Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LEGO Community Team Survey - May 2011

The LEGO Community team has asked me to share the following survey with you:

Please take a moment to fill out the latest survey from LEGO community team.

In the last survey, we found the following results:
  • We found a regional difference in our ratings as the rating in US/Canada are higher than in EU and Asia
  • The results show that many don’t feel like sharing information with others about the hobby as those that are interested in the hobby are already in the hobby
  • Quality and customer service were given high marks by the respondents
  • Only half the respondents noted that they belong to a LUG

The LEGO community team

The survey is not very long and focuses mainly on how satisfied you are with LEGO - both in regards to the physical elements and sets and with the company, based on interaction with fans - how you have interacted with the company and how you would like to be able to interact with them.

This leads me to ask you about your thoughts on the Ambassador program. I have now been Ambassador for TBs for about 6 months and even though I have tried to make the most of it, it has proven hard to make that visible on TBs . There have been many conversations on the Ambassador forum, but must of them did not concern anything even remotely related to the subjects we normally comment on TBs . However, concerns about the quality of certain parts or building instructions, questions about design etc. have been voiced and the CEC Team has paid attention to all of them.

Two requests that that are still being looked into, but that you may like to hear about are concerning LEGO sharing set inventory data (this would make inventories on BL, Peeron etc. easier to make and more reliable) and letting us know who designs each set (although this is often impossible to pin down on one single person, because designers sometimes work in teams or one designer creates the main model and another the B-model).

The reason I mention this is to encourage you to use this channel for any questions or concerns you feel the Ambassador program might help you get answered or attended, so please let us know how you feel about the Ambassador program in a comment to this post or using the dedicated email account

P.S. You'll find a quirk on page 4 where you can only select a particular score once - this has been brought to the attention of LEGO, but not fixed (yet)


Paul Boratko said...

That survey is a little flawed... In the section where you rate things from 0-10, it doesn't let you use the same number twice... For example you can't give elements and themes both an 8...

TechnicBRICKs said...

I've experienced the same issue.

As Jetro wrote in the footnote, this has been brought to the attention of LEGO, but not fixed (yet).

Paul Boratko said...

I originally didn't see that P.S. part... ;) I do now..:)

santi said...

I like these surveys, but I wish someday they create a survey for suggesting themes or models. Kind of sick that all recent Technic sets are all vehicles, and would like to voice my opinion. There are so many other machines out there!

Jetro said...

That's where the Ambassador program comes in. It's a channel to get your ideas and comments to LEGO even if they don't include it as a question or comment option in a survey.
I'll make sure to relay your comment.

santi said...

Thanks! I'm a bit ashamed to admit I've been building lego for about 27 years, and I don't know what is the "Ambassador program"... but I'll look it up! thanks!

Mark Bellis said...

Jetro: one thing that frustrated me while I was an Ambassador a few years ago was that TLG was still unable to make parts I would like, even whilst an NDA would have allowed such a contribution to be used!

The worst thing about Technic is that it gets low priority on new parts compared to the collectible figure ranges, whose parts are scrapped after a year! I'm grateful for the new pneumatic hose attachment in the Unimog but there are so many small useful parts that Technic at AFOL level really needs

Why should I have to resort to cutting? It's because TLG can't or doesn't take AFOLs' advice on the parts we want. I would happily give them a design for a small piece in exchange for 100 parts off the line!

Can we get more interaction with the parts design department?


Jetro said...

@Mark Personally I think it's not so much a matter of interest as of economics: parts are made in batches - changing moulds is an expense. So from a batch of 100.000 parts 99 percent will go into collectible minifig sets and 10% of another part will end up in Technic sets. That measn the remaining parts need to be stored, adding cost again, etc...

Of course this is just an educated guess and I'm not at all that sure there is so much of a difference in cost so I have posted your question on the Ambassador board and I'll keep my fingers crossed for an answer...

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