and panels
5) Gray panels
6) Perhaps the new CV joints from 8070

I think I might like the alternate model with the plow attachment even better than the crane. Given the comments that have been made about pneumatics at the front, I wonder if it is easily possible to add both at the same time if you have two copies of this set?

Wiseman_2 said...

My bet is it will be possible to have both implements at once... the only thing I am slightly dissapointed with is the manual rear stablisers, but I guess that's pretty much the done thing with most Technic sets these days.

I am quite confused about the switches; there are clearly two which operate something at the back, but the only thing I can see that being is the crane rotation as the stablisers appear to be manual.

Still, this has the potential to easily be the best pneumatic set in a very long time, I just hope it's not too expensive.

Anonymous said...

The switches are for 2 power-takeoffs.

The red switch controles either a motor output to the front or the back, where as the pneumatic switch controls the air from the compressor either to the front (snowplough) or back (the crane)

Anonymous said...

It seems that the axles attached to the wheels are in the usual position like other technic models, rather than being higher like a real life unimog??
Could lego release a unimog that only looks but doesn't act like a unimog (only ordinary wheel attachment)?? Well they've released cars labled 4WD but with rear wheel drive or no drive at all??

Menno Gorter said...

I've said it before and before and before: ORANGE! :-)
( Not light orange or whatever... )

Even when it turns out to be not a 4x4 it should be not a big isseu to make it a real offroader.
With these new tires... ... I like this set a lot and I'm sure I want to buy at least one of it!

( )

TechnicBRICKs said...

I've just added fresh new images to this post! :)

Sorry but still don't have the time to add my own comments into the post, due to huge workload. Hopefully I'll be able to do it today night.

I must admit I'm now also believing the new color to be Orange instead of Bright Light Orange...
The orange should look close to the functions band at right in the box, and this is not the case in the initial photos. But we all know the color perception in photos depends a lot on the lightning conditions and how the light reflects on different materials.
In fact I agree the orange of the new panels seems to be the same as in the battery box switch, and also some of the images now added have a different lightning, giving a better idea of this.

The U400 looks absolutely great!!!

Also 6 in 12 of the new Technic panels, released in the new orange color, at once! :)
Not to mention the 5x11 panels, being now released also in LBG.

Unknown said...

whats up with the red crane arm? they should make that orange too.

Efferman said...

@ william
No, red is the correct Colour. the most cranes are red in stock. only Effer (Yellow-Orange) and Hiab (Black) are using different colours.
To the U400
The original is ugly, the Lego u400 is ugly. TLG had made a good Job :)
It seems we have a new top ten Model in my alltime favourites

Menno Gorter said...

I begin to believe in real 4x4!
If it's not I don't understand the construction of the front-axle!

Also in this scale and with this type of front-axle it's not difficult at all to make it 4x4, considering the new type of cv-joints!
And at least it wouldn't take to much extra parts...

Of course I still might be wrong and the parts I see can be for the steering....

Ulf Andersson said...

What a giant the U400 is!

I guess that this model
will be an all time favorite.

I most certainly will have
to make sure that I get one.
Love/urge to buy at first sight.

FB said...

to: Menno Gorter - it's not the 4wd that I'm worried about, it's the wheel attachment mechanism - it doesn't seem to be constructed like/close to the real thing!

Erik Leppen said...

Do I spot an axle 11 in the roof of the cabin, on the sides? The axle holding the three orange round pin joiners?

Anyhow. Great, great model! Certainly be getting this as soon as I can. Great color, many functions. Not sure yet about drive train for the wheels. Curious about how the suspension is set up. Too bad that outriggers are manual. Will crane rotation be motorized?

Conclusion: must have :D

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, it looks so (new axle 11)!

Also 2x2 trans-clear plates, not released since '90.

Anonymous said...

hmm.... the model does look like it may have live axles, and the construction of the front axle does point to the obvious - 4wd, since lego wouldn't have made it so complex. if you ask be, the adjustable stabilisers are a fantastic idea as we can adjust the height of the model

Unknown said...

In the 7th pic, of the back, I think there is a gear visible inside of the wheel, which could mean there is a portal axle.

Al said...

Looking at the box art, specifically the three pins that hold the front wheel on, there appears to be a new part to mount the wheel on. Notice how the slots of the pins do NOT point towards the centre of the wheel. Now this is WILD speculation (I was right about the suspention tho!) could it be something to do with 4WD, or portal axles, or even planetary or some other gear reduction at the wheel.

