Saturday, June 11, 2011

8110 - Wow!!!

Still not the bottom side view, but much better than that!
Awesome set, awesome design, awesome new parts (with a few remarks... to discuss below).

The core of the chassis and Marcos Bessa (LEGO Designer) building the 8110 Unimog.

Tons of pictures here.

As for the new parts, everything became now clear of course.
  • No 'Axle 11'... a terrible evaluation mistake since the beginning. In the end, it was an 'Axle 9' plus a 'Technic pin long with stop bush'.
  • No C-frame, at least as a standalone part.

So, we got seven different new parts:
  • Pneumatic nozzle (PPTO)
  • Torque tube (outer joint)
  • Torque tube (inner joint)
    This one comes attached to a kind of C-frame. It is a petty because a standalone C-frame would be much appreciated. Even if not 100% sturdy, it looks this could have been designed as two separate parts, one (the ball joint) with pin attachments.
    Now it only rests to take a saw and start cutting them in series...
  • Portal axle gearbox
  • Steering hub (new design to fit with the new portal gearbox)
  • 9.5L shock absorber (Extra stiff)
  • New tire (94,3 x 38R)

Unless I became color blind, it looks the small pneumatic pump is now being produced in a new color (LBG).
I would advocate that all other pneumatic cylinders were also produced in the same color.

There is no such thing like a pneumatic dump bed, unlike one information that previously raised, but in alternative we got a cabin that opens to give access to the underneath motor for maintenance work.


Unknown said...

WOW! Lots of new parts it looks like! SWEET!


carzzzz9999 said...

woooooooooow, love you man for posting this thank you . the wait is KILLING ME

Mark said...

i still dont get how the compressor works ? guess ill just have to wait another month and a half to find out :D

carzzzz9999 said...

these photos also showed that this is indeed a real 4wd chassis and now , we just have to instal an xl motor to the front and rear differential

Junkstyle Gio said...

This is so cool! I'm so happy with these pictures! It shows us the the guys at TLG did there very best in their design-work!
Even with all those new (one-use but oh so very usable/practicable!!!)parts this model is going to be the best set ever.
Thanks to the guys at Cumminicade 0937 fot sharing these awesome pictures with us!
You guys made my day (and the rest of my personal waiting-time so much easier ...)

Is it to much to ask for a little movie so we can see this marvel in action?

As a personal note I don't think I will be making a how-to movie for this set....

java.lang said...

It's easy to see now how the compressor will work:
Take a look at the lower left, where you can see four blue "Technic Beam 2 x 0.5 Liftarm" to actuate the pump.

What I'm wondering:
Why are there four yellow "Technic Bush 1/2 Smooth" just above there on an axle? I know TLG used two of these since they are stronger than the normal bushes, but this is quite extreme...

carzzzz9999 said...

java.lang said...

Sorry for the double post:

This is so awsome. Big THX for this photostream. It's like Christmas has come early this year.

Menno Gorter said...

What will make the connection between the mid-diff and the piston engine?

No further questions. ;-)

These pictures have revealed all the left mysteries!

zach said...

how do the wheels turn the diff, as in the new peices for the wheels. it looks like its just a pin no axle.

Allanp said...

I think an axle is inserted through the gear to connect the hub to the gear.

I'm with Menno Gorter, just how does the central diff drive the engine? I wonder if the wrong diff is shown here.

Wiseman_2 said...

Really loving these new photos, not making the wait any easier!

Only disappointments are the lack of a true c-beam, and the numbered bags. The latter, of course, being easily rectified :D

I also like how in the back of the instruction manual, it is demonstrated that the crane can be attached to the the front of the vehicle instead.

Did anyone else notice the underside of the turntable appears to be in LBG as apposed to DBG?

Menno Gorter said...

.....Menno Gorter said:
What will make the connection between the mid-diff and the piston engine? .....

Till picture #158 the wrong diff was mounted! ;-)
At picture #160 you can see the older type off diff.

Remains the mystery of the connection to the wheels and the length of the grey pump cylinder.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I still see the new diff at picture #160.

Some claim the instructions show the old diff should be there.

Still to clarify.

crowkillers said...

It is supposed to be the older styled Differential... I believe Anio and Allamp had pointed this out at Eurobricks...

There is a picture of the instruction booklet and you can clearly see that it does in fact tell you to use one style over the other with an X over the new style differential...

This would also explain why Lego direct currently has so many of the older style in stock to order...

This is a good thing IMO because while the newer style is nice because it is more compact, it is also a problem when you have to monkey around re-routing gears in perpendicular directions in order for it to work as a center differential...

TechnicBRICKs said...

It can be, but I'm not sure about the BI page photo, referred at EB.

Miguel said...

Can someone tell me where to pre-order the 8110 lego unimog? or when it will be possible?

carzzzz9999 said...

Hey Everybody check this out

Thomas J Avery said...

Wow indeed. This looks awesome. I've not been this excited by a new set in a long time!

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