Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week TechVideo, 2011 #31 - 6x6 Articulated Hauler

Han Crielaard (Designer-Han) from the Netherlands presents his latest model. This time he designed one 6x6 Articulated Hauler.
Appearance is quite characteristic and based on the original Volvo A40D Hauler.
Here it is another good example from a combination of mechanical/gearing and pneumatic functions, in the same model.

The main technic specifications of the 'Articulated Hauler' are:
  • 6x6 drive-train, whereof each wheel-unit has it's own differential unit.
  • Remote controlled driving (PF XL-motor) and steering (PF M-motor).
  • 3-point suspension on both rear bogies, interconnected with a 3-point bogie beam at both sides of the trailer chassis.
  • Independent Tractor - Trailer movement by rotating hitch + frame steering.
  • Steering based on double Linear Actuator mechanism.
  • Working steering  wheel within the drivers cabin.
  • Working V6 engine, including fan.
  • Manual pneumatic tipping of dump bed by 2 twin-cylinder units.
  • Headlights equipped with Power Functions LED's.

The model lacks one motorized pump and the center differential which is specially noticeable on flat surfaces and sharp curves. However the space restrictions and intention to follow the original aesthetics within adopted scale, were the main drivers for these choices.

And also some non-technic features are:
  • Swing-down front grill.
  • Engine hood open/close.
  • Maintenance 'doors' at both sides of the Tractor.

He made also a description about his experience building this scale and how close it should be, to the limitations of building with LEGO Technic in terms of part resistance and involved forces, as we have already been discussing here before. And yes, some gears broke during the video-shoot.

Looking for additional photos and a full description? Visit the respective Han's page on his own website.

For the usual BI that Han uses to produce, maybe by the end of this year, if we're lucky...


Jorge said...
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Jorge said...

Wonderful and a great suspension system, I can´t wait to see the instructions...

GuiliuG said...

This hauler is very weel built ! I'm still surprised to see that it weights about 2,4kg. I would say 1kg900. Maybe the studfull design add a lot of weight? It's also strange that the 12T inside the differential break, normally they crack before. I hope see some new parts to create planetary reduction in a near future :)

Unknown said...

Looks like the video was more time consuming then the instructions will be! As normal for a creation by Han, it's already one of my favs and cant wait to build it (hoping for instructions :-).

My first impression was this is exactly what TLG should have released instead of the 8264. 6x6 articulated hauler presents the true capabilities of Technic whereas the 8264 fell way short (I know, it wasnt a flagship model)

Stephen said...

I've built most of Hans' models, and still have them assembled.
Build one and you will see, it will blow the doors off of any Lego Flagship kit!
His designs are very "play worthy".

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