Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally the 8081, Extreme Cruiser

One image from the latest 2H11 Technic set still to reveal, has finally surfaced online (8081, Extreme Cruiser).

The image now available still contains copyright watermarks... As it would go against TLG will, it won't be published here until new images do appear. Sorry!
However a few searches in the right places, should be enough for the most eager to get there...

Resting with a text description of this model... we would say it is a mid-size black Off-Roader or SUV class vehicle, probably in the 600-700 parts range.
It doesn't include any PF off the box, just manual functions instead. Among these we can see: Steering front axle via HoG, Rear suspension (unknown if also used for the front axis but likely yes, in some way); Opening hood at front and rear door.
From the aesthetics point of view, it looks really awesome and realistic. The overall black color with red bands under the doors and on the hood also look quite nicely.
It looks to exhibit a considerable clearance to ground, what makes me think whether it uses some of the new parts already mentioned to be included with 8110, Unimog U400 [1].

From its appearance in this still low quality image and as others have already said, I do also believe this is a 15L wide vehicle (double 7L length panels plus 1L spacing, in the front of the hood).
The wheels and tires are respectively 43.2mm D. x 26mm and 68.7x34R, as used in 8262, Quad Bike and the front or the rear axis of some other models like: 8048, 8049 and 8069. This also gives a good reference and an idea about this model's scale.

Some are also expecting that part "Axle and Pin Connector Toggle Joint Smooth" to become released in black again, which turned to be actually quite rare and expensive.
Functional motor under the hood, still unknown but expectable.
Inclusion of the new "Steering CV Joint Axle" also unknown, but likely along with a diff on the rear axle.

On the box right side we can see one yellow band with the inscription "Limited Edition", similar to another 2011 set. It shouldn't mean nothing else than a restricted availability to fewer sales channels and stores, what probably explains why the image from this set was so successfully kept in secret this long, until it get out.

54,20€ is the know price so far, for the Extreme Cruiser, as listed by the store who leaked this image.

Thanks for the hint, Ondra.


Ondra said...

Do not thank me, thank Google :-).

Here are some my observations.First of all, I very like design and colour scheme of the car.It looks very massive like a car which can handle any obstacles.But very similar to 8297(Like some 8297 evolution).
Black panels will be very useful in MOCs.

Second of all, I think it will be very popular at childrens.Car with suspensions and big tires=Childrens dream.Lets hope this car will be also solid to survive crashes and jumps from stairs :-D.

And the last one here are some negatives-I really miss another functions like winch or changeable height.

P.s.:I like to see some reverse engineering of this car.:-)

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the picture?

Anonymous said...

Since when is there censorship, here at TB's ? @_*


Ondra said...

Here is link http://www.toyweb.it/ingrandimento.asp?codice=266193&codmer=10005&pagina=21

TechnicBRICKs said...


it is not the first time, we have been asked to remove pictures with watermarks.
This time they didn't even made to the post...

Lets say it turned the price to pay, resulting from the proximity to the LEGO Ambassadors Program.
It doesn't mean however, that we won't get the same request, even if not taking part of the Program. :(

TechnicBRICKs said...

On the other way, this is the right thing to do, as the images explicitly say, they can't be copied or disclosed to the public in general...
However we all know that the forbidden things, are almost always the most appreciated. :)

Alex said...

Some comments on the 8081 Super Cruiser ..

- Design is great. It looks like they got inspiration from Range Rover or something similar. Design is getting more and more accurate in the Technic line.

- Size is medium/small. Given the price tag - 54 EUR, which is a bit more than half the price of 8297 - the model will probably do not have many functions.

- Anyone could guess the exact type of wheels? (in this way we could guess what the overall size is ..)

Looking fwd to know more about it .. :)

Paul Boratko said...

Judging by the small black panels in the front, this is a medium sized model. Maybe 15 studs wide. The wheels are definitely not the ones off of the 8297, they are much smaller.

I do see some new black panels on it... I really hope that it has some 19L black flex axles... But that is just wishful thinking...

One thing that I would like to point out is that it is using the smooth toggle joints for the top corners of the windshield in gray... This is quite odd because these do come in black(In fact I have about 20 of them, but they are very hard to come by)

I am almost certain that when the official pictures come out, that these will be using the black ones, which is great because that is a very rare piece...


Paul Boratko said...

It also says "Limited Edition" on the side of the box... Whatever that is supposed to mean..


Jetro said...

"limited edition" probably just means it will not be available in most shops.

Anonymous said...

I think that the front axle will be very similar to 8435. So, maybe we will get the little rack with ball joints.

Besides, the rims of this 8081 are the same as 8435.

+1 with the odd LBG connectors on the roof. Black would be better.

and +1 for the 15L wide (on the hood at least) : 2 black panels (5L wide) + 2 red liftarms (2L) + angle #2 180° (3L).

The way 8109 and 8081 are deisgned make me think of Creator sets. That's maybe because of the bicolor scheme.


tripletschiee said...

It also seems from the small picture in the top right corner, that the two doors (left and right) can be opend.

And the age-range from 10-16 seems to show a certain complexity of the model.

Wiseman_2 said...

I'm not exactly interested in this sort of suspension-and-steering set up when they are the sole functions in Technic sets. They don't exactly do much for making me want to buy a set, especially when they are basic functions in other sets. This one is very aesthetically appealing though, something that those panels have done a great deal to improve in the last few years.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please send the picture to dontzuk@yahoo.com, cause the link's picture is removed. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


Krika99 said...


Anonymous said...

It would seem that the rims are not excactly the rims that were used in 8262. Could this be a new part?

TechnicBRICKs said...

As stated in comments from a newer post, these wheels a newer variant, not yet listed at BrickLink.

These were reported for having been used in the latest deliveries of the 8069 Backhoe Loader.
See them here.

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