Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Building Instructions for Nathanaël Kuipers' Concept Car, now available!

After a final revision process held during the last few weeks, the Building Instructions for Nathanaël Kuipers' Concept Car are finally available for ordering.

208 page high quality Building Instructions in PDF format with full parts list, prepared by Joshua Delahunty, for building the 1.458 piece Concept Car designed by Nathanaël Kuipers.

The model features are:
  • Studless fully customizable Modular design.
  • Working 5 Speed Gearbox with Reverse.
  • Full 4 Wheel Independent Suspension.
  • Fully Functional Steering System.
  • Drive train can be selected from either Front or Rear Wheel Drive.
  • V12 Engine that can be either front or rear mounted.
  • Opening Doors, Hood, and Trunk.

Because of the extensive work that Natanhaël and Joshua put to produce these high quality Building Instructions, you are requested to pay a small $15 compensation, before you get the credentials that grant you access to download the PDF file.

Login and Password for access will be provided after funds have been processed and then sent to the e-mail attached to your PayPal account.

If it turns to be your preference, alternatively you can also initiate your payment from this page at Crowkillers website, who is also supporting this initiative.

After having seen the BI preview here at TBs , some of you have mentioned difficulties to identify the right color for some of the parts included in the Bill of Materials (BOM), at the end of the BI. Because we want help you to build the model as accurate as possible, here it goes a lookup table where you can find the official LEGO Color ID and respective Name for those colors most difficult to guess from the BOM.

BOM 1st Page:
  • 4227683 - 42 Transparent Light Blue
  • 4222960 - 182 Transparent Bright Orange
  • 4249039, 4267881 and 4296514 - 298 Cool Silver, Drum Lacquered
  • 4264301 - 131 Silver
  • 4495932, 4297202 - 208 Light Stone Grey [MINDSTORMS]

If you need a translation from LEGO Official Color Names to other public databases color name conventions, I'm pretty sure you know where to find them.


Blakbird said...

I have a Brickstore parts list available if anyone wants it. This makes getting the right parts from Bricklink pretty easy. Nathanael may actually offer this file with the instructions also; I'm not sure. I have built the car using this parts list and it seems to work. Thanks again to Nathanael and Joshua for all their work on this project.

Joshua Delahunty said...

Please note that I gave the color code for Light Stone Grey to Fernando wrong. That should be 208 Light Stone Grey, it's the lighter grey (and parts) found in Mindstorms sets.

Andre said...

are there any stores that have all or most of the pieces in one place rather than having to order from hundreds of different people

rmille67 said...

I would be interested in getting this care as a present for my brother. I see I can get the instructions here, but where can I find all the bricks? I'm unsure of the best way to do this. Can anyone help me out?

rmille67 ((at)) g mail (dot) Com


TechnicBRICKs said...


I've meanwhile fixed the color code for Light Stone Gray.


You could use BrickLink to buy the parts needed, However you don't have any of them, you might need to buy them across multiple stores.
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about that. :(

Blakbird said...

@ andre

I've reproduced about 20 MOCs of this size over the years, and I have never found all of the parts in one store. Typically I place between 8-15 orders to build a ~1500 part MOC. The stores which have a larger selection of parts also tend to cost more, so you will pay a premium to minimize the number of orders.

Ondra said...

i dont want to buy instructions...i want to buy this model as kit with instructions!

rmille67 said...

How do you convert the 7 digit number into something I can use on brick links? I don't know how to find these parts to buy them online. Someone please help!

TechnicBRICKs said...


At BrickLink, you can search for the 7-digit code, that it will guide to the right part.
For instance you may like to search for it, in a "Catalog Items" search.

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