Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cheating Fighter

This is a rescue helicopeter,but it could perfectly have been a "Cheating Fighter" Apache...

LEGO Technic Challenge this round (May) is about 'Build The Helicopter of the Future'.

At the same time Ricco, also revealed the adult entries from March challenge, that are proceeding to the grand final in October.
One of them was even already featured here at TBs (The Flight Simulator by Jovel)

Because of many cheating attempts in the previous challenges, there is a new requirement introduced for those who want to participate with their own models.
Download and print the Technic Challenge logo and put it next to your model when you take a photo. Your entry must include the Challenge logo to be considered as a finalist. The printed logo must be in the photo, and not added in a digital painting program like Photoshop.

Fold it in half or in fourths and place it next to your model. This helps make sure the model is made for the TECHNIC competition.

Most interesting IMO, could be the image used in the instructions/logo to exemplify how to use the logo and take pictures from your model.

Where do you think this "MOC" came from, other than the PMD building in Billund... (just my guess)

Maybe an early prototype or some concept, eventually one dropped from further development.
Quite promising anyway!

Do you realize on the yellow circles? Don't know what exactly what it is, but it seems to have some role on the the drive transmission and/or suspension.
My guess is that we may have a chance to see this soon, on the 8110 Unimog...


Anonymous said...

I think the yellow-circled parts are some sort of an open DRIVE HUB to enable the four tread assemblies to crawl AND ROTATE, like this: .

222Doc said...

We can do that now with a large turntable, drive and rotate.

Just a guess here but perhaps it is a planitary gear reduction unit. Seems that way looking at its possition and the lack of any other rduction visible from the dif.


Krika99 said...

or it could be simply dark blue

U mad?

TechnicBRICKs said...


What would that doing there?
Not even an axle hole they have. :/

Junkstyle Gio said...

This is always fun. Afols always look for "hidden treasures and clues".

Let's hope that the new requirements will take care of the cheaters...

GuiliuG said...

I like your extrapolation conchas ^-^.

JAMS said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Alex Campos said...

First of all, in case anyone is thinking about clicking JAMS' link, I'd recommend seeing first this page:
I think that comment deserves to be deleted.

Moving on...

I'm not sure if the model is a prototype for a future set...

As far as I know, multi-track vehicles are either huge (like the Space Shuttle transport) and don't have these proportions, or are modifications to wheeled vehicles (like some snow Hummers I've seen online - right now at work I can't search for such a picture) and the tracks are much more compact.

It looks more sort of like a chassis for a futuristic tank, and Technic currently only releases sets based on real machinery... not to mention the obvious military theme.

Also, the chassis is "studmore", discernible by the grey plates in the front, and all recent Technic sets only have studless structures.

If the model is indeed made by the Technic team, I'd say it is more of a proof of concept for something than an actual prototype for a set. Something like those blue parts! Which, by the way, judging by their position in the model, leads me to agree with the article and comments: it most certainly is a compact gear reduction module, hopefully combined with a small turntable like this one (which, by the way, is sorely missed). Truck Trial ahoy! :D

TechnicBRICKs said...


Ya agree!
comment doesn't add value. Instead it annoys people.

Will delete it.
Besides comments with advertisements that are being moderated, it is the first time I'm doing it.

Krika99 said...

Frankly, I think that its just for aesthetics, or was supposed to be. After all, to me at least, if they had really wanted to have those be powered, they could add the half-stud sprocket-looking pulley wheels inside and fix to it via pins...this isnt the first time TLG has built strange things onto their "mocs" otherwise, meh. Time will tell what it is :D

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