Friday, April 1, 2011

Lars writes about helicopters and flight control

LEGO Designer Lars Krogh Jensen, writes about helicopters and how their flight is controlled, at the blog.
Nice and informative reading.

Read it all, here.

BTW, have you noticed the correlation between the latest posts at blog and the theme raised for the LEGO Technic Challenge of the following month?

Now it shouldn't become a surprise for you, to see the theme for April's new LEGO Technic Challenge - "Build Your Dream Supercar!".

Throw your hands at work!


Anonymous said...

A month isn't really enough time to properly design a supercar.

Luc2000 said...

@anonymous Even less than a month, you have to submit your MOC before the 19th of March

TechnicBRICKs said...


19th of April! :)

Short indeed! But given you need just to submit one photo, we can say that Super could have a little meaning here.
Maybe the car should just look like a supercar, or may turn to be just a mini supercar...

Also the LEGO Technic supercars have not been always that super. :)

Anonymous said...

These contests are kind of stupid. It is difficult to build anything of quality in 2 weeks, meanwhile other people will just submit their old MOC's then you'll see an old MOC from last year win.

Sheepo said...

Hi, the car can be based in a real model?
In that case, can I include the model name in the competition?
I ask this to avoid problems with trademark licenses...

TechnicBRICKs said...


I'd say the car can be any car. Real or fictional.

However in order to avoid any eventual issues like you mentioned or seeing the model not considered because of that, I'd take a photo but wouldn't include any name or brand logo in the picture to submit.

So, it seems your new car is almost on the finish line!? ;)

Sheepo said...

Ok, I will not include the brand name, though it is very easy to know which car is it XDXDXD
My car will be officially present in MADbrick event(30th April to 2nd May).
Of course you're invited if you want to attend.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Yes I would, but at this time of the year it is not convenient at all. :(
Who knows next time!?...

Nevertheless I'm eager to see your new car! :)

Al said...

8880 is the only modern supercar TLG ever released IMHO. 8448 looked to 80's.

Two weeks is tight, but not impossible. For reasons I have already stated on eurobricks I won't be participating in this years competition, not until they find a way of stopping some AFOLs posting as children and spoiling it for them. But until then I don't see why I can't help others.

If the two week time slot is too short, then maybe you should start designing a helicopter (like you haven't already!). Need inspiration? remember this?

You better believe given more than two weeks i'de have had working pedals/pitch contol on the tail rotor too!

Erik said...

The 8880 was a great set, but I think it looked more like a tank than a car. The bodystyle is very ugly. The 8448 had a slick look and a great modeular build. The new 8070 Super may lack flip up headlights and 4 wheel steering, but it did offer some great new concepts and it looks fantastic. I would also consider the 8466 offroader a supercar as well as the A-model had some really great features including the really awesome gullwing door/fold down running borad feature as well as 4 wheel drive. You can't deny that when the new panles are used properly, they make a great looking car.

Al said...

Certainly, the panels can and do add alot to the looks of a car, but they are not absolutle necesary. I think the flexible axles are a better choice for supercars as you can get sleeker lines whilst still being able to see all the lovely mechanisms working inside.

As for the 8466, I look at that and see an SUV (with gull wing doors for some strange reason!), I look at the 8070 and see a modern mucsle car. I look at the 8448 and see either a convertable cruiser or a supercar from the 80's depending on what it's built as. They are great but to me there is only one modern supercar in official technic sets.

Erik said...

When you look at the 8880, what do you see? To me it looks like a roll cage on wheels with some nice features I really don't see anything modern about it at all. I prefer a good looking car to a very blocky build, but that is purely my opinion. :)

Sheepo said...

Hi again

I am having problems to upload my model...
I can only upload my car if I select US region, is that important?

TechnicBRICKs said...


I don't know if will make a difference. Guess not!
But will let you know if I get to know something about.

Sheepo said...

Sorry again :(

I can't upload my model, when the uploaded is almost finished the web crush, and say:

"Sorry, we can't find that page! It might be an old link or maybe it moved."

What should I do?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Has anyone else experienced such problem or is it just Sheepo?

Are you respecting the rules?
- Image is no bigger than 2,5 MB (2500kb)
- Image is of the following types: .PNG, .JPG and .GIF

Maybe it worths to give it a try in a different computer. :P

Sheepo said...

More people in hispalug are having the same problems.

Of course I respect all the rules(my picture have 1.95 MB in .jpg). and I have tryed it with some computers and navigators and always the same message :(.

I dont know what more can I do...

Unknown said...


The same problem as Sheepo. I tried with Mac, PC, region change...

Using a proxy?


TechnicBRICKs said...

@Sheepo, Santi

Let me see if I can get any answer to this issue.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Good news!
The feedback is: "The bug should be fixed. It may be that users may still experience difficulties if they try to enter from different regions. We are still working on this one."

Unknown said...

Thanks Conchas!

Very good news.

Sheepo said...

Thank you very much!!

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