Friday, September 16, 2011

2H2012, Really!?

Just a few days after we got to see the first images from 1H2012 LEGO Technic sets, almost at the same time Cwetqo Eurobricks member lists what the LEGO Technic sets for 2H2012 will be...

  • Tractor (30€)
  • Helicopter (80€)
  • Rock Crawler (180€)

What do you think about such sets, if they confirm to be real?

While TLG chases AFOLs for publishing leaked images with watermarks, the LEGOleaks are almost breaking the mythical 12 months in advance barrier...


Xander Soldaat said...

The problem I see with these really expensive (180E) sets is that the toy stores just aren't stocking them due to their price. Maybe they will as we get closer to Sinterklaas/Christmas. However, even ToysXL (a Dutch chain of massive toy stores like Toys R Us) don't have the UNIMog on the shelves.

Junkstyle Gio said...

I take it all as speculation/hearsay.
As said before I'm not the waiting kind. This is a too log time to wait!
The rock-crawler must have fantastic new and strong parts to make it work!

Never the less:
All these things feed out habbit!

RKC62 said...

I can't see them knowing what price they are going to charge in 12 months time. Especially the way the economy is in Europe and US.
On the other hand, TLG stirred up a lot of pre-release interest in the Unimog with constant slow leaking of info - maybe they see it as a way of building up interest in the kit?

Jetro said...

Maybe, but only maybe...
A rock Crawler would be a a kind of truck trial vehicle. Two flagship sets with an almost identical theme in a row sounds a bit strange.
Also the price point information so far ahead is curious to say the least. Finally, a 30€ set in 2H2012? I wouldn't expect something as low priced in the second series.

Ondra said...

I will be very happy, if we got ssomething motorized as 8466.But I dont think so, is going to be true.There are lot of problems with pieces strenght.Also price is insane, if prefer something smaller as .

But Im very interested in helicopter, first big helicopter about 1000 pieces ever.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, Marcelo Raus has great models/videos about vehicles crawling rocks and others.
I've been to post one of his videos at the weekly highlight, but for one reason or another it has not happened so far.
Maybe there is the right excuse now... ;)

222Doc said...

If you want a rock crawler/TT truck that is built like an R/c one it would be made of metals and hard plastics or carbon fibers Nylons etc. the cost would be WAY more. Just lookat a Tamia kit or others in that line. Lego makes what they make from simple abs plastics. People have made some rather cool TT trucks but they know they break parts its part of the game. its also part of what makes Lego ,lego, doing with what you have. The kits are getting very expensive as well. they get to much more for say a TT truck one might want to wonder why not just buy a purpose built one? Its like buying Jeep rubicon and comparing it to a rav4.

Stephen Walters said...

I bet the Rock Crawler will be another vehicle like 8297-no motorized drive, but winch, doors, tailgate etc. That certainly makes more sense than a fully RC wheeled vehicle!

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