Thursday, September 29, 2011

Box art images from the 1H12 LEGO Technic sets

Some new box art images from the 1H12 sets (several themes, LEGO Technic included) have been publish at the website from this Dutch store, together with their respective prices at that store.

Just for your reference, it says:

9390 - Mini Tow Truck
Price: 7,95€

9391 - Tracked Crane
Price: 11,95€

9392 - Quad Bike
Price: 15,50€
(The image presented for this set, corresponds to the 9390, Mini Tow Truck. Obviously a mistake)  

9394 - Jet Plane
Price: 31,50€

9395 - Pick-Up Tow Truck
Price: 49,95€

Meanwhile and because there are some sightings reported online, about another "Wood Transporter" to be released in March (the missing set), there is ongoing a discussion online regarding a possible finding of a new mini-turntable part.
This hypothetical new mini-turntable, reported to have been seen on the "Wood Transporter", may likely be also present on 9391 Tracked Crane from the list above.
Despite there are some suggested arrangements with a 24t gear doing the same function, it would mean at best, that both the lower and upper tracked crane parts, would sustain each other and balance over a single turning axle or single axle-pin (unlikely). For a different set of reasons, it doesn't seem to be the case (e.g the 12DB and 24t gears won't mesh in such setup).
Additionally, the new 9391 Tracked Crane image and empirical teeth count from the central "gear", as well as other observations, suggests at least a 28t gear which indeed would mean a new part (either it is a turntable or something else).


KEvron said...

"a possible new mini-turntable part"

looks to me like a 6573 differential, with the 24t crown gear showing.


TechnicBRICKs said...


That's also one hypothesis raised by some. However it doesn't seem possible.
24t and 12DB won't mesh and it zoom the image you may notice that new gear seems to count 28t and the bottom side shows bevel teeth that mesh with other orthogonal bevel or double bevel gears.

Menno Gorter said...

Yes: a 28t thingy only makes sense in that position, in combination with the 12t gear and axle with stop!

I have to admit I thought about the 6573 differential too, only it would be totally no use other than to fool us.... :-)

KEvron said...

ah, the 12t bevel. i didn't catch that on my first view. maybe a 62821 diff, then (how much faith can we put into a concept rendering, afterall?). really, i just don't see lego's need to introduce a mini turntable. there are so many other untapped element designs i'd rather see. foolish me, i'm still holding hope for a 32t gear (hoorah for 4:1 ratios!), and could i ever use a snail cam....

to be honest, i'm rather disappointed in the bevel gears. they fit sloppily on the axels, and they're heavier than their traditional counterparts while meshing poorly with them. as an horolegoist, reduced mass and smooth function are paramount to my pursuits.


Krika99 said...

Hey guys...before they get removed, check out the pics. And also, the mini turntable is clearly a new piece. It is the full thickness of any other gear, but only one side is beveled.
Tow Truck:

Wiseman_2 said...

...We already have 32T gears. Though they are bevel gears.

I think a new small turntable could come in quite handy. Smaller models could definitely benefit, it would be much better than resting on a single pin, and this crane is fairly large, but not large enough for a full size turntable.

KEvron said...

no, the large bevel gears have 36 teeth.

the introduction of a mini turntable strikes me as a bit redundant, although it would be another indication that they're moving even further away from traditional elements.


niels.verbeek said...

9392 just looks like a mini unimog

niels.verbeek said...

i think the 9391 has an 36t gear for turning
the middle hole is attached to upper part
and the other holes to the bottem part

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