Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8110 Unimog, available from shop.LEGO.com

The 8110 (Unimog U400) has finally became available for ordering at shop.LEGO.com. You can find it with price tags from 179,99€ (Ireland) to 199,95€ (Finland, Portugal and Spain) in Europe, and $199,99 in US. It looks the poorest always pay the higher prices, but that's life...

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In the meantime, while you stretch the nerves, waiting for your order to arrive... let's see the latest nice flash animations from the 2H sets, added today to technic.LEGO.com website.

8110 - Mercedes Unimog U400

8109 - Flatbed Truck

8071 - Bucket Truck

Let's MOG!... MOG, MOG, MOG.


Unknown said...

LEGO seriously need to review their pricing policy.

$199.99 is (today) 140.80€, yet here in Finland I would be expected to pay 200€ for the exact same thing as Americans get for 59€ less...

Even taking into account differences in import duties, sales taxes, there's no way this is justifiable.

Helmy said...

I already got my set through Brickshop.nl on July 29th, and I pre-ordered it for around 160 euro's because that shop had a 15% discount on orders until august 1st.

I can tell the set is fantastic, I just sometimes had my thoughts about why they make you attach the pneumatic hoses when there's virtually no room to put your fingers and some force in there.

Wiseman_2 said...

In the UK the Unimog is £154.99.
Compared with previous flagships and bringing into account the large amount of pneumatics and licensing, that seems about fair.

Also, the flash animations seem to be getting better. The Flatbed truck in particular, the hook is not a static object but bounces with the bed when it reaches its maximum extent.

Erik Leppen said...

Could you please put the animations default off? Three of them running at once is making my browser kind of unresponsive. Thank you in advance :)

Anyhow, yes, the U400 is appearing in more and more stores. Planning on getting it tomorrow! Finally, the wait will end :D

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Erik Leppen

I've just disable the animations.
But it is worth to mention that I didn't hear any other complains and it runs perfectly smooth on my laptop (XP with 4GB and FF or even IE).
Therefore I'd recommend for you to arrange some extra RAM for your machine. ;)

Anio said...

Coluche, was a very famous French humorist known for critizing the society we live in. In one of his sketchs in the 80', he used to say "The less you can pay... the more you pay !"

Still true today obviously...

Stephen Walters said...

There seems to be some confusion over how many pieces the Unimog actually has. First it was 2049 on Brickset, then 2048 on the box images, then 2047 on shop.lego.com. Why so much variation, with the piece count getting smaller every time?

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