Friday, September 30, 2011

Week TechVideo, 2011 #39 - Three wheeler Morgan

Guess you may like this great three wheeler LEGO Technic Morgan, by Nico71.
Independent suspension to the three wheels and the characteristic uncovered front motor.

The motor is sweet and designed to produced a characteristic noise. Somehow similar to what I've seen once at my LUG, adapted to produce noise at a standard LEGO Technic engine with cyinders, but due to shortage of time never produce a video so far...

Just compare this, with the real thing.

You should be able to find more soon, at

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Box art images from the 1H12 LEGO Technic sets

Some new box art images from the 1H12 sets (several themes, LEGO Technic included) have been publish at the website from this Dutch store, together with their respective prices at that store.

Just for your reference, it says:

9390 - Mini Tow Truck
Price: 7,95€

9391 - Tracked Crane
Price: 11,95€

9392 - Quad Bike
Price: 15,50€
(The image presented for this set, corresponds to the 9390, Mini Tow Truck. Obviously a mistake)  

9394 - Jet Plane
Price: 31,50€

9395 - Pick-Up Tow Truck
Price: 49,95€

Meanwhile and because there are some sightings reported online, about another "Wood Transporter" to be released in March (the missing set), there is ongoing a discussion online regarding a possible finding of a new mini-turntable part.
This hypothetical new mini-turntable, reported to have been seen on the "Wood Transporter", may likely be also present on 9391 Tracked Crane from the list above.
Despite there are some suggested arrangements with a 24t gear doing the same function, it would mean at best, that both the lower and upper tracked crane parts, would sustain each other and balance over a single turning axle or single axle-pin (unlikely). For a different set of reasons, it doesn't seem to be the case (e.g the 12DB and 24t gears won't mesh in such setup).
Additionally, the new 9391 Tracked Crane image and empirical teeth count from the central "gear", as well as other observations, suggests at least a 28t gear which indeed would mean a new part (either it is a turntable or something else).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week TechVideo, 2011 #38 - NXT performs on asymmetric bars

I've been building my NXTway version, and I found this artistic gymnast performing on asymmetric bars, which I found absolutely cool.

Wonder if it will run for the male or female competition at the Olympics...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week TechVideo, 2011 #37 - Crawling

It seems the hot topic of the moment... is about Rock Crawlers.

Thus I've selected for this week one video from a true fan of Rock Crawling, who has been experimenting such vehicles with LEGO Technic elements, for long! Marcelo Raus from his name.

Notice the outstanding performance, from the video on the right side.

This model uses a couple of PF XL-motors (one in each axis) and an M-motor for steering.
Notice it doesn't use original LEGO tires, but some soft rubber ones for optimal crawling performance. LEGO tires would not pass obstacles like these.
But tires are not the only unofficial parts in this model. If you take a look at other videos from this model, certainly you will find more intrusive or adapted parts...
Somehow it confirms the special requirements imposed by a big and motorized Crawler like this one, and supports the ongoing online discussions about requirements from an hypothetical Row Crawler to be released by TLG, as 2H12 flagship for the LEGO Technic theme.

Along the crawlers, Marcelo has also built many other TrTr vehicles and cars.
You may find more models from him, at his Brickshelf folder and huge amount of short performing videos from his models at his YouTube channel.

In the meantime you can also take a look to this other Off Roader from Marcelo.

Don't get nervous... September 2012, is not that far away!...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inside LEGO Product Development

Some days ago I found in LEGO website a series of funny and interesting videos, that focus on the development process of new LEGO sets, at PMD (Product and Marketing Development).

These are not LEGO Technic specific, but related with the development of the LEGO Cars sets.
You can learn how the Designers go through the different stages of the development process and develop new LEGO models.
From the basements to the production areas, I'm sure some you will find the answers for some questions that have been popping in your mind....

  • Video 1, is a short introduction.
  • Video 2, shows the start of a new model and the elements basement where the LEGO Designers collect all the parts they need to develop a new model.
  • Video 3, shows some footage on how they make prototype elements, i.e. the birth of a new LEGO element from a sketch on a piece of paper to the prototyping in a modern 3D printer and painting studio.
  • Video 4, focus on the decoration of the new elements which need such decoration, to make the models to look a lot more realistic.
  • Video 5, explores the production area where some elements get printed (good memories from a place that I had the privilege to visit earlier).
  • Video 6, the last one tell us how the building instructions are produced and tested.

