Sunday, May 15, 2011

2H11 further imqges and details

Today we got some new official images for the 2H11 LEGO Technic sets and the respective number of parts.

Among these we also got the first images for the previously disclosed B-models, from 8071 and 8109.
B-model for 8110 Unimog U400, was seen long ago.

8071, Lift Truck

Parts: 593

And the B-model, which is a Telehandler.

8109, Flatbed Truck

Parts: 1115

And the B-model, which is the previously announced Airport Catering Truck.

8110, Unimog U400

Parts: 2048 - Finally the image that confirms the rumors, about the number of parts included with the Unimog.
It just makes it the biggest LEGO Technic set, ever released!

Certainly it includes a few hundreds of pins, but it doesn't have any track elements, to increase the number of parts by tens.
Where does it includes so many parts, it is still a mystery waiting for an answer...

And of course there is the already known B-model (Snowplow),

Maybe having two of these, we can attach both the plow and the crane, simultaneously to the front and back of the Unimog, and operate each function at a time.


blakbird said...

Your comment about building the crane and snowplow simultaneously is the first thing I will do. That will also leave me with lots of extra orange parts from the second model!

Max Martin said...

I think, it's much cheaper to buy the parts for the snowplug via bricklink instead of buying a second 8110... the set-price will be about 180 Euro...

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Max Martin

Indeed this might be the smartest solution (or using your spares despite in a different color schema), unless you're willing to do like blakbird mentioned and a get lot more exclusive parts for your spares, like the orange parts, tires and others.

Junkstyle Gio said...

You got to love the 8109 Flatbed truck.
And the Unimog is fantastic! A Dutch webshop has the 8110 for €161..
I've ordered me 1 set.
Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Ryan said...

I suspect people will be offering ready to use packages on BL for the plough...

Menno Gorter said...

So, I'd love ready to use packages for the orange and rubber. :-)
( If anyone doesn't like orange contact me please. ;-) )

I'm thinking about ordering at least two too.

vmln8r said...

Re: 8110: there isn't all that much variety in the orange parts - four panels (well, six really), 15L and 3x5L beams, plus the 2L pin joiner.

As attractive as the Unimog looks, I might instead give €161 to Lego Direct in exchange for a motherload of orange :)

Al said...

I might, for the first time, get two of a set, the unimog, I want those wheels and the new gearbox parts (for the portal axles) will hopefully be awesome and versatile, meaning other kinds of axles can be built with it. I would have made it with a female 24t gear part in the centre (like the centre of the turn table) so that both portal axles and planetary hub gearing is possible. So lets see how good they are.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That Unimog is so fantastically fabulous! I just can't wait to get my hands on it!
@Al: Does it really have portal axles?

LamborghiniWaffleSauce said...

@Anonymous: Yes it does. Look at the rear wheel on the box image.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the 2048 pieces is going to be concentrated in? Pneumatics doesn't really use a lot of gears and the only 2 functions using gears are the winch and the turntable. Compared to 8258, this may not be hard to build.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see the portal axles now. Thanks for the clarification!:)
@Anonymous: The pieces will most likely be concentrated in the axles, drivetrain, and chassis. Portal axles require more pieces to make them work than the standard Lego ones, and the drivetrain from the engine (mounted below the cabin) will use quite a few pieces, as the engine is much higher than the axles. And, of course, any chassis this big is going to use a lot of pieces.
Well done, Lego! This looks like one of the best sets of all time!

Anonymous said...

Studying the many pictures of 8110, it looks like the front suspension will not be independent because look at the way the springs are put in. The rear suspension looks more like independent suspension. I think the front suspension will be more like the suspension in 8063 but with springs. Oh ya, I love the idea of the pneumatic connection in the front, did you know real Unimog U400s have a similar thing in the front, but with hydraulics?

Anonymous said...

Quick, check the gallery on Technic on and you can see a clone of 8110. Some guy reversed engineered it.

Mark Bellis said...

Looks like the blue piece holding the blue tube at the front is a new piece, or integral with a piece of 3.2mm tubing.
There ought to be a 4th pneumatic switch inside, actuated by either the yellow or red lever by the battery box, to switch between front and rear air functions (otherwise the air would leak from the front in the original model).
Is there a picture showing a small pneumatic cylinder on the grab?


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