Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Images from the 1H12 LEGO Technic sets, leaked online

That's true!!! The images from the first 2012 sets are running out there, via the Polish LEGO Dealers catalog.

As you know I can't post them here, otherwise some TLG friends would become very angry... but I'm sure you will find your own way to peek them.

They confirm all the references here previously disclosed.
Hence let's proceed to the first impressions, by size order.

9390 - Mini Tow Truck
The smallest set with less functionality, of course. Front axis steering via HoG (the first of its size) and the winch goes up an down via the small gear on the side.
It looks like a mini-MOG.
Yellow? Orange?

9391 - Tracked Crane
Liked this one!
Superstructure rotation (guess there is no turntable in use). Boom with raise and telescopic functions, and winch goes also up and down.

9392 - Quad Bike
Really cute!
Buggies and Quad Bikes seem to be a recurrent inspiration, for the LEGO Technic theme, in sequential order of appearance.
It looks to have just three shock absorbers, as usual. And the chain is a nice detail.
Can't be sure but the panels and some parts, looks orange which would be great if confirmed. Could mean that the orange came to stay.

9394 - Jet Plane
Awesome! Reminds me a recent MOC from a French builder.
Variable wing geometry and retractile front/rear gear trains. One of these functions seems controlled from a gear on the back side (like if it were the turbine), if not both simultaneously.
Red! All red... It looks that suddenly (since two years) all LEGO Technic flying machines became red.

9395 - Pick-Up Tow Truck
American style Truck.
Not much to say... Steering via HoG; Opening doors; Moving tow fork in two movements, perhaps combined.
Black! All black... Maybe this time we got the 44's in the proper color!?... (TLG seems listening to us, again)

According to some fast translation I was given, from the notes in the catalog:

- The Technic line for 2012 is the best one ever.
- Reasonable prices.
- Consumer base consisting not only from kids, but from fathers and AFOLs as well (nice).
The sets are to be available for sale by February 2012.
Haven't figured any new parts so far. Let's wait for better quality image sources.
It seems also that none of these to be motorized or included any other PF element (thus the mention to reasonable prices, perhaps...).


Ryan said...

Not blown away. But that always happens when these preliminary images. The plane should have been blue!

And that mini tow truck definitaly is orange, not yellow!

Unknown said...

Ya, it's definitely orange.

The other model's look cool too! I guess no big flagship this time. The Unimog, I think, is good for a while :-)


TechnicBRICKs said...

Ya, maybe it's orange (I've changed the post). It is always difficult to be sure at this stage and with such images. But I also do notice a kind of orange shade. :)

I like the line-up!

Anio said...

A few words :

+1 for the orange mini tow truck.
This mini set seems to be awesome.

8391 does not use a turntable but a 36t. This set is original, and so interesting.

The quad bike is pretty boring. It seems all the Lego quad bike are always the same. :/

Jet plane : very disapointing. The shape is not good, same for the functions.

The tow truck is very well designed. It is IMO not very complex. HOG with knob/knob+12t/13L rack. V6 engine with diff 3L/20t + 3x16t.
But it certainley will work well.
I would not be surprised if Uwe designed 9395.

And it's nice to see that there is no power function at the moment. :p

Anio said...

Oops, I've forgotten to ask something.

Do you know what is the black part at the back of the cabin of 9395 ?

TechnicBRICKs said...


You are the second I read to say the Tow Truck might be Uwe design. Likely you're right.

Minutes ago, now at home and looking better at the images, I've also noticed the strange "part" in the back of the cabin of 9395. I don't know what it is either. Maybe some new part!?
Still don't know what. :P

Ryan said...

Not this part: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemPic.asp?P=61069 ?

And the toggle joints are black.

My bets are 9395 will be thoroughly stickered.

TechnicBRICKs said...

It doesn't look nothing like that to me.

crowkillers said...

New short orange panels... I literally just spent $30(including shipping) in the last 2 months on black toggle joints.... Ouch...

TechnicBRICKs said...


The day you'll be able to build one your Lambos in orange, is not coming too far away... :P ;D

RKC62 said...

I don't see anything for Fathers or AFOLs here. Most of these are seriously small, limiting the part numbers and complexity.
It's not like there's an 8275, 8043, 8110, or 8258 that needs experience.
The crane is just 8067 with 8047's tracks (it even uses the same cargo!)
But that mini tow-truck is seriously cute.

TechnicBRICKs said...

We must set expectations according to what 1H sets use to be.
Larger sets will come on the 2H.
Furthermore it is not yet set aside the possibility for another set (larger) in the 1H, like it happened in 2011.

Anio said...

I noticed that 9395 has a V6 engine.

Alex Campos said...

If you mean what I think you mean, I think the "new part" on the Tow truck (the big one ;)) is actually a pair of angle joiners connected by their pin holes.

TechnicBRICKs said...


You're probably right.
Unfortunately these initial images use fast renders and simplified parts in the models.
In the end the shades produced and low dynamic color ranges, hide many details and generate a lot of doubts like these.

Erik Leppen said...

I want the micro Unimog :D That little thing is just the best $10 set ever :D (also it seems to introduce three parts in orange that did not occur in its big brother: the liftarms 1 x 3, 1 x 3 x 0.5 and 2 x 4). This is a good sign, as it seems orane is now "accepted" as a true color for Technic! (Let's now plea for the same treatment for white.)
The quad seems utterly uninteresting, except for the orange parts, including as it seems a 3 x 7 liftarm, which is also new.
I like the jet, although I had hoped for a red-white color scheme to match the recent helicopters.
The tow truck looks pretty good and reminds me of 8289B. Like it.
Finally the crane is a great great source of the small tread links, like 8259 was, but for the rest doesn't really seem to innovate. As always I like the distorted perspective at the turntable to make the set seem larger than it actually is :P Anyhow 2012 first half seems to have a great lineup!

Allanp said...

The tow truck looks good for a forst half set. I wonder if the statement about catering to AFOLs is a reference to something bigger in the second half or to something hidden inside the tow truck. Whatever it is, for me anyways, it must involve new parts to be something that caters to AFOLs because we can usually reverse engineer these sets from just these preliminary pics with our existing parts.

Anonymous said...

The Jet plane should look like a plane and not this ugly red thingy.
Love the miniMog though.

PerryMakes said...

I was hoping for A LOT more from the Quad... almost a continuation of its predecessors. 8282 was everything that a small model should be - representative of the real world counterpart, but lacking in technical features. 8262 was a very nice improvement - larger model and added shocks, but now we're missing the chain. 9392 could have evolved the line, but instead it dropped the ball. Boo.

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