Friday, July 15, 2011

Building Instructions for 2H2011 LEGO Technic sets, available online

The building instructions for all the 2H2011 LEGO Technic sets and respective B-models, are now available for download at

Below you have the direct links to download all the instruction books,

  • 8071 (Snow Plow - B-model)
    Book 1/2
    Book 2/2

    So finally you get access to the long waited BI, for the Unimog snow plow attachment.

Happy building!
Thanks JunkstyleGio.


Wiseman_2 said...

After seeing those instructions, it would appear that the Flatbed has a lot more to it than first meets the eye; the gear trains are really quite a bit more than I was expecting.

Also, I would have expected that requiring a Google account or Open ID would have kept out spambots like the poster above ^^

Junkstyle Gio said...

It's always fun to read the building instructions. It's almost like the real thing. Only 10 times faster.
The unimog seems to be quite a challenging build so reading the BI's in advance can help you avoid those nasty buildingmistakes.

TechnicBRICKs said...


I've just deleted the initial comment.
As for the moderation policy we've active, only older posts get comments through moderation.
The other went right away as you all know.

Fortunately happenings like this have been very, very rare. :)

techn0m0ves said...

I spotted an error in the building instructions of the Unimog A-model (no it's not that one with the length of a ruler)! I'll describe it as good as I can, but it isn't a very obvious error:
OK, in booklet 2, on page 65, at substep 14, a subconstruction is showed. In the upper-center of the construction, a red "Technic Pin Long with Stop Bush" is showed. These pins have two possible positions: lets call them "in" and "out". For clarification: the situation shown in the previously named substep the pin is in the "out"-position. In the preceding substeps, the pin is also shown in the out-position. In the large picture on page 66, the red pin is once more shown in it out-position, but (and now comes the error) in the small box which says substep 15, the red pin is in its in-position, however I am strongly convinced that it should be shown in the out-position!! So after discovering this I called LEGO and the person I spoke to thought it was just a small step that wasn't showed (what would be highly unlikely, because the book shows that only at page 67 it should be pressed into its in-position) but the person was kind enough to make a note on it!
Can you all tell me what you think about this: BUG or FEATURE?

Have fun with the build everybody, as I am going to wait on the arrival of my set,

TechnicBRICKs said...


Yes, I think you're right!
Although it is unlikely that one will do a building mistake because of this error, IMO.

techn0m0ves said...

No, I agree, when building, nothing will go wrong at that step!! However, it's still an error!

Bye, techn0m0ves

Stephen Walters said...

What exactly is the problem "with the length of a ruler"? I'm not sure exactly what is going on here. I saw it reported earlier, but didn't understand it, and when I get 8110 I don't want to be making mistakes in the middle of the chassis!

tripletschiee said...

@ walters.stephen1:
Booklet 2,
Page 32,
Step 84.

The ruler starts on the left side of the page not with 0cm, but with 1,9cm.
The step said, that you should build in a 19,2cm blue pneumatic hose. So to take the correct hose, you have to start measuring at e.g. 2cm and measure till 21,2cm... Simple as that! :o) I am 100% sure, you'll not makeing a mistake. Not here... ;o)

Stephen Walters said...

Thanks Gerhard, I've got it now. Concerning the instructions, 8110 has 360 pages of instructions (84+84+84+60+48), 49 more than 10179 Millennium Falcon, which has 5195 pieces! An interesting fact.

Unknown said...

Just finished my second 8110 Unimog with the snow plow attachment and thought what the hell let's see if I can use some left over pieces from building the jeep (8110 c model) and turn the rear tray in to a tipper.
After a few tries, SUCCESS!!

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