And I still can't see why there appears to be two PTOs plus a pneumatic PTO at the back. Or maybe the second PTO is not a PTO, maybe it's to drive the wheels! Having gear reduction at the wheel sure would help if that's the case. Again this is wild speculation about a set that already looks amazingly good.

This things looking better and better I really can't wait!

Anonymous said...

A few words :

- on the last pic, we can see a U-joint on the left of the battery box.
- on the first pic, we can clearly see a CV joint in a very strange position. O_o
- no 11 axle but 9 + connector => roof is stressed.

About the functions :
- no switch. off/on is done with the battery box
- yellow lever : to engage or not the compressor when the M motor works
- the red lever on the right of the yellow lever : a battery box like those we have seen in many other sets. It enables to choose, when the M motor works, between the winch in the front or the turntable at the back.
- the switch on the right of the battery box : this switch is here to bring air at the back for the crane (A-model) or to the front (B-model). So, this switch is here for the truck to be exactly the same, whatever you build the A or the B model. Consequence : for those who will have two copies of this model, they will be able to built and use the blade and the crane on only one truck. In the case if you have 1 copy and build the A-model, this lever will ALWAYS be in the same position.
- the 3 switches at the back : for the crane of course. These swtiches are used in the front when the b-model is built

- manual and independent outriggers.
- HOG to steer the front wheels. fake steering wheel.
- L4 engine, probably with AWD.
- full suspension.
- worm gear on the whinch will prevent using it when gear box is desengaged. That's good (contrary to 8297).
- the turntable will probably not have a clutch gear (I'm 99% sure of it). So, we will have to be careful because of the 6 hoses.


Anonymous said...

And here are the 4WD :

We can see the teeth of a diff (28t).
If there is a diff on the front axle, it's absolutely certain there is also one on the rear axle.

=> 4WD.


Anonymous said...

I hope it uses a portal axle, even though the axle is too close to the ground (if you want to be absolutely correct), but it'll be really cool construction.

New question: will it be 4wd or all-wheel-drive. With modern technic it shouldn't be a problem. This will be a star.

Now if we only add steering from the seat.

Menno Gorter said...

Anio : I also concluded there must be a differential in the 5x7 frame.
At least those frame's are ideal for differentials etc....
But the confusing cv-joint is at a strange position comparing to the differential, so I think that one is for the steering?

The clutch gear you mentioned is probably near the motor; so there's only one needed for both live axle's? ;-)

Ryan said...


those are not trans clear 2x2 plates

these are two 1x2 trans plates: one clear and one trans orange.... See the picture of the front of the box...

Anonymous said...

This set is huge, the snow blade is roughly the equivalent of mounting the trailer from the 8063 set to the front of the model.

Mercedes should be the one paying Lego to use their name/product (good advertising). Being from the US I'd never heard about the Unimog till now. Would love to play with the real thing a bit :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

I've seen it wrong about the 2x2 trans-clear plats. In fact they're two 1x2 plates (one trans-clear and another trans-orange).


What do you mean with PTO?

TechnicBRICKs said...


"Mercedes should be the one paying Lego to use their name/product (good advertising)"

I believe payment will be always from TLG towards the owner of the trademark rights.
It could be an higher or lower value, depending how much each company benefits from the partnership. Figures that we are not going to know for sure!
But one thing we know - LEGO is going to sell the sets, and likely the license will bring some added value and consequently revenue to TLG. On the other way around, if Mercedes will sell any additional Unimog or other car just because of the partnership with TLG, is something that will remain for us to know... :P

tripletschiee said...

@ Conchas:

referreing to your post in your blog ("..making this an AWD or 4WD vehicle (most likely AWD)..):
what is the differenz between AWD and 4WD in your understanding?


TechnicBRICKs said...


Google is you friend :)
4WD vs AWD

Basically AWD is often used to describe a full time 4WD.
4WD typically refers to vehicles where the driver as the option to manually switch between 2WD for road and 4WD for low traction conditions (gravel, mud, off-road, ice, snow, gravel, etc...)

Al said...

"What do you mean with PTO?"

By PTO I mean either power take off or pneumatic take off. Maybe we should call the pneumatic one a PPTO (pneumatic power take off) to avoid confusion.

Lego Stalwart said...

I am very glad to see this model, it seems like the Unimog and Lego suit each other very well.