It can't be that much different on the LEGO Technic area...
Have fun!

Friday, September 16, 2011

2H2012, Really!?

Just a few days after we got to see the first images from 1H2012 LEGO Technic sets, almost at the same time Cwetqo Eurobricks member lists what the LEGO Technic sets for 2H2012 will be...

  • Tractor (30€)
  • Helicopter (80€)
  • Rock Crawler (180€)

What do you think about such sets, if they confirm to be real?

While TLG chases AFOLs for publishing leaked images with watermarks, the LEGOleaks are almost breaking the mythical 12 months in advance barrier...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Images from the 1H12 LEGO Technic sets, leaked online

That's true!!! The images from the first 2012 sets are running out there, via the Polish LEGO Dealers catalog.

As you know I can't post them here, otherwise some TLG friends would become very angry... but I'm sure you will find your own way to peek them.

They confirm all the references here previously disclosed.
Hence let's proceed to the first impressions, by size order.

9390 - Mini Tow Truck
The smallest set with less functionality, of course. Front axis steering via HoG (the first of its size) and the winch goes up an down via the small gear on the side.
It looks like a mini-MOG.
Yellow? Orange?

9391 - Tracked Crane
Liked this one!
Superstructure rotation (guess there is no turntable in use). Boom with raise and telescopic functions, and winch goes also up and down.

9392 - Quad Bike
Really cute!
Buggies and Quad Bikes seem to be a recurrent inspiration, for the LEGO Technic theme, in sequential order of appearance.
It looks to have just three shock absorbers, as usual. And the chain is a nice detail.
Can't be sure but the panels and some parts, looks orange which would be great if confirmed. Could mean that the orange came to stay.

9394 - Jet Plane
Awesome! Reminds me a recent MOC from a French builder.
Variable wing geometry and retractile front/rear gear trains. One of these functions seems controlled from a gear on the back side (like if it were the turbine), if not both simultaneously.
Red! All red... It looks that suddenly (since two years) all LEGO Technic flying machines became red.

9395 - Pick-Up Tow Truck
American style Truck.
Not much to say... Steering via HoG; Opening doors; Moving tow fork in two movements, perhaps combined.
Black! All black... Maybe this time we got the 44's in the proper color!?... (TLG seems listening to us, again)

According to some fast translation I was given, from the notes in the catalog:

- The Technic line for 2012 is the best one ever.
- Reasonable prices.
- Consumer base consisting not only from kids, but from fathers and AFOLs as well (nice).
The sets are to be available for sale by February 2012.
Haven't figured any new parts so far. Let's wait for better quality image sources.
It seems also that none of these to be motorized or included any other PF element (thus the mention to reasonable prices, perhaps...).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week TechVideo, 2011 #36 - GBC

This week, Japanese builder Akiyuki published videos for two new outstanding GBC modules.

Both particularly innovative (afaik) and reliable, which is the most impressive!
Looking forward to see them integrated into a large contraption.

Meanwhile I leave you also with the video (not new) that reveals what his previous module featured here at TBs , was for.

Amazing, isn't it!?
The robotized arm, looks so real...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week TechVideo, 2011 #35 - Rotating Grabber

Occasionally it's time to pick some not so new stuff. So it is the case for today.

This is a motorized and pneumatic controlled grabber, built by 2LegoOrNot2Lego (Ingmar Spijkhoven) for is CAT 318C Excavator. It uses an old 9V micromotor to spin the turntable and pneumatics to open/close the grabber.

You can find more pictures from this at Ingmar BS folder here, but also photo sequence building instructions here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Markus writes about Unimog versatility

This month, Markus tell us about the Unimog versatility and how many different implements can attach and be controlled from inside this universal vehicle.
Read more at blog.

In the meantime you're requested to build your own version of a Mercedes-Benz Unimog, for the September issue from the LEGO Technic Challenge.

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