Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Technic.LEGO.com Challenge 2011 - Kick-off

The Technic.LEGO.com Challenge is back for the 2011 edition.

From this March onwards we will have a new series of challenges and the monthly winner will continue to the Big Finale in October.

See the announcement at the technic.LEGO.com blog, by Casper.

What to build?
The competition for this month (March) is about Linear movement.
Build a cool model with nice functions based on linear movement – with or without the linear actuator!

Interestingly this Challenge was preceded a few days, with a post from Markus Kossman at the technic.LEGO.com blog [1], about Linear Actuators and some background info. It would be nice if this become a common practice for the 2011 challenges.

How does it work?
Right now you can submit models - On the 15th of March - a panel of judges consisting of designers, marketing managers, building instruction artists and more will pick out (of all submissions) 10 finalists that will then be put up for voting here on the site. Considerations for the Nominees will be based on Model, Design, build to theme and age.

The prize for the monthly winner will be the new 8069 Backhoe Loader, from the 2011 LEGO Technic assortment.

Furthermore, your model will go on to the Finale in October where it will compete with the other winners over the Grand Prize:

## The Complete 2011 LEGO® Technic Novelty Assortment ##
This is all models from the LEGO Technic line that are new and have been launched in 2011

Many of you, should be now wondering wheter the contest this year will have the same format as in 2010, where both TFOLs and AFOLs could participate and run for the final prize (one set for each category).

The answer is YES!
More about this should be popping at the LEGO Technic blog, soon.

Join the Challenge!
We want to see your entries.


Wiseman_2 said...

I would enter this month (having not entered at all last year), but all my parts are still in their respective models... it'll probably take about 2 weeks just to dismantle and sort them.

Plus, I am devoid of ideas for "linear movement".

Anonymous said...

make a pneumatic motor. that is what i entered.

J. C. Barros said...

Time to choose and vote, is there:

Sadly, seems that at least 2 works of the 10 finalists are no more than stolen photos, as has being discussed at Eurobricks:
Of course that could be the case that one individual has different nicknames for different websites, but if you ask me... I didn't bet on that.

Here you can find the original works of the most discussed:

JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader; by Jurgen Krooshoop's

Car-Transporter; by techno moves

It seems that TLG should select a bunch of semifinalists and present them to the AFOL community to see if they find some fake entries, and only after present a clean list of the 10 finalists, since seems that TLG by itself can't manage to do that.

May a real competitor win.

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