It is a shame however that Lego have either built the cab and body too narrow, or the track too wide. The wheels should not protrude from the mudguards as much as they do.

I guess this is the problem with building a replica of an actual model and no doubt it can be easily reworked.

I have read with amusment people getting tangled up over P.T.Os, there is no such thing as a "pneumatic take off", just call it an outlet or something rather than a confusing acronym.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Al, Lego Stalwart

"I have read with amusment people getting tangled up over P.T.Os, there is no such thing as a "pneumatic take off", just call it an outlet or something rather than a confusing acronym."

I'm happier now, that I understood what you're talking about! :)

Thirdwig said...

Regarding x873c01, only the first picture gives any indication that something like this will be used at the hub. All other pictures show no pins in the three holes of the wheels. Something is in the last picture, but the pins do not come all the way out of the hub.

I think the new CV Joint seen in picture 1 could be used for steering, but this seems to be in a funny location; too far forward. I wonder if steering could be done by some linkarm set up such as this ( Having what looks like a simple live axle suspension set up, and the center axis taken up by the drive axle, steering axle would have limited space to go, and would compromise the function of the steering.

Finally, I don't think Lego would do a portal axle. This works much better in Truck Trial applications where power is going to the wheels, rather than movement forces are being transfered back up to a dummy motor. One gear up is better than four separate ones.

Anonymous said...

Will this kit be available in the US.?

Mercedes doesn't sell Unimogs here in the states, but after seeing this model, I hope they start!

TechnicBRICKs said...


Most likely it will!
Since many years there aren't any differentiated LEGO Technic models (which after all were identical, apart from their boxes) for EU an US markets.

TechnicBRICKs said...


but even on the last picture, the slot orientation observed, confirms the theory of a new existing part.

Anonymous said...

Since we can see a U-joint on the last pic, I think there is something floating. A floating axle probably. (dunno the right word, sorry ; actually, I mean something like the rear axle of 8435).


Anonymous said...

The closest looking picture of a live U400 I found at:
TLG seems to have made a great brick-conversion of this one.
I think the model-cabin is maybe just a little too high and the wheels a little too small. Aside this it seems pretty matching!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the last picture, it would appear that the front left wheel is not attached to whatever is behind it. Only one pin is partly inserted, so I'm not sure how the vehicle is kept stable on its display stand. Other photos and the box clearly show three pins in various orientations, and they appear to be light bluish grey, not black. Regarding the design, I disagree with the square 2x2 tile for the MB emblem. A round 2x2 tile attached to a 1x2 plate would be more appropriate. Also, the choice of grey wheels instead of black doesn't make sense. A smaller technic wheel (part 60208) could have been attached to the center of the wheel to represent the hub. I will certainly be replacing the wheels with black ones and adding the smaller wheels for hubs when I purchase this set.

Anonymous said...

On the First Picture of the PF. Strips on the Box Art the Front Weels seem a Bit Offset.....maybe portal axle with low offset dunno, would be too good to be true probably

Anonymous said...

Looking at pictue 1 and 6, I'd vote for two simple live axles, as these can be easily designed and are used in real 4x4 vehicles

Krika99 said...

I think it will have live suspension. Otherwise i don't think there would be CV joints linked to the drive complex.

Anonymous said...

The proportions of the wheels dont fit. To me it look aweful.

Anonymous said...

I really can't wait for this,and the wheels look fine so don't run it down till u have it in person.

Anonymous said...

That's clearly an axle 11 on the extreme side of the roof.

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is right about the pneumatic line at the front. It makes sense to keep that there so you don't have to take the whole model apart to build the B-model.


PTO stands for power take-off, and it's usually found on industrial vehicles such as Unimogs and Land Rovers. It's easy to get that mixed up with "pneumatic take-off", which doesn't exist!

Anonymous said...

The alt model looks very incomplete at the back, almost as if Lego had just lifted off the rear bed, made it into a plow, and stuck it on the front of the model. In picture 9, the wheelarches appear to protrude above the rest of the rear assembly. If you look closely at picture 7, there's a black 13L beam under the tailgate, and it's still there on the alt model, complete with pegs sticking up. The designers appear to have invested little effort in "polishing" the alt model! Don't get me wrong, I love this model, but I like my sets to be finished, and the snowplow seems to lack that final touch.

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice that the battery box is inverted on the alt model? See picture 9.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Probably it works both ways. :/

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